Check it Out! “Saratoga Resort Villas” Explicit review

I was looking for a hotel with a kitchen because I was staying for a week. In addition to the kitchen, the hotel also has a restaurant, a swimming pool with a Jacuzzi and a gym. There is also a coin laundry so you can do laundry during your stay. The rooms also have free Wi-Fi.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel seen from the outside.

The entrance.

The lobby.

The front desk is in the center of the facility, so you have to get there first by car. There is always at least one staff at the front desk. There is a wealth of resources such as the ticket counter and brochures of the Disney World near the front desk, so those who go to the Disney World can also buy tickets here.

There is also a coffee (de-cafe) pot available for free, 24 hours a day. Simple toiletries such as toothbrushes and detergents were also sold.

What is the Two Bed Room Villa like?

The villa seen from the outside.

The entrance area is wide.

Living room.

Dining room.

The kitchen seen from the dining room.

The kitchen is equipped with basic kitchen utensils, so you can cook easily. (There are no pots or pans, but there are knives, dishes, silverware, and etc.) There is a coffee machine and instant coffee and decaf coffee. There are no drink such as mineral water, so you need to buy some on your own.

Kitchen amenities such as detergent.

Cups and plates.

The refrigerator was big.

First bedroom.

Second bedroom.

TV and chest in the second room.

There were two small tables, chairs and an ashtray on the terrace. As each villa is arranged so that it surrounds the pond, so the terrace faces the other villas across the pond. In front of the pond, there are warnings and notes of snakes and crocodiles, but I was not very worried because it is a common sign to see in Florida.


As there are two bathrooms, too much towels and amenities were prepared, so I didn’t have to ask the house keeper to clean every day. I was asked them to clean when we needed new towels.

Bathroom on the first floor.

Shower on the first floor. It was a little old, but it was cleaned well. There was no problem with both water pressure and temperature, but it was a little hard to operated the shower. Even if you twist it, no hot water will come out, so you need to pull the handle towards you.

Bathroom on the second floor.

Bathtub and shower.

Amenities included shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gel and body lotion. There was no toothbrush, so you need to bring it with you. Because the brand of the amenities were Neutrogena, I felt comfortable using it.

There were more towels prepared than in other hotels. Two bath towels in the two bathrooms, six hand towels, six small towels plus another hand towel, and some bath mats. A hairdryer was also prepared in each bathroom.

Closet and safe

The closet is in each bedrooms were large enough. There was an ironing board and an iron in one closet (it was more like a storage space than a closet). The safe was large as well, so you can put anything in it.

Restaurant in the hotel

Next to the lobby is a bar & grill.

It is open from the morning to evening.

Hotel pool

There is a pool and a jacuzzi by the lobby.

Jacuzzi by the pool.

The pool was big enough for a number of people to swim and once. It looked a little old, but it seemed to be cleaned properly, so I think it that would be nice to swim in the pool when the weather is nice.

Facilities in the pool


Coin laundry (You need to bring your own detergent.)

Environment around the hotel

There is a Disney World and a Universal Studios in the area, so there were many restaurants, shopping malls and souvenir shops around. When I was driving, I saw a small amusement park. Right next to the hotel was a Target with a CVS (a drug store) and a Starbucks. Starbucks and CVS closes a little earlier, but Target itself was open until midnight on weekdays.

Staff and customer base

The female staff who responded at the front desk was a bright and friendly person.

There seemed to be many families staying for a long time. Because it was a villa, I did not meet the other customers so often.


It is about 20 minutes by car from the airport. Right next to the hotel, there is a Target, so it was very convenient for shopping. There was also a Starbucks in Target. Denny’s, which is right next door, was open 24 hours a day, so it was bright and it felt safe.


It was my first time to stay at a villa style hotel, and it was a very interesting experience. It feels like an ordinary house with a kitchen, so it was nice for a long stay. I was a little bothered with how old the furnitures and towels were, and also insects in the rooms. Personally, I prefer staying at normal hotels, but this hotel had no major problems and it was kept clean even though it was old, so overall, I am glad that I stayed at this villa.


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