Check it Out! “The Westin Tokyo” Explicit Review

I chose "The Westin Hotel Tokyo" as a two day date. As I work in Shinjuku is was convenient to meet up with my partner. In addition, it is my partner's favorite hotel, and it is also a good hotel to stay at for business purpose as well. I have stayed for the second time. The atmosphere of the room and the service was great when I stayed the last time, so I decided to stay here again.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Because it is in the city, the entrance is right by the road. The round about is relatively big compared to other hotels in the city. There was a roof at the entrance, and there were three staffs standing to help the guests out when they arrive.

The interior is decorated with bright gold and wood. The contrast between the black floor black and the white ceiling made the area look bigger.

The light reflects on the black floor, creating a gorgeous space. There were sofas everywhere and it was a relaxing space.

The lobby was a blowout.

There was also a large lounge in the lobby.

The area in in front of the front desk.

Front desk.

The front desk seen from the side.

Front floor elevator hall.

Inside of the elevator.

Guest room elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Deluxe City View King Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

There was a bathroom on the right side of the room, and a closet and a cafe corner on the left side.

The room seen from the entrance.

The rooms is based on dark wood and the lighting is soft, creating a calm and elegant space. Facilities such as air conditioning felt a bit old, but it matched the classical atmosphere of the room.

The bed did not sink too much. Bedding was pure white and clean. I was able to sleep in the bed very comfortably.

The TV was on the left side of the bed.


Below the TV was a DVD player.

Sofa and table.

The desk is large enough to work on and you can enjoy the luxury of working while looking at the city views.

The view from the desk.

There are no big buildings nearby, so you can see Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge in the far distance.

You can see the hotel garden bellow. It was snowing on the second day, so I could see the snow on the ground.

I was able to enjoy the night view while laying on the bed.


The bathroom was on the right side of the room.

There was a washbasin on the right, a toilet in front of the bathtub, and a shower room on the left. The vanity mirror is large and unified with dark wood.

It is a pity that the bathtub was small, so it would be hard to lay in the bath.

Bath towels and face towels were prepared above the bathtub. The towel is thick and I think it depends on people’s taste, but it was a little too stiff for me.

Shower room.

The shower was a little old. The facility was a little hard to use.

There was a rain shower and a hand shower. The water pressure was strong enough.

Shampoo and conditioner were prepared in the shower room.

The toilet was clean with a washlet.

Wash basin.

There was an amenity box on the wash basin.

In addition to shampoos and conditioners in the shower room, body amenities such as body soaps and lotions, toothbrushes, razors and etc were prepared. The hotel’s original Whytialoo bathroom amenities are unisex.

There was also a mouthwash.

Hand towels.

The hair dryer was old, but the wind power was strong.

Closet and safe

The closet was on the left side of the room.

The closet is large and several types of hangers were prepared. There is one bathrobe in the closet, and one in the bathroom.

Iron, ironing board, and a brush was prepared. There was no deodorant spray.

The safe was a common type of setting a PIN number.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a cafe corner and a mini bar on the stand and in a cabinet next to the closet.

There was a coffee maker and an electric kettle which matched the style of the room.

There were three types of cups and glasses, and two each. Although there was a sommelier knife, there was no wine glass.

There were tea, green tea, hojicha and coffee, and several kinds of sugar were prepared.

There was free water at the cafe corner and by the bed.

Alcohol and snacks.

There was also a refrigerator. Drinks and liquors were rich in variety, but I was not able to put anything that I bought inside.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

We had breakfast at “The Terrace” on the ground floor.

The Terrace is an all day dining restaurant.

Breakfast is a buffet style and serves international dishes.

There was also a live cooking corner.




Cupcakes and waffles.

Inside of the restaurant.

There was also a terrace seat.

Near the entrance of “The Terrace,” there was also a shop called “The Westin Deli” that sells take-out sweets and teas.

Delicious cakes lined up in the showcase.

There were also tea being sold.

We had dinner at Teppanyaki “Ebisu” which was on the 22nd floor.

The price was expensive, but the view was great and not we did not have to leave the hotel so it was worth paying for. There were many foreigners, and the staffs were communicating in English.

They cooked the meat the way I like it, and I was able to enjoy the meat.

There was a Cantonese restaurant called “Ryutenmon” on the second floor.

There was also a Japanese restaurant called “Mai” on the second floor.

There was “The Bar” on the first floor.

There were several shops that sold watches, apparel and etc. This is a brand watch shop called “Noble styling” which is on the first floor.

A shop called “A Vista,” which is also on the ground floor, sells watches and accessories.

Environment around the hotel

Since the hotel is located in the middle of the city called Ebisu, it goes without saying that security is good, and Garden Place is perfect for shopping and going on a date. This time, I bought wine and cheese at the wine shop in Garden Place and brought it back to my room. There were many delicious restaurants around the hotel, so you will have no trouble finding a place to eat. There is also a delicious cafe nearby, it would be nice to go out in the morning and take a walk.

Buildings around the hotel.

Staff and customer base

The staffs responded casually which I liked very much. The drive in was small and there were always cars passing, but I did not have to wait to receive my bags when leaving the hotel.

Perhaps because it was Friday, there were very few business guests, and most foreign tourists. There were tourists from all over the world staying here.


It takes about 15 minutes from Ebisu Station which is the nearest station from the hotel. Garden Place has department stores, restaurants, cafés, drug stores and so on, so you can get everything you need during your stay.

Ebisu Garden Place.


It was the second time for me to stay at this hotel and I had a nice stay. It was a very comfortable room. I was able to relax on the sofa while drinking wine. The bed was large, clean and comfortable to sleep on. Furthermore, being able to look at the wonderful night view was the best thing yet. As soon as you enter the room, it feels like you are in a different world and you can escape your daily life while you are staying at this hotel. I think this hotel is one of the best luxury hotel in Japan.

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