Check it Out! “YOTEL Singapore” Explicit Review

I chose "Yotel Singapore Orchard Road" because this time I stayed at Marina Bay Sands for 3 nights, and for budget reasons, I wanted a hotel that was as reasonable as possible on the first day (arriving in the middle of the night). I checked this hotel on the internet, and the rooms seemed to be slightly narrow, but the location is right near the station in the orchard area, it has not been long since the hotel was built (in a hot country like Singapore, if it is an old hotel, air-conditioning and the mold and smell around the water can be felt), and the futuristic interior was a fun atmosphere. I was only staying overnight, so I decided to stay at this hotel even though the rooms are narrow.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel is located in a place that is hard to find which is a little ways away from Orchard Main Street. (Because the embassy is next door, it’s easy to tell if you go by taxi.)

The ceiling of the carriage in front of the hotel entrance is mirror-coated, and the entire interior including the hotel interior is unified in a near-future stylish atmosphere. The theme color of this hotel is purple, and the indirect illumination including the hotel logo is all in purple as well.

The front desk. It is a new hotel so it was clean.

There is a monitor in the lobby where you can check in and out on your own. Even if there is additional accounting other than accommodation expenses, the machine for scanning credit cards is included, so you do not have to get the help of the staff at the front desk.

Front desk area

Elevator hall

Guest room floor corridor

What is the Premium Room like?

The room we stayed in was a room approximately equal in size to the bedroom and bath plus toilet. Although it was clean and comfortable, the bed room was still small, so there was no space for walking around and opening up our suitcases. It is clear that there is no space for putting things anywhere.  The bed is comfortable. However, because the upper half is designed to get up by reclining, when I was sleeping the reclining area bothered me a little.

Bedside table

Bedside electrical switch and charging plug

There was a TV across from the bed with a pull-out table beneath it.

The TV program also included tourist information about Singapore.

There was also a yoga program.

The view from the room was only buildings.


There was no bathtub and only a shower. We were satisfied that the shower itself was movable, water pressure was high, and it had a rain shower. There is a shower in the same space as the toilet and wash basin, and there is a square ditch on the floor around it. There was no partition such as curtains, so the floor will get flooded if you are not careful. In addition, a large chair is installed, so you can take a shower while sitting down. There was a shampoo, conditioner and body wash. The shampoos were good, and if you like it, you can buy them at the front desk.

There is a toilet opposite the shower, but there is no partition, so it would be a bit inconvenient because there is no privacy.

At the side of the wash basin, there were a toothbrush set and cup of amenities such as hand soap and body lotion. There is a shelf beside the wash basin, but it was too small things, and I had trouble because there was no space for putting my pouch and other things that I brought.

Closet and safe

An ironing board was stored in one of the storage spaces in the room. There was also a hook that pulls out from the wall and a small storage space under the TV.

I found a mysterious thin storage space on the wall, and it seemed like if you put something inside, it would just fall out. There was no safe.

There were slippers prepared in the room.

Mini bar and cafe

The cafe corner had an electric kettle, 2 coffee cups, 2 bottled water and instant coffee and tea.

There was also a refrigerator, but nothing was inside and there was no mini bar.

Restaurant and shop in hotel

There was a place called”Grains & Hops Restaurant and Bar” on the 10th floor of the hotel, but I did not eat there this time.

There were no shops. However, the shelf next to the front desk is decorated with shampoo and hotel original goods, and it seems like you can purchase it if you wish. The shampoo was $ 30 for the pump type.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a pool and a gym on the 10th floor of the hotel.

There was a small pool about which was about 20m deep. There were no staffs there. The water looked dirty, and it seemed like it was not taken care of properly.

There is a restaurant right next to the window, and there is a counter seat facing the window, so the person who is eating will be able to see you swimming in the pool very well.

You can take the towels from the shelf freely.

There was an ice machine outside the pool entrance.

There is a terrace in front of the pool.

The gym was not big, but it was equipped with dumbbells, cross trainers, running machines and balance balls.

You can see the courtyard from the gym.

Environment around the hotel

The location of this hotel is right near the Orchard, so it’s a very good place to stay, but there’s a lot of traffic at night at night. There is no problem even if you walk alone. There is also a shopping mall called Aion nearby, and there are countless department stores and restaurants within walking distance, so I think you can enjoy shopping.

Staff & customer base

I only met the staffs during check-in and check-out, but they were generally kind.

The majority of the customers were Asian (Chinese / Korean) and Indian guests. I had the impression that there were more young friends staying more than families.


The hotel was around 2,700 yen by late-night taxi about 25-30 minutes from airport. Because the hotel was located just near the Orchard, I was not at all troubled with shopping and eating. The station is a short walk away and there are countless shops within walking distance, so it’s in a very good location.


If I am asked if I want to stay here again, I will have to say “no.” The room had no space, the shower water splashed on the floor, a window roll screen that must be opened and closed every time the shower and toilet are used, there was no porch and storage area. However, if the room had a little more space, I think that I would not mind staying again. There are many good things about this this hotel, including fresh and clean rooms, stylish interiors, good location, and cheap accommodation. If you have children, they can enjoy interacting with robots.

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