Check it Out! “The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo, Autograph Collection” Explicit Review

I chose “The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo,” because it was renovated and beautiful, and there was also a late checkout option where I could stay until 12:00. I wanted to stay at this hotel at least once in my life time. It was also nice that it was easy to get to Haneda Airport with one train ride.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel looked a little old, but there were many other hotels around it, do it looked elegant.

The renewed gate leaded me to the entrance, and there was a staff standing there.

There was a beautiful art at the entrance.

The lobby was very beautiful, with a contemporary interior. It was very quiet, so the atmosphere was very comfortable. The lights were dim, creating a high-class feel.

Front desk.

A hallway leading to the elevator.

First floor corridor.

There were many art displayed in the corridor.

First floor elevator hall.

You can see the outside from the elevator.

The view from the elevator.

There was a table and chairs at the guest room floor elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Deluxe King Bed Room like?

Guest room door.

There was a closet and toilet on the right and a bathroom on the left after entering the room.

The bedroom was spacious, and very bright and clean.

The bed was very big with a hard mattress that was comfortable to sleep on.

There was a mat to wipe your feet before getting into bed.

On the bedside table as a welcome chocolate.

There was also a alarm clock, phone, outlet and a light switch.

There were also bottles of water prepared on both sides of the bed.

There was a TV and a desk across the bed.

There was a box on the cabinet.

Inside the box was a LAN cable and multiple types of battery chargers.

There was a DVD player as well.

There was a sofa and a able by the window. I sat by the window looking at the outside view for a long time.

The view from the window.


The bathroom was spacious and there was a separate bathtub and shower room. The facilities were a bit old, but cleaned very well. There were enough bathrobes and towels prepared, and I was happy that I didn’t have to use the same towel many times. The shower room had a height-adjustable and removable hand shower, and there was no problem with water pressure. One set of shampoo, conditioner and body soap was prepared in the shower room.


The sink was spacious and the mirror was big as well. Unfortunately, it was a little dark to do makeup.

The sink was a double sink.

Amenities were prepared on the sink. There were one set of shampoo, conditioner and body soap and two body lotions. There were also two bath towels, body towels, soap, cotton swabs, cotton, hair band and shower caps.

There were also toothbrush sets, combs and razors.

The toilet was in a separate room.

It had a washlet function.

Closet and safe

There was a closet next to the toilet.

The closet was very spacious and can store coats without any problems. However, there was no light in the closet, so it was a little dark inside. There was also a trouser press in the closet.

Under the TV cabinet was a safe.

Mini bar and cafe

Next to the TV was a capsule coffee machine and an ice bucket.

There was already ice in the ice bucket. In the evening housekeeping came to add more ice.

In the drawer, electric kettle and tea bags were prepared as free drinks. Mini-bottles of alcohol, chocolate and snacks were also available (charged).

In another drawer were cups, glasses and four capsule coffees prepared.

There was a fridge and there were drinks inside, but they cost money.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

I had breakfast at a Japanese restaurant called “Nadaman Takanawa Prime.” The inside of the store was very calm with a beautiful scenery.

There were not many kids in the restaurant, so it was very quiet and relaxing. The food tasted very good.

Hotel surroundings

The premises of the Prince Hotel was very quiet and calm, but there are pachinko shops and cheap shops around Shinagawa Station. The Hara Museum is about 10 minutes away by taxi. There aren’t many places to enjoy shopping, but it was a quiet place once you enter the alley. It may be better to stay away from Shinagawa for shopping. The area around Shinagawa Prince Hotel is very lively with many young people and children. There were several shops like food courts where children and young people gathered.

Street around the hotel.

Staff and guests

The staff were very calm, thoughtful, polite and very positive. The outside garden was taken care of very well.

I felt that Sakura Tower and Takanawa had more calm middle class people staying. I think the percentage of foreign tourists was low overall. Most of the people were elderly and I didn’t see many small children. On the other hand, when I went to Prince Hotel Shinagawa, there were many children and young people staying.


Shinagawa Station is about 5 minutes away on foot. There is a limousine bus from the station, so if you have a lot of luggage, you should ride the bus. It is very convenient because it takes about 30 minutes from the airport. It was easy to get to Haneda Airport without the bus getting too crowded.

Buildings around the hotel.


I was very satisfied with my stay at this hotel. The room was very clean and spacious, so I was able to spend a comfortable time. In addition, I enjoyed a relaxing walk in the garden even though the hotel is near the busy area of Shinagawa Station. I spent more than half a day around the hotel and had good cooperation with other Prince hotels. I had a great time enjoying coffee and going to the next hotel and taking care of my luggage. I think this hotel is good for people who want to spend time at the hotel without going out so often. The Sakura Tower did not have a shop, so it was a little inconvenient, but there was one in Shinagawa Prince so I was able to shop there.

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