Check it Out! “Residence Inn by Marriott San Diego North/San Marcos” Explicit Review

I chose "Residence Inn San Diego North San Marcos" to accompany my husband on his business trip. This area has two large universities, and when I stopped by before, I had the impression that it was a beautiful residential area. Speaking of San Diego, Gas Lamp and downtown are major tourist spots, but North San Diego has a laid-back atmosphere, and for me who is staying at the hotel without any plans, I often went around supermarkets and shopping centers.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel faces the highway exit and was very noticeable.

There was a parking lot in front of the hotel.

The building was cream colored and had a soft feel to it.

The entrance had double doors.

There is a front desk on the left after entering the hotel.

First floor elevator hall.

Guest room elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the One Bed Room Suite like?

The rooms were very big. There is a full kitchen and a living room. On the left side of the living room was a bedroom and a bathroom connected to it.

A desk and in the living room.

There is a sofa that turns into a bed.

There was also a TV across the sofa. By the way, this photo was taken during the day, and it was a very comfortable room with light coming in through the window.

There were drawers under the TV.

There was a door behind the sofa, and I assumed that it was a connecting room.

The living room seen from the window.

The bedroom was on the left side of the living room. The mattress was just the right hardness and I was able to sleep very well.

On the bedside table was a phone, memo set and an alarm. There were also drawers, so it was possible to store small things inside.

There was a TV diagonally from the bed.

There was a big window.

From the window I could see the parking lot and mountains in the distance, so it was not a particularly nice view, but the light was pleasant during the day.


The bathroom was not as large as the living room or bedroom, but it was kept clean. The bathroom had a bathtub with integrated shower, and a TEA TREE brand shampoo, conditioner, and body soap were prepared above the bathtub. The quality was that of a typical hotel.

The shower was fixed on the wall and the water pressure was just right.

There was a drawing hung on the wall above the toilet.


There was had soap and cleansing prepared on the sink. Cleansing is non-alcoholic and gentle on the skin.

There was a hair dryer.

The bedroom seen from the TV.

Closet and safe

There was a closet opposite the sink. The closet door was a full-length mirror. There was an iron, ironing board, spare blankets and sheets in the closet. There was plenty of storage space, so I thought it would be fine for a long stay.


There was a fully equipped kitchen.

There were cups, glasses and tableware as well as a toaster and kitchen papers.


There was a big fridge, but there was nothing inside.

There was also a table for two beside of the kitchen. On the table was regular coffee, decaf, tea and popcorn. Popcorn is a service unique to Residence Inn, which is interesting.

Restaurants in the hotel

Guests can have free breakfast in the morning.

Cereal and bread.

Scrambled eggs and sausages.

Breakfast example.

There was a vending machine next to the front desk. You can buy drinks and snacks.

There was also ice cream, frozen pizza, beer, wine, and so on.

Facilities in the hotel

The hotel had an outdoor pool and was accessible with a key. There were parasols and deck chairs around the pool. I saw children playing in the morning once, but other than that, it was very empty.

A jacuzzi next to the pool.

The pool was lit up at night.

There was a gym that is open 24 hours a day.

At the lounge there was a billiard table.

There was a BBQ grill in the courtyard, and I enjoyed BBQ here. The materials were purchased at the supermarket before check-in. The staff prepared the fire for me, and I was very excited.

There was a laundry room with plenty of machines.

Next to the front desk was a printer and computers.

On the first floor were pamphlets.

Hotel surroundings

The area around the hotel felt safe. I once used a dispatch service to get to the hotel front the shopping center, and it was only$4. There are many busses running, so it is a very convenient location.

A shopping mall with many shops.

An organic supermarket 5 minutes away from the hotel.

Staff and guests

The staff were very normal. The staff working at the breakfast room seemed a little rough.

Children from Hawaii’s soccer tournament were staying. Parents and coaches were friendly and nice to talk to. Others guests were mainly tourists. The hotel rooms were fully booked when I stayed.


The hotel was located near the highway and there were many shops around. My purpose was to enjoy the local business trip, so it was very convenient. I got excited about going to a theme park to finally be able to visit WinCo Foods, a family store. In addition, there was NORDSTROM and access to other local shops were good.

WinCo Foods.


I had a very enjoyable stay. There was an organic market near the hotel, and it was fun to walk in and look around. I tasted nuts and so on and bought them a little by little. It was also nice to have dinner at the BBQ grill. Before check-in, I went to the supermarket, bought meat, prepared it in the kitchen in the room, took it down and enjoyed it. When I was doing BBQ in the courtyard, I was able to walk to many guests. The next day, I worked out at the gym, swam in the pool, and had a good time.

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