Check it Out! “San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter” Explicit Review

I chose this hotel because it was the closest convenient hotel from the venue to watch the MLB Padres season final game. "San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter" is the largest of the hotels in downtown, and I knew that there was a popular rooftop bar on the top floor, so I could enjoy night activities other than watching baseball. When I stayed here the last time the scenery was excellent, so I thought it would be nice to be able to see the nice view again.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

It was an overwhelmingly big hotel.

The entrance was luxurious, and there was always a staff standing.

There were sofas in the lobby, and there was plenty of space to relax and wait.

The front desk was colorfully lit up.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Suite Room like?

It was a room on the corner, so there were three windows making the room bright.

Even though the rooms were old, it was cleaned very well, and I was able to relax in a room with a very nice view.

A large living room.

There was a working desk.

Next to the living room was a bedroom.

The bed was big and comfortable to sleep on. The sheets were cleaned well and set up perfectly.

There is a TV opposite the bed.


On the left side of the entrance is the guest bathroom with cafe corner.

The main bathroom was large with a bathtub and a shower. There was a space where you can sit in the shower booth. Both bath and shower rooms had slopes, and the bathroom was friendly for the elderly people.

I was happy to be able to soak in the bathtub.

The sink was large as well.

Amenities were placed on the wash basin. There was shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, mouth wash, shoe cleaner, hair cap and body wash with a sponge. The other bathroom had hand soap, mouthwash and body cream. I think the quality of the soaps were very normal.

There were shampoos prepared in the bathtub as well.

There was a hair dryer.


Closet and safe

The closet was wide with two sets of bath robes, an extra blanket and hangers inside.

There was a safe in the closet, and it was a big, so you can fit a computer inside.

Mini bar and cafe

There were two mini-bars in the room. There were several packs of Starbucks coffee and a coffee maker. Chamomile tea, English breakfast tea and a vanilla taste and regular cream was prepared as well.

There was a fridge with a drawer.

There was another mini bar with an ice bucket and 2 bottles of water. It had a wide range of wine bottles, fruit and snacks.

View from the room

The hotel itself had no terrace, but the sound of the city was pleasant, so I kept the window open. Especially during the baseball game, the cheers of the audiences could be heard and it made me excited. The bridge and the ocean could be seen, and it was a gorgeous view. As it was a corner room, I was able to enjoy two different views.

Restaurants in the hotel

I was able to get into the lounge for staying in a Suite.

There were many free services.

Fruit, cereal and bread.

Hot dishes.

You can see the nice sunset from the roof top bar. There is also a bar and restaurant on the first floor, but it seemed a bit empty.

Facilities in the hotel

The business center is located on the 7th floor and can be accessed with a room key. It was very simple with two computers and a printer.

There is a small fitness center opposite the business center.

Shops in the hotel

There was a shop next to the front desk sold juice, snacks, ice cream, small medicines and toothbrushes. There was no alcohol, so you have to buy it elsewhere.

Environment around the hotel

It is close to the convention center, and there are many people walking  in downtown, so it is relatively safe.

There are restaurants open until late at night. You can watch the MLB game as well. It was a popular area with locals coming to drink, too.

Bar restaurant “MONKE KING.”

I had lunch at “MONKEY KING.”

It was convenient that there was a Ralphs near the hotel.

You can buy beer and snacks here.


The hotel is 15 minutes away from the airport. There is good access from the highway, and the hotel is located in downtown and has many restaurants and bars, so it is crowded with tourists and local people. It was easy to go back and forth in 30 seconds to the destination Petco Park. Right now in San Diego, stand-by electric scooters can be used easily with an app, and almost everyone seemed to be using it. You can easily rent a bicycle that has been abandoned or rented out.

Staff and customer base

The staffs were very friendly and helpful. They remembered my face in a couple of days and talked to me often.

Most of the other guests were tourists. I think there were many baseball fans staying to watch the baseball game.


I had a really nice stay at this hotel. In my case, I stayed as a vacation and my partner was staying for work, so it was in a good location for the both of us. Because the room was large, I invited a friend over to the room and was able to spend a nice time before going to see the game. It would have been better if there was swimming pool and a jacuzzi at the hotel. If you are visiting to see the baseball game, this would be the perfect hotel to stay at. I also recommend asking for a room with a view of the baseball field.

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