Check it Out! “Sheraton Waikiki” Explicit Review

We chose "Sheraton Waikiki" because it is in a good location. I decided to go to Hawaii with my family during the Bon holidays. Because It is located in the center of Waikiki, there are a lot of shopping malls and street stores around the hotel, so it is convenient for shopping, and the trolley stop is near, and you can move easily without walking around so much. In addition, there were restaurants and clothes, miscellaneous goods, souvenirs, shops such as Lawson in the hotel which was convenient.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The large luxury hotel in the center of Waikiki, the palm trees at the entrance were fluttering in the wind, and the atmosphere of the southern country was very nice.

The entrance is spacious. There is a coffee shop, and some people were resting on the sofa, which is an open space.

A turtle statue at the hotel entrance. This area is often used for tours, transfers and limousines.

The front desk area. There is also a concierge desk in front of the front desk.

The concierge desk can advise you about tour bookings and recommend restaurants.

The front desk is spacious. As there is staff for Japanese, it is safe.

The hotel lobby.

The front floor elevator hall is spacious. There is a button on the table in the middle. There are 12 elevators, so you can ride it without having to wait.

The elevators had different designs, and I was looking forward to opening the elevator doors each time.

Inside of the elevator. There were button panels on the left and right of the door. On the monitor, there was information about the hotel.

The elevator hall on the room floor is also very spacious and comfortable. Like the front floor, there is an elevator button in the middle of the hall.

The button on the top is an emergency button at the time of fire.

There was a TV monitor in the elevator hall on the room floor, and it showed information about the hotel.

In the hallways on the guest room floor, there were paintings of southern country here and there.

The corridor near the guest room. As it was a big hotel, the hallways were maze-like and narrow. I got a little lost.

What is the City View Twin Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

Holding up the room card key will unlock the door.

There was a closet on the right side and a bathroom on the left side when entering the room. A full-length mirror was installed on the bathroom door.

The guest room was spacious and clean. There was enough space to open up the suitcases, and it was easy to pack what I bought.

There was a TV across from the bed. It was a little small.

There were two double  size beds. The beds were a mat called “Sheraton Sweet Sleeper,” which was soft and moderately firm, and I could sleep comfortably as I had low back pain.

There was a desk and a chair between the beds. There was a small movable table under the desk, which could be pulled out and used. Above the desk, there was a phone, a memo set, an alarm, a cafe corner and so on. As there is tablet, it was convenient to use the Internet.

The guest room seen from veranda.

There was a veranda.

The veranda is wide. There was one table and two chairs. You can also hang bathing suits here.

The city view from the 8th floor was not very nice.

There were a lot of hotels in the area and it looked messy.

It is a room with a city view, but was able to see the sea a little from balcony.


The bathroom was clean, reasonably sized and comfortable. There was a wash basin on the right side of the bathroom, a toilet at the front, and a bathtub on the left side.

The bathtub was large enough to fill it up with hot water and lay in it.

The water pressure of the shower was perfect and the temperature of the hot water was stable and comfortable. It was very convenient as I could change the position of the shower head.

The toilet was also clean and shiny.

The wash basin was large and clean. The mirror was also large, and it was enough to use it with two adults.

On the wash basin, there was a soap that could be used for cleansing. It was sticky, but felt fresh after using it .

Other amenities were also provided on the wash basin. There was shampoo, conditioner and body lotion here which were Sheraton original bath amenities “le grand bain” series. Refreshing citron, perennial vetiver, organic aloe and vitamins are blended and it seems that it is unscented and paraben free. There were no body soaps and toothbrushes, so I purchased them locally. As I learned later, it seems that you can get the toothbrush at the front desk.

There were 4 bath towels. The towels were thick, but it was absorbent and it was very comfortable.

There was also a hair dryer. Wind power was strong enough.

Closet and safe

The closet was on the right side of the room.

The closet was large and there was plenty of space to hang clothes.

In the closet, there were hangers, an iron, an ironing board, a bible, a safe, and so on.

