Check it Out! “Residence Inn by Marriott San Diego Downtown” Explicit Review

I decided to stay at “Residence Inn by Marriott San Diego Downtown” because it is close to my husband's office, located in Little Italy, and also I can walk to downtown and it is close to the beach. I have stayed here several times, and I liked that free breakfast is included and that there is a fully equipped kitchen in room. In addition, San Diego is everyone uses the electric kick-boards. It was convenient for getting to places in town.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Although it is not a tall building, it is surrounded by a large parking lot and faces a big street. One step beyond the entrance, scooters and bicycles were abandoned, and I also saw guests using it.

The entrance is small.

From the lobby, I could see the pool and the courtyard and there was a calm atmosphere.

There was always someone around the front desk.

In front of the front desk.

There were guidebooks in the lobby.

Free drinks.

First floor elevator hall.

Inside of the elevator

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Two Bedroom Suite like?

Guest room entrance door.

The rooms were very large! The living room was in the middle and there were bedrooms on each side.

It is a nice space for a large number of people staying.

There was a dining table.

There was a sofa in the living room.

A TV was installed across the sofa. There were a total of 3 TVs in the rooms. You can connect your phone to the TV as well.

The bedroom on the right.

There was a queen size bed.

The view from the room. It was a room with a city view, and view was not bad bcause it was a room in the corner.

The bedroom on the left.

The dining room seen from the bedroom.

The bed mattress was comfortable to sleep on, and the sheets were clean as well.

There was a desk and a chair.

The sunset was beautiful.

From the room, I could see Little Italy on the left, the park by the beach on the right, and tall buildings in downtown in the middle.


There were bathrooms in both rooms. The structure of the bathroom was exactly the same except for the size of the wash basin.

The bathroom in the room on the right. There is no need to worry about the mirror becoming cloudy as the wash basin and the bathroom are separate.

Washstand in the rom on the left. There is a bathroom on the right of the wash basin.

The size of the bathroom was just right and there was a shower with a bath.

The bathtub was cleaned very well.

The shower was fixed on the wall, and the water pressure was just right.

The body lotion smells of lemon sage. The hand soap mad my hands dry.

There was a hair dryer.

Closet and safe

The closets in both bedrooms had enough storage space. There was an iron, an ironing board, and a luggage rack in this closet.

In the other closet, spare sheets were prepared. Both closets had enough hangers. There was no safe.

There was storage space in the chest under the TV as well.


There was a fully equipped kitchen in the room.

In addition to the dishes, there was also kitchen paper and towels.

Silverware and cookware.

There was a dishwasher and detergent.

There was a large refrigerator, microwave and an oven.

There was also a coffee maker.

Regular coffee, de cafe, tea and popcorn was prepared. There was also salt and pepper.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

There were no restaurants in the hotel, but guests can have free breakfast here.

Cereal and waffle corner.

Hot dishes.

It was very delicious.

There was a shop next to the front desk.

Very general items were being sold.

Facilities in the hotel

There was an outside pool in the courtyard. It was more like a pool for adults.

The pool looked nice when it was lit up.

Towels were being lent out.

In the morning, many people ate breakfast at the fire pit by the pool.

There was a mall fitness center. It seems to be available 24 hours a day.

There was a laundry room and it was crowded. It was $1.25 for the washing machine and $1.75 for the drier, which was reasonable.

There was a computer and an ATM.

Environment around the hotel

I occasionally saw homeless people, but they did not bother me. Little Italy feels safe because there are many restaurants open until 2 o’clock on the weekend. Because it is close to downtown, there are many tourists and office workers coming and going. Because the fire station is next door, it was a bit noisy, but I felt safe at the same time.

Little Italy.

Little Italy Farmer’s Market being held on Saturday morning.

The beach is 3 minutes away on foot, and I was able to see the sunset.

The Marine Museum is also nearby.

Staff and customer base

The staff who checked me in was not very friendly, but the staff that checked me out was very friendly. I remembered that I had left my sunglasses near the front desk and they kept it for me.

Because it was a weekend, I saw many tourists and families with children staying. I saw not only Americans but also people from many different countries.


The hotel has very good access from the airport. I could practically see it. It is also close from the Amtrak Station. Depending on your luggage, you can walk from the Amtrak Santa Fe to the hotel. It is convenient because a drug store, Seven Eleven, supermarket and restaurants are within walking distance and open until late at night. Also, on Saturday, there was a big farmer’s market right behind the hotel.

Santa Fe Amtrak Station.

A drug store near the hotel.


The good location and the full kitchen in a large room was the best thing about this hotel. San Diego Downtown is well-accessible from all directions, and it is also close to the airport, so I think it’s perfect for a long term stay. The hotel also has a complimentary breakfast service and free drinks all day. Saturday’s Little Italy’s Farmers Market was a pleasure to look around. This time the schedule changed, and I stayed only for a day, but I enjoyed it even for a short time. I would like to stay here again.

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