Check it Out! “Trump International Hotel Waikiki” Explicit Review

This was the first overseas trip since the birth of my child. My baby is still 0 years old, and I wanted to reduce stress as much as possible without changing the environment. Therefore there is an area where you can secure a space where one baby can move freely. As a result of taking into consideration the accessibility to the beach, which is the adult's choice, and also considering the two points as a must, it has been concluded that “Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach Trump International Hotel Waikiki” is the best.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

There were not many tall buildings in this area, so this hotel had presence.

There were many plants around the hotel and it was stylish. The palm trees enhance the resort feeling.

On the first floor entrance there is a transfer reception desk and a concierge desk. The entrance and the front are separate floors, but there is also a concierge at the entrance, so if you have trouble, you can get help at the desk.

When you get in from the entrance, there is a luxurious lobby.

There is a spacious sofa, which you can relax while waiting.

From the entrance to the front desk on the 6th floor, it changes into an open air space where you can feel the refreshing wind.

The front counter and the greenery of the Fort DeRissy Park, which spread in front of us, looked very beautiful with the blue sky. The ceiling is high and there are many plants making it a very comfortable space. I could see the sea from the terrace.

Elevator hall.

Corridor to the rooms. It is very quiet.

What id the Deluxe Room like?

It was a rare spacious room at a hotel in Waikiki. The bed was soft and fluffy. There were both hard pillows and soft pillows so I was able to pick one that suited my taste.

It was a cozy room that was suitable for the concept of living like you do at home.

The 42-inch TV looked nice while lying on the bed. Also the sea was well seen from the bed and I was looking forward to getting up every morning.

There is a working desk by the window, and thanks to the light from the outside and the refreshing wind, I am sure you can work well.

There was a sofa for 3 people, a sofa for 1 person and a low table in the living room area, and I was able to spend a relaxing time. As it was a slightly stiff sofa, it was easy to sit when eating.

A baby bed and a high chair for babies can be prepared upon reservation in advance.

You can borrow a carrier if you request for one in advance.


Bathroom is made of marble and it is luxurious.

There is a deep bathtub and a large washing place.

You can choose the shower from two levels. Although the water pressure was a little weak, it is not particularly troublesome because of the large amount of water that came out. The bathtub is so large that you can stretch your feet and relax.

There is also a toilet in the bathroom. It has a washlet function.

There is a hair dryer in the drawer of the wash basin.

Bath amenities were shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap and body cream, which are handled in the world’s luxury department stores, and were from the brand “Natura Bisse” from Spain.

Shampoo and conditioner was refreshing and had a upscale scent.

Kitchen and cafe corner

The kitchen was near the entrance.

The kitchen seen from the room.

There is a cafe at the kitchen counter, and the water is $ 5. Coffee was KAUAI COFFEE and black tea was from RISHI. The concierge will bring you ice if you need some.

Free water is in the refrigerator. It is replenished every day if it goes out.

Storage was complete with cooking utensils such as pots, frying pans, rice cookers, cutting boards, kitchen knives and tongs.

The dishes are also provided with platters, bowls and small dishes, and they were used depending on the type of food.

There were also glasses. It was very useful to cook children’s food and to warm it up in the microwave. I was able to eat and relax on the sofa.

Closet and safe

There were two closets, both of which had enough hangers. The depth was enough to put suitcase inside.

There were bathrobes and slippers in the living room closet, and it was Trump Hotel’s brand. The bathrobe was very comfortable. Slipper had a solid material and cushioned, so it was easy to wear.

The safe was of the type to set a 4-digit reciting number by yourself.

View from the balcony

There was a large window so that the view from outside could be seen well even from the room.

A table and two chairs were prepared on the balcony. The table was about 60 cm in diameter, and there was a little extra room for a meal for three people. The fence is covered with glass, so it felt wider. Although it is not on the beach, you can see the sea over the Halekulani Outrigger if you are not staying on the lower floor.

Restaurants in the hotel

We ate at the luxury steakhouse “BLT” located on the first floor of the hotel. We had a sunset menu (Happy Hour) limited to 16: 30-18: 30. I was guided to the space dedicated to the sunset menu, but Happy Hour is full of people sitting at the counter seats, so there were enough spacious sofa seats, and I was thankful because I had a baby with me.

I recommend this hamburger. Fried potatoes are about $18. Like a steakhouse hamburger, the meat is juicy and exquisite.

Popovers has a soft texture.

The “Waiolu” restaurant next to the reception. A restaurant that specializes in fresh seafood. We also ate during happy hour which was from 3pm to 6pm.

The “In-Yo CAFE,” which also has a breakfast buffet, is located by the pool.

“In-Yo CAFE,” was not crowded and it had a calm atmosphere.

Pool and beach

There is an outdoor pool and a jacuzzi on the 6th floor on the same floor as the reception. I think it is a small for a pool in Waikiki.

There were quite a few deck chairs. You can see the sea from the pool. Towels and mineral water were prepared, and it was nice to be able to go out of the room without having to carry anything. In addition, waterproof paper diapers for children were also available.

It took about 3 minutes to get to the beach from the hotel through the road next to Waikiki Shore.

Near the beach. It was a quiet beach because it was a little ways from the main area.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a meeting room.

Other than the meeting room, there is also a library complete with 3 PCs (Windows and Mac), which seems to be convenient for business people.

There is a fitness gym on the 5th floor. Full-fledged training machines such as running machines were fully equipped.

Mineral water and fruits are also available.

The spa was also on the 5th floor. The gym, meeting room, business center and medical office are all on the same floor but it was very quiet.

Environment around the hotel

It is lively during the day, but quiet at night. It was a wonderful environment, with the rich greenery of the Fort DeRussy Park in front of you and the beach just a few minutes walk away. Although it is a little ways from the center, it takes about 7-8 minutes to get to the Royal Hawaiian Center by shortcut. The trolly and bus stop was near the hotel which was convenient. There were many famous hotels around our hotel, so it felt safe.

It was convenient because there was an ABC store about 3 minutes on foot.


From the airport, it takes less than 30 minutes if the road is not crowded. Because each travel agency trolley and the bus bus stop are close, access to each tourist attraction was excellent.

It took 10 minutes from the post office bus stop to Ala Moana Center. You can also use a taxi.

Staff and customer base

The staffs responses were wonderful. During my stay, the item I wanted to buy at a certain store was sold out and I talked to the front desk, and they called that store and asked for a stock arrival schedule. The amazing hospitality made me feel good.

There were many young families with young children staying. There were 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms, and there were many people staying in 3 generations.


“The Trump International Hotel” was a great hotel, with room facilities, the location of the hotel and, above all, the hospitality of the hotel staffs. As it was the first time overseas with a baby, I was looking for a stress-free stay for my baby as much as possible. With a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious room for the baby to move around, and a bathroom with a washroom, I was able to spend a stress free time not only for children but also for adults. In addition, the room was cleaned twice a day, the room was always clean. If I left dishes in the sink, the housekeeper put them away for me which was nice.

I was able to enjoy the hospitality of a first-class hotel and was able to spend a very luxurious time. Trump Hotel is a hotel that I can recommended with confidence.

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