Check it Out! “Torbeag House” Explicit Review

I chose “Torbeag House,” because I was looking for an inn near Fort William, which would be useful for exploring Highland. The interior in the photos were very beautiful and there was a lot of nature around. The reviews were very good about this hotel. The price is reasonable and the rooms were spacious, so this hotel was perfect for me.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

It was a beautiful house in the mountains. There were many wild birds around singing. The garden was carefully cared for.

When I entered the breakfast hall from the entrance, I was delighted to see a very beautiful and stylish interior. It was just as I expected. The couple who greeted me was very elegant and calm.

The husband helped me carry my suitcases up the stairs.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Twin Bed Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

The door seen from inside of the hotel.

There is a bathroom at the front and a bedroom on the left.

The room felt too big for once person to stay in. The only issue was that the wifi was slow.

There were too chairs by the window.

There was also a TV. Next to the TV was a cafe corner.

The bed sheets were clean and the hardness of the pillows and mattresses were just right for me. I stayed for a long time, and the sheets were changed every day. Because the hotel is located in a quiet area, I could fall a sleep right away without worrying about noise from the outside.

There was a large window in the guest room, and I was impressed by the view. There were many wild birds visiting the feeding area. In summer, the sun does not set until 10 o’clock, so I spent time in bed with the curtains open until it got dark. Because I was in the quiet mountain, it was dark at night, and I could sleep without being disturbed by the outside lights even if I slept with the curtains open.


The bathroom had modern gray walls. It looked very new. It was very beautiful. The size of the bathroom was just right.

I was able to enjoy the outside view without having to worry about someone seeing me.

The bathtub was deep and I was able to relax in the hot water.

There was hand and body soap on the sink.

There was shampoo, conditioner, sanitary bags and an extra toilet paper under the sink.

There is a hairdryer in the closet.

Closet and safe

There was a closet near the window. Inside was an oil heater, an outlet conversion adapter, and a dryer. There was no safe.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a cafe corner next to the TV. There were two types of instant coffee and tea bags, mugs, spoons, sugar, milk, sweets and water. The marshmallow snack was very tasty.

There was also a kettle billow.

Breakfast at the hotel

The breakfast venue is a space with large windows, and the scenery was beautiful and relaxing to look at.

The breakfast venue.

There was cereal, fruit, drinks.

The food was delicious, and I enjoyed looking at the scenery while having breakfast.

The wife brought me coffee when I was relaxing on the sofa.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a garden that was very carefully cared for. The lawn was beautiful and I never got tired of looking at it. There were no flowers in the garden, but the green made the colorful birds stand out.

Hotel surroundings

The area around the hotel was quiet and safe. There was a supermarket and a little pub at about 15 minutes away by car. There was a Fish and Chips near the supermarket. I think it is a good location to enjoy the highland nature. There are no shops in the area where you can walk, so it’s a good idea to finish shopping before relaxing in your room. In the morning, I thought it was a wonderful facility where the voices of wild birds were pleasant and nestled in nature. If the weather is nice, you can see Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in England. The Fort William area is a great place to visit.

Staff and customer base

The staff were gentle couples who were very kind. When my white T-shirt got dirty and I was having trouble, they washed it for me and even ironed it. Hospitality was amazing.

There was a couple on a honeymoon eating breakfast with a lovely smile. There were many other couples staying as well. I think that it is an inn suitable for couples.


It is a little inconvenient to get to the hotel from the airport. To be honest, it’s difficult to get to anywhere without a car. The surrounding environment was quiet and safe. It’s like a countryside in the mountains, so it wasn’t inconvenient to buy a little food, but it’s not suitable for those who want the convenience of a city. It is an area full of nature, and the Glencoe Valley is also nearby. A ski resort called Nevis Range is open in summer and you can enjoy a light hike. I think it is a good location to enjoy the natures of Highland.

Nevis Range Mountain Resort.


I had a nice stay at this hotel. It was very cool in the summer. The bathroom was beautiful and I enjoyed taking a bath in the bathtub. It was a very friendly environment. Everywhere was beautiful and the hotel was as good as a luxury hotel. The staff were very warm and welcoming. The wifi is slow because it is in the countryside. It’s enough to check emails, but it’s not suitable for sending lots of photos or sending and receiving videos. I would love to stay here once more if I ever visit Highland again.

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