Check it Out! “The Berkeley Square Hotel” Explicit Review

I chose "The Berkeley Square Hotel Bristol," because it fit my budget and location. I was looking for a hotel located at the center of the city. There were no bad reviews about this hotel, so I decided to stay here.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel is located a little ways from the main road. There were several houses lined up, and it was hard to find the hotel because there was no noticeable sign. Next to the hotel entrance was a restaurant.

The front desk was a compact size.

There were modern paintings hung on the all by the front desk.

There was a map on at the front desk, and the staff introduced me to good sightseeing destinations.

There was alcohol and snacks being sold at the front desk.

The elevator and stairs. There were many paintings hung on the walls.

Inside of the elevator.


Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Single Bed Room like?

Guest room door.

The door is opened with a key card.

Because it was a single room, it was a little small. The hotel itself is old, but the bedroom and bathroom were cleaned very well. There was mold on the window and bathroom floor, but it is an old hotel after all.

The bed was a little small, so it may be a little uncomfortable for people who are tall. The bed and pillows were stiff, but it was comfortable for me. However, there was a stain like a trace of blood on the comforter which bothered me a little.

On the bed board was a phone and a tissue box.

There was a TV and a desk at the corner of the desk.

There was an outlet plug-in by the desk.

There was a hair dryer in the drawer.

There was a DVD player next to the drawers.

A welcome drink which was cherry liquor was prepared on a small table.

By the entrance was a closet and a luggage stand.

There was a stereo next to the closet.

There was a window, but the view was not great, because I was on the second floor.


The bathroom was big for a single bed room. There was a heater in the bathroom, so it would not get cold even in the winter.

There was a bathtub with a shower. The water pressure for the shower was strong and the temperature could be adjusted easily.



Soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, hand & body lotion were prepared as amenities. It was nice that the shampoo and conditioner were in separated bottles. The body lotion also felt nice on my skin. There were only minimal amenities prepared.

Closet and safe

There was a closet by the entrance. The door to the closet was a full length mirror.

There were hangers and a small fan inside.


There was also a laundry bag as well.

In front of the bathroom was an ironing board.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a cafe corder next to the closet.

There was free fruit and coffee.

On a different shelf was an electric kettle and a free cookie.

If you open a drawer, there are tea bags and instant coffee inside. It was nice that there was a variety of flavors to pick from.

There was Cola, alcohol, water and chocolate that cost money.

Price for the drinks.

Hotel surroundings

There is Bristol University, Bristol Museum of Art, park in the outskirts and there was bus stop and was close and very convenient. The Bristol Museum was free. There was a supermarket called Sainsburys about 3 minutes away on foot. There are also many cafes, and there are various restaurants such as Italian, Chinese, and hamburgers. Also, there was a take-out restaurant nearby, so I had no trouble with eating. Because there is a university nearby, it was a very safe area. There were many university students at night, so I was worried that it would be noisy, but it was quiet with church bells ringing in the distance.

Buildings around the hotel.

Staff and guests

I checked in in the afternoon, and there were two staff at the front desk.
They were friendly and very helpful with explaining how to get to to the tourist destinations.

Because it was a small hotel, there seemed to be many guests staying alone. I did not meet many guests, because there were not many rooms to begin with. There was only one elevator, but I did not have to wait long.


The hotel is located in the center of the city. Since I did not use the airport, so I do not know how long it takes from the airport, but it took about 20 minutes from the bus stop. Restaurants and supermarkets are also within walking distance. There were many cars on the road, but it was never loud because the hotel was located a little ways from the main road. It is a two minute walk from the museum which was very convenient. There are many steel hills, so you will need energy to walk around the city.

Bristol Temple Meads Station.

Bristol Suspension Bridge.


I had a nice stay. I was a little bothered with the stain on the comforter. Because the hotel itself was an old building, it didn’t feel as clean as a new hotel, but it wasn’t filthy and everything was within acceptable limits. The only issue was that the bed was small. It was not a problem for me, because I was only staying for one night. The service was great, such as free drinks, free fruit and wonderful customer service.

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