Check it Out! “Residence Inn by Marriott Portland Downtown/Pearl District” Explicit Review

The "Marriott Residence Inn Portland Downtown / Pearl District" is located in downtown Portland, Oregon, close to restaurants, nightlife, bars and more. Staying at a hotel that is in the downtown area is expensive, and it is relatively cheaper to stay at a hotel a little out of the downtown area. In addition to the kitchen and refrigerator in the room, it was nice that the hotel has a gym. Also, free breakfast was included in our plan, which was very nice.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Some parts of the hotel was being renovated, but I could still see the nice yellow and while wall which was gorgeous.

It is unusual to have a garden with benches and tables outside, and it was designed to make our hotel experience more enjoyable.

Hotel seen at night.

An open entrance.

A fireplace in the lobby in front of the reception.

Front desk seen from the lobby.

At the front desk, refreshments such as coffee, water and lemonade were always prepared. There were also a cookies as well.

There was a painting and a plant by the elevator.

What is the One Bedroom Suite like?

The rooms were big enough for two people and it made me excited.

Living room.

The entrance area seen from the living room.

There is also a working desk.

The living room and the bedroom are separated. There was a wall-mounted TV.

There is also a TV in the bedroom and two beds. Sunlight shown through the window.

The bed was comfortable with mattresses the right hardness, and sheets that felt nice. I was able to sleep very well.

The sofa in the living room is a pullout bed. The living room still felt wide even after pulling the bed out. My friend came to the hotel, but the living room and the bedroom were separated, so I was able to sleep well without worrying about waking other people up.

Kitchen and cafe corner

There was a kitchen and a dining room.

There was a large refrigerator, and also a microwave, toaster, dishwasher and a coffee maker.

There was coffee, tea, salt, pepper, pots, knives, spoons, forks, wine glasses and dishes. There was decaf and regular coffee.

There was detergent for the dishwasher, sponges and detergents for hand washing and paper towels.


The bathroom was large and easy to use. The washstand is also spacious with a counter, and there are many shelves below the sink where you can things inside.

It is a clean bathtub with a shower. The shower curtain a was stylish.

The water pressure of the shower was strong enough. There was no problem with drainage. In the shower room, there was a stand where you can put your own shampoo and etc, which was convenient.

As for the amenities, shampoo, conditioner, solid soap, large and small, and one body cream were prepared. I think the quality of shampoos and conditioners are quite normal. My hands became dry after washing my hands with the solid soap.

Closet and safe

The closet was large and the drawers were wide. There was a basket in the closet. I asked for 10 extra hangers and hung a total of about 20 clothes, but I was still able to keep two large suitcases inside.

There was no safe in the closet.

View from the room

There was no terrace, and the view from the window of the room was a common view of buildings and the station.

As it was a room facing the courtyard, it was next to the bridge along with the green and I could see the town.

From the living room, I could see Union Station, but it was just a large station. I often saw freight cars coming and going. It would have been better if there was a terrace.

Breakfast in the hotel

Breakfast is included in the plan, so I had a buffet breakfast every morning.

There were many different kinds of bread.

Cheese corner which you don’t see that often in other hotels.

Sausage and scrambled egg.

Breakfast example. The cheese was especially delicious.


Coffee corner.

The breakfast venue is less crowded after around 9:30.

Restaurants around the hotel

As for the restaurant in the hotel, the breakfast venue becomes a bar and opens from the late afternoon. Happy Hour was set for the evening and late night.

I ate at restaurants around the hotel. There was a Chinese restaurant about three minutes away from the hotel which I went for lunch.

It was not crowded when I went, because it was two in the afternoon. Wonton soup was delicious.

This is a sushi restaurant behind the hotel.

Sushi lunch box.

I had a hamburger at the beer hall called “DESCHUTES.” I ate here every night.

The grilled salmon was delicious.

Facilities in the hotel

There were no shops in the hotel and there was only a snack corner. There was Oregon’s famous wine being sold as well. There was a grocery store nearby which you can get to on foot, so I did not see many people shopping at the snack corner.

Business center.

There was a heated pool. It is completely for adults. The windows made the room feel big. There were a lot of beach chairs by the pool. There was someone swimming seriously.

There was a gym.

There were many washing machines.

The garden was one of the best things about this hotel. I was surprised at how clean the garden was being kept. There were a lot of people sitting on the sofa working, reading and relaxing.

Environment around the hotel

The Union Station was nearby, so I could hear the trains come and go, but it did not bother me too much. There are a couple of sightseeing spots, but it was not too crowded or loud because the hotel was at the edge of the town. However, it’s still in the downtown, so you might see homeless people on the streets, so it may be best not to walk alone at night. There is always a staff standing outside the hotel, so it felt safe around the hotel.

Walking to the downtown area.

Portland’s famous food truck zone.


I was able to walk and bike around town easily.

Bicycles that can be borrowed were placed in many places, and it was very convenient.

Staff and customer base

The hotel staffs were always smiling and very polite. The bellboy was friendly and always opened the doors for me. Everyone was acting professionally. As soon as I asked for additional hangers on the first day, the housekeeper brought me some and I was surprised at how fast she came.

There were many tourists from all over the world staying. Overall, they were upper middle class people, and many families.


It was my first time to visit Oregon, and I am glad that I decided to stay at this hotel. There are shopping and sightseeing spots where you can walk to, and even if you don’t have a car, you can still enjoy yourself. Also, I was able to get some exercise at the gym in the hotel. In the evening, I was able to eat at many restaurants with my friends. It was easy to get to anywhere from the hotel, which was very convenient. The walls in the hotel were thick, so I did not have to worry about noises from the next door. The plan comes with a free breakfast, and the dining area was large and staffs were always adding more food. I was able to take breakfast to my room in a take-out box. The only drawback is that the Wi-Fi was slow. It worked well on the first floor and in  the gym, but it seemed to get slower on the upper level floors.

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