Check it Out! “Sheraton Vistana Villages” Explicit Review

I decided to stay at the "Sheraton Vistana Village" because it is in a good location, and there is a kitchen in the room. There are many theme parks such as Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando in Florida. In addition, I though that I would be able to relax in a room with a kitchen, dining table, and a bedroom all together.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Hotel sign at the entrance.

The hotel site was very large. There were flowers and trees everywhere. There was a fountain, and it felt like I came to a resort.

Hotel parking lot.


The entrance seen from inside of the hotel.

The lobby was a very open space.

Front desk.

First floor elevator hall.

Inside of the elevator.

Guest room floor elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

Corridor leading to the room.

What is the One Bedroom Condominium like?

Guest room entrance door.

The rooms were a little bit older than I expected. I think the building I stayed at was older than the entrance wing. It was disappointing, but the cleaning was done well, so it was not too bad.

There was TV across the sofa.

There was a dining table in front of the kitchen.

There was a veranda in the room with a table and two chairs. I saw people eating on their verandas, but there were too many insects and I could not relax.

The view was of the parking lot, but there were trees everywhere, so I was able to enjoy the nice nature.

The comfort of the bed was not bad. The sheets were clean, but it was nothing special.

There was a TV in the bedroom as well.

The bedroom seen from the window.

Some rooms have a view of the pool and the fountain, so you can choose a room with a better view if you like.


I worried about the bathroom being old, but it was cleaned very well. The bathtub and the shower were together.

The bathroom was shallow.

The shower head was fixed on the wall, and the water pressure was strong enough.


The sink was was big and easy to use.

The amenities were minimal. There was shampoo, conditioner, body soap and hand soap. Towels were also prepared, but it was disappointing that it was too thick and did not absorb water well.


Closet and safe

There was a closet with plenty of space to store things.

There was an iron and an ironing board inside.

There was also a vacuum cleaner and a broom.

The safe was fixed in the wall.


The room had a kitchen, so it was convenient to buy food and drinks at a nearby supermarket and to cook dinner in the room.

Dishes and kitchen equipments (toasters, pans, dishwashers and etc) were prepared, so it was useful.

There was a microwave.

There was a coffee machine and a blender, so I could have coffee and a smoothie for breakfast.

There was a large fridge. There was nothing inside.

Shops in the hotelShops

There was a small super market in the hotel.

It was convenient for buying ingredients and seasoning, but there was not much to pick from. It was also nice to be able to order Starbucks at the front desk.

Facilities in the hotel

There were three outdoor pools at the hotel. This time, I went to the theme park during the day, but I think it is a nice pool for families.

Environment around the hotel

The area was pretty safe, but I do not recommend walking around alone at night. You have to check in when entering the hotel premises, so it felt very safe.

Staff and customer base

The staff were kind and friendly. In particular, the male staff who checked me in made it easy to understand by writing information on the map of the hotel. Unfortunately, the staff at the supermarket seemed impatient and unfriendly.

As it was a condominium-type room, many families with children were staying. I also saw a group of highschool kids staying. As there are rooms with two bedrooms, I think that it is convenient for a large number of people to stay together.


The nearest airport is Orlando International Airport, and I took the Uber because there was no transfer service from the hotel. I arrived in about 30 minutes. However, because it is a car society, I think that it is difficult to walk or travel using public transportation. I thought it would be more convenient to rent a car. It was convenient because I could get to Disney World and Universal Studios in about 15 minutes with an Uber. It was relatively close to the organic supermarket whole foods, and it was convenient. There was a shuttle bus from the hotel to major tourist destinations. As there is also an outlet mall in about 3 minutes away by car, it is convenient for shopping as well.

Area around Universal Studios Orlando.

Universal Studios Orlando.


I had a nice stay at this hotel. I liked the fact that the rooms were spacious and comfortable to stay in. Restaurants in the US are often expensive, so I bought ingredients at a nearby organic supermarket and ate dinner and breakfast in the room. Also, it was convenient to have a washing machine. It was relatively close to the main theme parks, so I didn’t have to ask for a rental car, and an Uber was enough. I think that it is convenient for those who want to go to both Disney World and Universal Studios. On the contrary, it was disappointing that the room I stayed in was older than what I saw in the photos. It was a bit more luxurious and new looking, so the room was not exactly what I expected.

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