Check it Out! “The Oakley Court” Explicit Review

I chose "The Oakley Court" because I wanted to stay in a manor house near London. I wanted to stay in Windsor on the first day, and it was a quiet and relaxing place. The location was good, and pice was very reasonable.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel is made up of several cottages and there is a considerable distance from the entrance to the front.

The entrance with the front desk has thick sculpted pillars.There was a bell staff waiting outside.

The front desk is very dark and there is a lobby, but there are no sofas and only chairs.

The building with the guest rooms.


What is the Double Bed Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

Although it was spacious and comfortable, people and cars passed by right by the room, so I could not feel relaxed right away. I was curious to see what a manor house was like, but the room was not very characteristic.

I was happy to find a “share love” card on the table. Maybe it’s a couple’s room, so it’s a waste to stay alone.

Opposite the bed was a desk, chair and TV.

The comfortable double bed was the best. The pillows, cushions, and bed mattress were all just right. Since there were too many cushions, I got rid of some when I when to bed.


The bathroom is very large. A lot of towels were prepared, and a non-slip mat placed in the bathtub was helpful. However, when hot water was stored in the bathtub, there was a gap in the stopper so that the hot water did not overflow, and the hot water that had accumulated naturally flowed, so I had to keep hot water out all the time. It was nice to be able to relax in the bathtub after a long day.

The water pressure was just right.

There was a removable shower as well.

The toilet flushed weakly, so I was afraid that it would get clogged.


The bedroom seen from the bathroom.

Amenities were shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and body gel. The brand  was “The White Company London.” The rose scent was very nice.

Closet and safe

The closet was next  to the bed.

The closet was equipped with hangers, slippers, iron, hairdryer, ironing stand and bathrobes.

There was a safe in the closet.

Mini bar and cafe

There were two water bottles and six milk in the fridge.

There was a cafe set above the refrigerator. There were four types of Twining teas, Green Tea, Earl Gray, Peppermint, Everyday, Sugar, Instant Coffee, two types of Decaf and Original, and one Electric Kettle. There were two mugs, two glasses, and two cookies as well.

Restaurants in the hotel

It is a free space, and when I stayed, there was a wedding party being held.

You can have lunch at the breakfast room as well.



Baked tomato, hash-brown, and eggs.

Baked beans and mushroom.

There was a waffle maker as well.

Breakfast was very good.

Facilities in the hotel

There is an indoor pool I few minutes away on foot. It was a small pool of about 15m. It wasn’t so crowded and there was only one family with a child when I wen there. The water is moderately warm and there is a warm jacuzzi next to it. It was a pity that the changing room was not very clean.

There is a statue of a deer, and a lot of trees in the garden surrounding the hotel. There were a lot of people chatting in the shade under the trees or on the bench, and it was nice because there was a river running by the hotel.

Environment around the hotel

There was nothing around the hotel. Wedding parties and birthday parties can be held, and other customers came here by car. It is a hotel for people who want to spend a quiet relaxing time.

Staff and customer base

Although the staff was kind, the mad who carried my luggage was new, and did not remember the road to my room.

There were not many elderly people, and there were more young couples as well as families with children.


The hotel is about 20 minutes away by taxi from Heathrow Airport. There is a fixed price of £40 from Heathrow Airport to Windsor, so the price will not increase even if it takes more time. There is really nothing around the hotel, just a big road. There is no house, let alone a shop.

There are no shops in and around the hotel, so you can only go shopping at the nearest station, but the “Maiden Head Station” that I went to was small.


I wanted to experience staying at a Manor House, and I enjoyed my stay. You can relax and not have to go anywhere. However, there was an Indian wedding party being held on the day I stayed, and it was noisy until late at night, so I couldn’t sleep well. The party seems to be held in various ways, and there is a tag written as someone’s birthday party in front of the small room, so you can enjoy this hotel even without staying here.

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