Check it Out! “Tigh-Na-Mara Hotel” Explicit Review

The sea was attracted to the location in front of me. I was planning to go to Inverness Airport the next day, so I was looking for a place where I could appreciate the sea a little closer to the airport. And I decided because it was not a lively but quiet place and the price was reasonable. The photos on the inn were also very beautiful and the atmosphere was good.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The appearance was very beautiful and had a friendly feel to it. The garden was carefully maintained and the atmosphere was classic. The romantic feel made me excited.

Red was an accent for the building.

There were chairs by the entrance way.


There was no front desk, but the owner greeted me as soon as I parked my car at front and carried my luggage for me.

Stairs leading upstairs.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Double Bed Room like?

The entrance door seen from inside of the room.

The room was very romantic based on white. The furnitures were stylish. The size of the room was perfect, and since it was in front of the sea, the sound of a gentle waves could be heard from room. The facility itself was a bit old, but it was cleaned well. Tt was a very relaxing room.

There was a beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

The sheets were clean and the hardness of pillows and mattresses was just right for me. Because the hotel is location in a quiet area, I slept very well. The bed was large and comfortable.

There were two chairs in front of the window, and I enjoyed looking at view of the sea.

There was a TV hanging across the bed.

There was a shoe shine and a first aid kit in the drawer.

There was a figure of a ship and binoculars placed on the window sill.

Window in the room.

There was no terrace or balcony. I enjoyed a wonderful view of Murray Bay from my room. there was not much traffic in front of the hotel, which was very nice. You can do bird watching with the binoculars prepared on the window sill. Also, if you are lucky, you may be able to see dolphins swimming in the sea.


It was a large bathroom based on white.

Bathroom seen from the window.

Sink and toilet.

Towels were hanging by the window.

There was hand soap, body soap, conditioner and shampoo prepared on the window sill.

Closet and safe

The size of the closet was big enough. There was an oil heater inside. I looked for a hair dryer but I could not find one and there was no safe either.

Mini bar and cafe

There was an electric kettle, mugs, saucers, tea packs, instant coffee, milk, sugar, water, carbonated water and glasses. I tried using the electric kettle, and water boiled very quickly. I boiled hot water and drank tea, and it was delicious. The cups were very clean. The water also tasted very good.

Breakfast at the hotel

There was no restaurant in the hotel, but I was able to have breakfast and relax at the lounge.

Breakfast venue.


I got a welcome drink at the lounge and relaxed on the sofa.

Hotel surroundings

It is a very quiet area, and is recommended to those who want to relaxing in the beautiful nature. There was a campsite nearby and many people were staying there.

Staff and customer bsase

The hotel was run by a family and everyone was very kind to me. There was no elevator, but the husband carried my heavy suitcase up to my room for me. I was looking for a place to eat dinner on foot, and when I asked for a recommendation they explained very carefully.

There were middle age couple from Switzerland and a couple from Germany. I think that it is a hotel popular with couples.


It is about 30 minutes by car from Inverness Airport. The hotel is close to auto campgrounds and historic golf courses. There is one restaurant next to the golf course. The restaurant there is always crowded and needs reservation. You can buy daily necessities at a place 5 minutes away on foot.

It’s a little inconvenient if you don’t have a car. Loch Ness, famous for Nessie, is a 30-minute drive away. The city of Inverness is about 20 minutes away by car. You can get to the historic golf course (Fortrose and Rosemarkie Golf Club) within a 5-minute walk.


I was able to make great memories at this hotel by the ocean. I took a walk by the sea in the morning before eating breakfast. Because it is the countryside, it is safe even if it gets dark, and I was able to sit down on the sandy beach. I sat at the table for breakfast with the other guests who were staying. The guest room was spacious and it was nice to be able to hear the sound of waves from the room. The owners were also very kind. It is not far from the airport and it is nice to be able to stay around Loch Ness, but the quiet location in front of the sea was the best thing about this hotel. I would definitely like to stay and relax at this hotel again.

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