Check it Out! “Ibis Melbourne Hotel and Apartments” Explicit Review

I looked for hotels in Melbourne on various sites, and Ibis hotel was on sale. According to the review of the people who have stayed so far on the website, there were a lot of good reviews, and it was rated “Excellent” with 4.4 points out of 5 points. When I saw the atmosphere of the hotel and the room in the photos, it was not bad, so I decided to stay here.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Melbourne is a city that combined with classic and modern features, and the ibis hotel we stayed at was a stylish and modern hotel. The entrance was located on the top of the sloped entrance from Terry Street, and the stairs next to it was an entered to the hotel restaurant. The walls and sofas around the front desk are colorful. There were red, white and black pop rocking chairs as well, and they were cute.

Entrance appearance.

The entrance seen from the inside.

Front desk.

Front desk area.

Entire lobby.

Elevator hall front floor.

Inside of the elevator.

Elevator floor number button.

Elevator hall room floor.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Twin Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

Guest room entrance door seen from the inside.

The guest room was very simple. There were 2 double beds, a desk and a TV on the desk. There was no place to sit and relax as there was only a chair by desk. You can only lay on the bed to relax. There was no table and only a desk, so it would be inconvenient if you decided to eat in the room.

The rom seen from the entrance.

There was no terrace. The window could not be opened. I could see buildings and a  tennis court opposite the hotel. It was so cold that there was no one playing. We were in the middle of the city, so having a view only of buildings did not bother us. There was a lace curtain at the front, and a roll screen could be lowered.

Desk, chair, and a TV.

The bed was firm and the pillows were soft and I could sleep comfortably. The beds were cleaned and made everyday, so it felt fresh afterwards.


There was no bathtub and only a shower. The shower is designed to prevent water from getting too hot. The faucets are designed to make the water hot and cold separately.  The water pressure was just right and the shower booth was large enough. The only concern was that the holder for the toilet paper was wobbly, and the rest was very good.

Entrance seen from inside the bathroom.



Wash basin.

Hair dryer.

Amenities were shampoo, conditioner, soap, and a sanitary bag. Only minimum amenities were prepared. Also, there are no bathrobes or slippers, so you should bring one with you if necessary.

Closet and safe

The closet when closed.

In the closet, there were four hangers. The upper shelf had two extra pillows and one blanket.

The safe was the type which you enter a PIN. Although the size is small, I think that it is big enough to put in  wallet or a passport.

Mini bar and cafe

The cafe corner was on the shelf above the refrigerator. There was coffee, tea, sugar, coffee cups, and a boiling pot.

There was milk and other drinks in the refrigerator. I had to drink form the cups in the bathroom when drinking something cold.

Restaurants and shops in hotel

We did not eat at the restaurant, but it was bright and the atmosphere looked nice. The restaurant is on the ground floor.

Restaurant menu.

Breakfast poster.

Facilities in the hotel

There were three computers on the lobby level. There was free WIFI in the room, but if you don’t have a computer, you can use the one in the hotel.

Environment around the hotel

It is one block away from Queen Victoria Market, so it’s especially recommended if you want to go to the market. There are also a number of cafes close to the market where you can go for a good cup of coffee. It is convenient to be able to go to Elizabeth Street which has a lot of Asian supermarkets and restaurants. The free tram city circle platform is 3 blocks from the hotel, which is very convenient. You can walk to the Melbourne Museum and Melbourne Zoo as well.

Queen Victoria Market.

Melbourne Museum.

Staff and customer base

The hotel staffs were all very bright and friendly, and they responded pleasantly. Before check-in and after check-in, I had my luggage checked, and the staff responded politely. There were a couple of times I met the house keepers, and they were also polite.

There were may Caucasian and Indian families. I think there were a lot of groups of young Asians as well.


We took the sky bus from airport to hotel. The Family 1 ticket type allows you to ride up to 4 children free of charge for 1 adult. It was $18 if you buy the ticket online. Take the Skybus to Southern Cross Station, and then transfer to the hotel transfer free bus. We arrived at the hotel in about 30 minutes.

Melbourne’s town center is like a square, so you can take a walk without getting lost. There is also a free tram going around town, so you can get on and off wherever you like, so you can walk one way and get back on the tram if you like.


The Ibis Hotel was not particularly a great hotel, but the location was good, it was convenient to walk around the city on foot, and the price was reasonable, so I made the right choice of staying here. The room itself was very simple, but it was clean and the hotel staffs were friendly and it felt nice, so I was able to spend a comfortable time. The best part is still the location. As Queen Victoria Market, cafes and restaurants were close, it was not too much trouble to eat. It was cold during our trip, so it was nice to be able to go back to the hotel many times easily.

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