Check it Out! “The Grand Islander by Hilton Grand Vacations” Explicit Review

"The Grand Islander by Hilton Grand Vacations" is one of Hilton's timeshare program properties. This time, I stayed with a friend who is a member. The Grand Islander is a very clean hotel with a lagoon and a nice swimming pool, and it is close to Ala Moana and Waikiki Beach. There are a lot of shops in the Hilton hotel, so it's a good place to go shopping. And most of all, I decided to watch the fireworks that will be launched every Friday, so I was looking forward to the fireworks.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The appearance is very beautiful because it is a relatively new hotel. The top of the building glows in the evening, so it was easy to see and it acted as a landmark when going out at night and returning to the hotel.

Overall the design was simple, very clean, spacious and comfortable.

A roundabout where cars can drive through.

Hotel entrance.

Entrance seen from the inside.

Front counter and lobby.

There are large sofas and tables in the lobby, so you can relax while you are checking in and out. Because I had a small child with me, I was tired from the long flight, but it was nice to be able to take a break there.

What is the One Bedroom like?

Room door.

Room key is not a card but a bracelet type.

The sofa in the living room also became a bed. The cleanliness of the room as well as the facilities of the whole room was very good.

There was a living room and a kitchen which was very spacious, and the view from the balcony was amazing.

Large and clean bedroom. However, it was a pity that the windows in this room could not be opened.

There was a game console.


The mirror above the washbasin was large and very easy to use.

It seems to depend on the room, but the room we stayed in had a separate shower and tub. It was easy to adjust the temperature and it was good because warm water came out quickly. The water pressure in the shower was weak and I wanted more water pressure.

Although the toilet is the same space as the bathroom, it has a door that becomes a private room.

The amenities that I had in the bathroom were shampoo, conditioner, body soap, moisturizer and bar soap. It was very good with the smell of coconut that reminds you that you are in Hawaii.

The bathroom that my friend stayed in was a type of bathroom that had no separate shower and tub.

Kitchen and equipped utensils

There was a large fridge, coffee maker, microwave oven, pan, cooker, IH stove, dishwasher, and the kitchen was equipped with pans and dishes.

I was surprised that a rice cooker was prepared. There were also many knives and a toaster too.

There was also a coffee maker. There was also milk and sugar.


The cooking utensils were almost complete, so I bought some ingredients and cooked.

Plates and cups.

There were forks, spoons, knifes and so on.

Dishwasher. It was nice because there were detergents, sponges, kitchen paper and so on.

By the way, the kitchen in the room where my friend had stayed was like this.

Washer and Dryer

Among the things that this room is equipped with, I liked the washing machine and the dryer. It was nice to be able to wash immediately at your own timing.

View from the balcony

The terrace itself is not so wide, but there are tables and chairs. The scenery from there was great. Because the handrail is full glass rather than a fence, it is easier to see the scenery.

The view was very good because we were on the 32nd floor.

From the front to the right is the city and on the left there is a lagoon so we could enjoy various views.

The city lights were very beautiful at night, and the swimming pool at night was lit up and it was a picturesque scenery.

Outdoor pool and lagoon

There is a lagoon in front of the outdoor pool. You can go back and forth from the pool.

The outdoor pool was simple and had a low water level.

There is a slider, but there is also a mini-slider so that small children can enjoy them selves. Even if it is Hawaii, it feels cold when you enter the pool, but you can also warm there because there are two Jacuzzis. The Jacuzzi was always crowded with many people.

The view of the lagoon was just amazing.

The center of the lagoon is deep, but basically it is shallow so small children can play without any worries. There are bicycle-like rowing vehicles, canoes and rowing vehicles available for a fee while standing on the board. Children are delighted because they also swim smaller fish. A hat is essential because there is no shade.

The fireworks that we were looking forward to. There is a large square next to the lagoon and pool. Some people were on the grass and were lying there and taking a rest. At the time of fireworks, the square is full of people. It is a square that is also used as a party venue and used for other multiple purposes.

There is also a swimming pool in the hotel spa.

Restaurant in the hotel

There were several restaurants and cafes on the grounds of the Hilton.

I ate garlic shrimp at a popular restaurant called “Blue Water Shrimp.”

Japanese restaurant and etc.

Shops inside the hotel

There are many shops in Hilton, so I could enjoy myself without leaving Hilton. There were restaurants, ice cream shop, jewelry and clothes shop.

There is also a store like a convenience store called “ABC Store.”

There was also a new store. Goods and clothes were sold at the shop in Waikiki. It was a very Hawaiian cute shop.

Jewelry shop.

Even just walking around is fun.


It was 15-20 minutes by taxi from the airport. There aren’t many shops without a little walk out of the hotel, but even along the road, the grass spreads like a square so it is safe for children. Within a 15-minute walk you can reach Honolulu shops and Ala Moana. The pink line of the Waikiki Trolley bus was used a lot because it was free with a JCB card.

Staff and customer base

The staff, including those who cleaned the rooms, had a nice vibe. They responded with a smile and they were very friendly. I was very happy to have my room cleaned well.

There were many families with children. There were a lot of small children in particular. Also, there were many elderly couples. I think that it is a comfortable environment because the number of shops, swimming pools and beaches in Hilton are abundant .


We are very happy to stay here. I could not find any bad things about the hotel. Hilton has plenty of shopping, swimming, beaches and restaurants so you don’t have to leave the grounds. The rooms were more than just a hotel, but it was all about feeling like being at home and there was no inconvenience at all in the comfort of traveling to live. It was one bedroom, but since the sofa in the living room becomes a bed, there were two real beds and it was convenient. Also, there were drinks in the waiting room of the pool which you can drink for free. I was fascinated with all the activities so I could not visit all the shops and restaurants in Hilton during my stay. I would like to come here again to finish going though all the shops and have this experience again.

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