Check it Out! “The Fullerton Bay Hotel” Explicit Review

I chose "The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore" because I had stayed here before and liked the view over the Marina Bay Sands. As we were planning to hold a ceremony at The Fullerton Bay Hotel, I thought it would be more convenient to stay overnight. In addition, I think that the location is convenient because it is a bit far from Merlion Park, but it is a distance that can walk to Clarke Quay and Chinatown.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Hotel exterior

The entrance with the main entrance was made out of stone.

The front desk was a modern and refined impression.

The front desk was not big.

Lobby next to the front desk.

There was also a concierge desk.

1st floor elevator

There were also chairs on the ground floor elevator hall.

Inside of the elevator.

Guest room elevator hall.

State in front of the elevator on the room floor.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Deluxe Room like?

Guest room entrance door

There was a bathroom on the right and a closet on the left.

The room I booked was the most reasonable room, but I felt it was very large because of the large windows, the large bathroom and the large number of mirrors used on some of the walls. The room was settled with a simple and modern atmosphere.

I slept in the bed with my child but it was comfortable and wide enough. The sheets were cleaned every day.

I was planning to hold a wedding, so there was a message card along with stuffed animals on the bed, which was a nice surprise.

There was a TV opposite the bed.

There was a desk and a chair next to the TV.

There were also two sofas for one person and a table beside the veranda. Wine and fruits were prepared on the table, probably because we were staying to get married.

The room seen from the veranda side.

There was a veranda in the room. Although not large, there was a set of tables and chairs.

View from the veranda.

If it is a room with a bay view, I think that you can see the Marina Bay Sands, but the room where I stayed in was a city view, so I saw high-rise buildings in the office area.

The night view was beautiful.


The bathroom had a bathtub and a shower room. There is a shower room in front of the right in the bathroom, a toilet in the back, a washbasin in the middle, and a bathtub on the left.

The wall with the bathtub is glass and the bathroom is visible from the bedroom. It’s safe because you can secure your privacy by lowering the blinds. The bathtub is large and even an male adult can relax in it. Unfortunately, because the water pressure was weak, it took time to fill hot water in the large bathtub.

The shower room had a fixed rain shower and a removable and height adjustable hand shower. The water pressure was strong enough. Shampoo, conditioner and body soap were prepared in the shower room. They were BOTTEGA VENETA. We used it every day, but my hair did not become dry. I liked it, but the smell was a bit strong.


You can take a bath while watching TV.

Wash basin

Amenities were prepared on the washstand. In the amenity boxes there were toothbrushes, combs, hair rubber, cotton, sanitary bags (plastic bags), nail polishes, cotton swabs, razors (with shaving foam). They had everything you need.

There were also body lotions.

There was a hair dryer under the wash basin.

Closet and safe

There was a large closet on the left side of the room.

There was one gown (the other one in the bathroom), hangers, a hanger for the tie, an iron, an ironing board, a shoe polish, a laundry bag and a flashlight. The lower part of the hanger has a clip attached to it, a cloth made from it, so you can also hang a suit.

The safe was in the TV stand. It was of the type that sets the security code, and there was a box for accessories, watches and so on.

Mini bar and cafe

There was also a cafe corner. At the cafe corner, there was an electric kettle, a capsule-type coffee maker, two plastic bottled water, TWG tea bags (such as green tea, oolong tea, English breakfast, chamomile and etc), hot chocolate, and three types of coffee capsules. It seemed that an ice bucket with ice was prepared around the evening.

Inside the drawer below the cafe corner were cups, glasses and spoons.

There was also a refrigerator in the storage shelf below the drawers.

In the refrigerator, in addition to beer, sparkling wine and juice, snacks such as chocolate were provided as a mini-bar.

Restaurant in the hotel

We had breakfast at “La Brasserie” on the first floor.

Inside of the shop

Breakfast is buffet style, but there is also a menu that you can choose daily.

Bread corner

A corner with side dishes and local foods.