A part of the closet is a shelf, and the safe was on the shelf.

You can lock the safe by entering the 4 digits you like and pressing the LOCK button.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a cafe corner on the desk between the beds. The cafe corner had a coffee maker, 2 bottled water, Kona coffee and tea. Kona coffee was so delicious that I drank it every morning. It was nice to have a cup of coffee every morning and take a walk on the beach with the cup in my hand. There is also a pot separately from the coffee machine, so I was able to boil hot water and eat cup noodles for a night snack.

There was a small bar corner at the corner of the room. There were two glasses and an ice bucket.

There was a refrigerator under the bar at the corner of the room.

There was nothing in the fridge. It wasn’t big, but it was nice to be able to cool the things that I bought.

Restaurant and shop in hotel

There was restaurant & bar called “RumFire” in hall.

You can enjoy a delicious dinner, rum and cocktails.

“RumFire” is connected with the poolside.

There was also a Japanese restaurant called “Yoshiya.”

There was a “Honolulu Coffee.”

There was also a “Lawson.”

The liquor section.

Souvenir section.

“The Cookie Corner”


“Martin & MacArthur”

Facilities in the hotel

Ukulele shop.

“Sheraton Waikiki” is famous for the infinity pool. You can swim while looking at the sea. I could borrow a towels and a yellow float. I was allowed to take the towel out to the sea us long as I returned it to the hotel.

The infinity pool is located just a few feet below the sea level, giving you the feeling that the pool and the sea are connected.

There were a lot of deck chairs by the pool. You can also order drinks.

This is a pool for kids. The pool for kids was large, with sliders, and I could hear the children’s happy voices. It was lit up at night.

On the first floor of the hotel was a spa reservation desk inside the hotel.

On the first floor of the hotel there was a computer with ATM and internet access.

Several public telephones were installed on the floor of the meeting room on the second floor of the hotel.

There was also a water dispenser next to the public phone. You can put water in a glass or plastic bottle.

There was a smoking area outside the second floor which was the meeting room floor.

Ashtray in the smoking area.

Environment around the hotel

In front of the hotel is Waikiki Beach. Because there is a diamond head on the left side, I was able to enjoy the picturesque view of Waikiki Beach.

Because there is a promenade, it is the nice to be able to walk while looking at the sea. The waves were high on this day, and sometimes the waves splashed on  the promenade.

In front of Sheraton Waikiki is the “Royal Hawaiian Center,” one of the largest shopping centers in Hawaii, and it was a great location for shopping.

“Honolulu Cookie” and “ABC Store” at the “Royal Hawaiian Center. “

There was also “Dean & DeLuka” at the “Royal Hawaiian Center.”

Staff and customer base

Everyone working at the hotel was very kind. When house keeping came to my room early in the morning when I was still getting dressed, I told her to com back in 30 minutes but she smiled and understood.

The guests age ranged from 20’s to 70’s. I felt that there were more families with children and older people. It’s an atmosphere that is good for families rather than for young people.


It is easy to access from the airport. This time I went to the hotel from the airport with a shuttle which the travel agency prepared for us, and it took around 20-30 minutes. Because the area around the hotel is in the center of Waikiki, there are many shopping centers and restaurants, and it was very busy until late at night. The security is good, but the shops nearby will close at around 23 o’clock, so people will suddenly disappear.

Anyway, access is outstanding! There are so many places to shop and eat so I had trouble deciding where to start. There is a trolley stop right in front of the hotel, so it is very convenient for sightseeing in Hawaii.


“Sheraton Waikiki” is located in the center of Waikiki, and it is highly recommended to enjoy shopping, dining and the beaches around the hotel!  The infinity pool was a great place to spend time. However, since it is a large hotel, there were a large number of guests staying, so I did not like the crowdedness. We have been to Hawaii many times, but depending on the purpose of the stay and the number of travelers, it is more likely that we will not choose to stay at this hotel.

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