Check it Out! “Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel” Explicit Review

You can get to this hotel just by crossing one street from the Fisherman's Wharf. There are buses and cable car stations right by the hotel. Also, convenience stores, tourist bus stores, drug stores and supermarkets are just a few steps away. Hotels in San Francisco are generally expensive, but the days we decided to stay was a bit cheaper even though it is a Sheraton Hotel. I chose this hotel because the price was cheaper and the location is good.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

There was a fireplace outside the entrance, so everyone was relaxing there. There were a lot of chairs at the front desk, and people were drinking, eating and relaxing. The concierge was at the entrance of the hotel and told us how to get to the desired location using the sun-style San Francisco map.

The entrance.

The hotel seen from the outside.

Fire place at the lobby area.

The entrance area seen from the inside.

Front desk.

Lobby floor elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Twin Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

The room was nice but the noise from the outside was loud. The voices in the hallway, the crying of children, the noise of the cars outside, and so on could be heard very well from the room. It was also a pity that there was no refrigerator. I wanted to cool my canned beer and water. The atmosphere in the room was nice. It was based on black and white, and it was a very calm room.

There was a table and a chair at the back.

A chair and a small table.

The view seen from the bed.

An air conditioner by the window.

The view from the room.

The bed mattress was just right. The comforter was thin.

A light by the bed.


The water pressure was strong enough. The water from the faucet came out very strong. The bathtub was shallow, so I had to lay down flat in order to soak in the water.

Shower and bathtub.

You can change the angle of the shower head.

The toilet was very normal. There was a rope to hang your laundry which was convenient. The shower curtain was doubled, but the space between the bathtub and the toilet was so narrow that it was hard put down the floor mat.

Wash basin.

Full length mirror just outside the bathroom.

There was shampoo, conditioner and body lotion prepared. The shampoo did not work well with my hair, so my hair became frizzy. The smell was not too strong. There were 3 bath towels, 3 face towels and 3 hand towels. Sometimes there were brand new towels, and they did not absorb water very well.


Hand towel, bath towel, and a dryer.

Closet and safe

The closet did not have any doors, and there was an ironing board, an iron, and a form for ordering cleaning. There were also 10 hangers prepared.

The safe is locked by inserting a 4-digit number, and pressing the lock button.

Mini bar and cafe

An ice bucket and glasses were prepared under the safe.

There was a coffee maker and three kinds of Starbucks drip coffees on the desk. There were two cups and lids with a starboard, two thin muddlers each with sugar and milk. As expected, Starbucks coffee was delicious!

Restaurants in the hotel

There seemed to be a restaurant called SOL, but it was not open during my stay. It was like a breakfast room for group guests. Plates, napkins and silverware were always set on the round tables.

There was a little shop next to the lobby. They had drinks, sweets, bread, donuts and fruits for sale. Beer and juices were in a case filled with ice.

The left side of the shop.

Facilities in the hotel

There is a pool at the back of the front desk. There is only one small square pool. There were a number of beach beds around, and adults watched their children swim in the pool. You need to hold up the card key to get into the pool. You need a card key to go to the bathroom next to the pool as well. San Francisco is usually cool, so not many people were swimming in the pool.

The pool is open until 10 o’clock in the evening. There is no bar. At night the pool is lit up and is beautiful. However, the summer nights in San Francisco are pretty cool, so there were no guests at night.

On the left side of the front desk, there were two computers and a fax machine. There was no laundry area, and you need to fill out a form in order to have your clothes washed.

North Beach conference room.

ATM machine.

Vending machine and ice machine.

There is also a gym.

Because it is close to the downtown area, it is always busy. Many shops are crowded. The famous Fisherman’s Wharf sign is nearby, and there are many seafood restaurants. It is within walking distance of Ghirardiers Air, which is famous for chocolate, and Pier 39. It was the best environment.

Fishermans Wharf at night.

Freshly cooked Dungeness crab.

Peer 39.

Fishing boats.

Inside Bodin’s shop.

Staff and customer base

Housekeepers always said hello when we passed by each other. The concierge was also a bright person, and he told me exactly where to go, even with a joke. The staffs a the front desk worked very fast.

There were many families with infants or kids. I also saw couples staying as well. There were not many elderly people staying.


It took about 40 minutes from the airport. However, it may take longer because there is a time when there is a traffic jam and sometimes there are sending people to stay in other hotels. The area around the hotel is close to the downtown area, so I did not have trouble finding things to do. However, homeless people were everywhere, it was a little scary walking around.

There was everything around the hotel; supermarket, drug store, restaurants and etc. It was very convenient as public cable cars and bus stops were only a 1-2 minute walk away.

Coit Tower.

St Peter & Paul Church.

Alcatraz Island.


I imagined a Sheraton hotel to be luxurious and expensive, but it was a casual hotel after all. It may be because it is a hotel in San Francisco. The room was beautiful and bigger than I expected.

I was disappointed that there was no refrigerator, and sometimes I could hear noises from outside the room. Other than that, everything else was perfect. Above all, the convenient location was the main reason I chose this hotel. I was never bored, because there was so much to do around the hotel. I was able to have a great vacation.

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