Check it Out! “Scottsdale Marriott Suites Old Town” Explicit Review

I have stayed in Arizona several times, but I was looking forward to seeing Scottsdale for the first time, because everyone said that it is a good city. It was nice that the room was located in both Old Town and Downtown because.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The building was very big and beautiful.

The entrance was luxurious but had a calm atmosphere.

The entrance seen from the inside.  


There were sofas in the lobby, and many people were sitting and relaxing.

Area in front of the front desk.

The front desk was divided into two sections and there were two people standing when it was crowded.

First floor elevator hall.

Inside of the elevator.

What is the King Bed Room Suite like?

The living room and the bedroom was divided, and it was convenient when guests came to visit. It was also nice that there was a bar space with a sink in the living room, because I stayed for a long time.

The living room had a sofa and a table and it was very spacious.

There was a balcony in the room, but it was too hot, so I did not go out so much. It was nice that there was balcony, because some rooms did not have a balcony.

There was privacy on the balcony, and the people next door could not see on my side.

Sometimes I could see a beautiful sunset.

The bedroom was next to the living room.

The mattress was just the right hardness and I was able to sleep like a baby every night.

There was a bedside table.

In front of the bed was a chest with many drawers.


There was a shower and a separate bathtub. The bath tub was clean and I was able to relax in the bath.

The shower had glass doors and it was very clean.

The sink was spacious and easy to use.

Glasses on the sink.

There was a rare brand for the Marriott. THIS WORKS was written and the package felt nice. There was a make-up cleanser with cotton. I don’t usually use what is provided at the hotel, but I tried using a body soap, and it wasn’t bad with a nice smell.


Closet and safe

There was plenty of space to hang clothes. My room was upgraded, so there was a night gown in the closet. There was no safe though.

Mini bar and cafe

A bar with a sink in the living room.

There was coffee and tea prepared in a box on the counter.

There was also a fridge.

There was wine and water in the fridge, but it cost money.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

There was a bar on the first floor. You can have breakfast here, but there were not many people eating. During bar time, it seemed pretty crowded.

It was a bar with a nice atmosphere.

There was a small shop behind of the front desk selling local baseball team goods and a baseball caps with Scottdale logo on it. The snack corner was very normal.

Facilities in the hotel

There is an outdoor pool at the hotel.

There are any deck chairs and parasols around the pool, so it is a very relaxing area. At night, the pool was lit up.

During sunset, the pool was lit up in pink and it was very beautiful.

There is a gym in the hotel.

You can access the business room with your room key.

There is a laundry room. You can use the washing machine for free, and even get free detergent. I was staying for a long time, so I was saved.

A shelf filled with guide books on the first floor.

Meeting room on the first floor.

A ball room.

An ATM by the entrance.

Hotel surroundings

There are many bars and restaurants around the hotel, so it is hot but you can get to them pretty easily. I did not see many beggars on the street. During the weekend, many people were enjoying themselves at the club. It was very lively and I had a lot of fun. There was an electric scooter that you can use starting from $1 here and there, and it was convenient to move around with it.

You can get to the supermarket on foot. I enjoyed the salad bar.

A club near the hotel

Old Town at night.

Staff and guets

The staff were nice. What was disappointing was the housekeeping staff. Marriott had a system to get points instead of ordering housekeeping but the person who was in charge of my floor was always discussed when I asked her to take out the trash and get some more towels even though I was on a green plan.

I saw many pilots staying at this hotel. A large baseball event was being held, so many people involved in the event were staying here as well. Most of the people were Americans.


I came from Oregon, and it was really convenient. Both airports were close by and it was super easy even with my luggage. Phoenix airports are separated from buildings for renting cars. You are supposed to travel by bus. Since it was a new terminal, it will be expanded or moved to a different area in the future.

You can buy groceries at this supermarket.

Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Old Town.

There were many good restraints within walking distance and Old Town was right behind behind of the hotel and it was very convenient. In addition, there was a wide street parking space in front of the hotel, so I can park my car without having to pay additional charges at the hotel. I had a comfortable stay at the hotel because the air conditioning was just right, the gym was big and convenient, the breakfast was good and the cafe was right in the courtyard of the hotel. Friends who brought their family members were staying as well, but my room was spacious, so it was not a problem at all. This time it was too hot, so I would like to come back in early spring or during autumn season.

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