There is also a gluten-free corner, so it is nice for people with allergies.

Egg Benedict on a daily menu

French toast of the menu you can choose daily.

Poached egg from the menu that can be selected daily.

Laksa and beef cheek stew from the menu that can be selected daily.

There was a rooftop bar “Lantern” next to the pool on the 8th floor.

From the “Lantern,” you can enjoy food and drinks while taking in the beautiful views of the Marina Bay waterfront and the world-famous Singapore.

At the back of the main entrance was a restaurant called “Clifford Pier.” You can enjoy tea during the day.

On the way from the main entrance to the front desk was a restaurant called “Landing Point.” Both “Clifford Pier” and “Landing Point” have terrace seating and you can see Marina Bay Sands.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a pool on the roof of the hotel. There is a square swimming pool right in front of the elevator and there is a chair by which you can lie by the pool. There were a lot of colorful plantings by the pool, and there was a resort feeling of Southeast Asia. When I put my luggage at the poolside, the staff prepared bath towels and served cold flavored water.

There is a bar “Lantern” where you can order drinks and so on. There was a changing room behind the elevator, but it was small. Changing rooms and toilets seem to be shared with the gym. The pool is not large but the scenery is nice and satisfying. There are no play equipments, so if you are with a child it may feel like it is not enough. It was an atmosphere where adults spend a leisurely time.

The pool overlooks Marina Bay Sands.

No one was swimming in the pool after the sun went down. Next to the pool is a bar, and it is busy with people other than hotel guests, so I think that the pool at the night is crowded and it is difficult to go to. I could see the light show of Marina Bay Sands, and I think that the scenery is nice because the night view of the surrounding skyscrapers is beautiful.

There was also a gym in the hotel. It is available for 24 hours.

Environment around the hotel

Because the hotel is built on the riverside, there are many fashionable restaurants and cafe bars around it. If you go a little ways from the riverside, it is an office district area. High-rise buildings are lined up. The security around the hotel was good. However, there is inconvenience such as access from the station convenience stores.

You can walk to Mer-lion Park.

Laopasa Food Market at a nearby business district.

Laopasa at night.

Staff and customer base

Hotel staffs were kind and polite, including reception, concierge and cleaning staff. After staying for a week, the breakfast staff remembered me and made the coffee and other services as desired.

There were many families, businessmen, couples who were up scale staying. Little children were not seen when I stayed. I think the age is somewhat higher. The guests were all calm.


It is about one hour for one transfer by MRT. MRT was convenient because there were many. However, you can not access the flat from the nearest Raffles Place Station (there is no pedestrian crossing on the road in front of the hotel), so you need to use the elevator or escalator at a nearby commercial facility, or bypass to the nearby Fullerton Hotel. I felt a little inconvenient when I had a large bag. Also, even if you look at the map, you don’t know where the elevators and escalators are, so I think you might get lost at first. There are restaurants, bars and so on in the bayside area around the hotel, which is fashionable. Every shop has a terrace and I think the price is a bit high. As it is an office area other than Bayside, the roads are well maintained and there was no feeling that security was bad. Within walking distance you will find the La Opasa Festival Market. There are no large commercial facilities or shopping malls around the hotel. There is a convenience store, but you have to cross the road in front of you, so it’s a little hard to get to.

Sound and light show at Marina Bay Sands


I had a stay at this hotel. This time, I was staying for a wedding, and in the room a message card, wine, and fruit were prepared. In addition, for small child, we had amenity and was saved. This time, it was a room with a city view, and the night view of the high-rise building was beautiful and I was satisfied. The pool on the top floor was free, so I could spend time relaxing and enjoyed the resort feeling. This hotel is expensive among the hotels in Singapore, but I think that it is worth the price, considering the correspondence of the hotel staff, location, view, room size, facilities, breakfast and so on. Access to the station and convenience store is not very good, but if you are not going to be on a rushed trip I do not think that it would be a problem. For those who want to have a relaxing trip, I think you can enjoy yourself around this hotel.

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