Check it Out! “SpringHill Suites by Marriott San Diego Oceanside/Downtown” Explicit Review

I chose “SpringHill Suites by Marriott San Diego Oceanside / Downtown,” because I have stayed here before, and it is in front of the beach which is nice because I though it would be fun to go surfboarding. Oceanside is a laid-back beach located north of San Diego and is the most famous for surfers after Huntington Beach. This hotel was convenient for being able to walk back and take a shower right away after swimming in the ocean.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

It is a 6-story building with balconies in all rooms.

The hotel seen at night.

There is a canopy by the entrance.


The entrance seen from inside the hotel.

The lobby was spacious.

There was a sofa by the fireplace.

There was a refresher.

The front desk was in front of the entrance.

There was a big surfboard hung on the wall behind the front desk.

A cafe next to the front desk.

The breakfast room.

The breakfast room.

In front of the elevator on the 1st floor, a story of a woman attacked by a shark while surfing was introduced.

Inside of the elevator.

Guest room floor elevator hall.

There was a stylish mirror by the elevator.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the One Bedroom Suite like?

Guest room door.

The moment I opened the door, I could see the beach from the window. The design of the room was simple and neat.

There was a large L-shaped sofa on the left as soon as I entered the room, and the desk was a good size for dividing the rooms.

Sofa and table.


You can open up the front of the desk and see the bedroom.

The bed was big and comfortable to sleep on.

In the morning, I opened the curtains and checked emails in bed while enjoying the beach nearby. It was a relaxing morning.

There is a TV across the bed. You can see the TV from the sofa as well.

The room seen from the window.

There was a small balcony.

There were two chais prepared.

I was staying in a corner room, so I was extremely close to the people on the other side of the room, and I was worried about privacy, but it was not a problem after all, because everyone was out sightseeing.

I could see the beach perfectly well from the room. On this day, a private party was held at the restaurant bellow.

The rooftop of the 2nd floor.


The bathroom was across the bed. The door was a mirror.

There was no bathtub in the bathroom, only a shower room. The shower faced the ocean and light shined through the window. Also, there were two hooks in the shower room, so after I came back from the beach, I took a shower in a swimsuit and hung it there. It was very convenient.

The shower was fixed on the wall and there was no problem with water pressure and drainage. There was a handrail in the shower room which was considerate of the hotel.


The sink was very neat.

Tissue, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion were placed on the sink. The quality was average.

On the other side was a large and small bar of soap.

Towels, hair dryer and an extra toilet paper was placed under the sink.


Closet and safe

The closet was at the back of the room. There were hangers, iron, ironing board and a baggage rack prepared in the closet. There was a shelf as well.

There was a safe under the TV.

It was big enough to fit a laptop inside.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a cafe corner next to the TV. Instant coffee, paper cups rapped in a plastic bag and an ice pale was prepared.

There was a fridge under the TV, but there was nothing inside.

Restaurants in the hotel

You can have breakfast at the lobby.

Breakfast was buffet style.

Cheese, eggs and fruit.

I was able to have a nice breakfast before heading out to the beach.

Next to the front desk was a cafe decorated with plants. They were selling drinks such as coffee and tea, and food such as cookies and muffins.

There was a shop next to the front desk selling snacks, wine, etc.

There was also drinks, ice-cream and frozen pizza. Next to that was an ATM.

You can buy beach sandals as well.

Facilities in the hotel

There was an outdoor pool on the top floor of the hotel and it was an open pool where you can enjoy the view of the beach.

There were deck chairs and tables by the pool, and I was able to enjoy wine that I brought from my room.

There was a big jacuzzi and there were kids warming up their bodies after swimming in the pool.

There were computers next to the elevator. Unfortunately, it is not very private.

A laundry room on the 3rd and 5th floor.

Washing machines.

There was an ice machine near the elevator.

A convention hall on the 1st floor.

There were many pamphlets provided in the lobby.


A new hotel is under construction in front of the hotel, but now it is the closest hotel to the beach, so you can see the pier from the rooms. The beach was not packed with people, so I was able to relax.

The peer.

There was a kids playground on the beach.

The sunset was beautiful. The contrast with the horizon and the sun was excellent.

Hotel surroundings

I stayed on the weekend, but the area around the hotel was currently under construction and a crane truck moved, and on Monday I woke up with an unprecedented noise. Other than that, I was able to spend time comfortably with no problem.

Construction in front of the hotel.

A cheap and good Vietnamese restaurant a 10 minute drive away.

Staff and guests

The staff were friendly and professional. The bellboy was also friendly. The first night was too comfortable, so I asked if there was another room available. He told me that there was room available and I could move to a nicer room. It was troublesome to move, so I stayed in the same room, but it was very kind of him.

Since it was a weekend, there were many people staying as a family to go to the beach. Also, there was a group of people staying to celebrate a birthday, so it was lively. Since breakfast was free, the lobby was filled with people.


I could see the Amtrak Oceanside from the hotel. From time to time I could hear the trains coming and going. Because the hotel is located in downtown, it was lively. There were bars and restaurants along the street. I saw a couple of people who were acting crazy from using drugs, but it is a tourist area so they did not bother me. I went to Walmart, because I had run out of fishing reels. There was also a liquor shop behind of the hotel, which was open until late at night and was able to buy snacks and wine there. There was a nice bar next to the hotel, and it was easy to find a place to have lunch as well.

A Walmart near the hotel.

Market and liquor shop behind the hotel.

A restaurant called “Hello Betty” next to the hotel.


I left my house with fishing gear and a surf set, looking to stay for only one night, but the hotel was too comfortable I decided to stay one more night. The best thing about this hotel was that there was a beach right in front of the hotel. I enjoyed the activities to the fullest at a beach that was not too crowded. You can go out easily and come back if you need something. Of course, the rooms were perfect and it was relaxing to be able to see the beach from the room. It was nice that there were good restaurants and bars that I could get to on foot from the hotel.

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