Check it Out! “The Queens Hotel” Explicit Review

I chose “The Queen's Hotel” because I had booked a different hotel at first, but the sleeper car “Night Riviera” did n’t operate on Saturday, and the hotel was only accepting from two nights. There were few choices for a twin bed room near Penzance where you can see Mount Michael. I checked the review on the online travel reservation site and decided to stay at this hotel because it was alright to stay only for one night.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The entrance had a door that was old-style.

A retro sofa set and Cornwall guide brochures are placed at the front desk, creating a relaxed atmosphere. The front desk was laid back, but check-in procedure finished quickly.  The receptionist at the front desk taught me how to connect buses to Penzance and St Ives with a timetable.


Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Twin Bed Room like?

The first thing that shocked me when I entered the room was that there was no cooler. Luckily, the temperature was not too high on the day I stayed, but I thought that it would be uncomfortable if the temperature is too high. The wallpaper in the room was warm with a cream yellow color.

It was a reasonably large space and it was comfortable. Opposite the bed, were two chairs, a dresser, a desk, a TV and a closet.

Two chairs by the window.

A dresser.

A TV and a cafe set on the desk.

The bed was clean with sheets with a comfortable mattress.

There was a chest next to the bed.


The view from the window.


There was a bathtub in the bathroom. The water pressure was sufficient and the speed to reach the proper temperature was fast, so there was no problem. However, since the facilities were old, the bathtub was damaged, and it made me not want to make a bath.

There was a small window by the window, and nice breeze came in.

Window by the toilet.


As for the amenities, there was soap, shampoo, conditioner and a shower cap of a brand called GILCHRIST & SOAMES’. I did not like it so much, so I used what I brought.

A hairdryer was in a drawer.

Closet and safe


In the closet were hangers, a spare blanket and a luggage stand. The closet door was a little flimsy. There was no safe.

Mini bar and cafe

There was an electric kettle, two cups, instant coffee, sugar, milk and biscuits on the desk. When I asked the front desk for water they told me that it is not free, so I boiled tap water and drank coffee.

Restaurants in the hotel

Breakfast venue.

Breakfast was buffet style.

Bread and cheese.

Drinks and frute.

Breakfast example.

Inside of the venue.

You can enjoy breakfast while looking at the ocean.

In the afternoon, the breakfast venue serves tea.

There was also a bar.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a party room.

Environment around the hotel

The hotel is located on a quiet seaside. I did not hear the sound of cars passing, but the the seagulls were crying all night, so I had trouble sleeping. There is really nothing around, so you will need to go places by car or by taxi.

Staff and customer base

The staff were friendly and helpful. I was planning to travel from Penzance to St Ives and Lands End in one day, so they taught me the best way to move around by bus. The staff don’t usually carry the guest’s luggages, but he carried our luggages half way which was very nice.

There were couples and friends staying. I did not see any families staying this time.


It is very far from London Heathrow Airport. There may be closer air ports, but I did not use them so I cannot be certain. Because it is the westernmost part of the UK, it takes more than 6 hours by train from London.

There were no shops nearby. The purpose was to go to St. Michael’s Mount, so I immediately headed by taxi. When I called a taxi at the hotel, it arrived in about 5 minutes and I arrived to St. Michael’s Mount in about 10 minutes.


It am happy that I got stay at “The Queen’s Hotel.” There were no other options, but there were no inconveniences regarding facilities and services other than the lack of a cooler. According to the online travel reservation site, it was written that it was a walking distance from the Penzance station, but it was impossible to walk with a suitcase. If I knew that in advance, I might not have chosen this hotel. However, in this Cornwall area, especially around Penzance, there are few hotels that allows you to stay for only a night, so I am glad that I could stay here.

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