Check it Out! “Residence Inn by Marriott San Diego La Jolla” Explicit Review

Marriott's "Residence Inn San Diego La Jolla" is an inexpensive hotel near the racetracks which was where I wanted to go. La Jolla is one of the calmest tourist destinations in San Diego, so I chose this hotel because it has good access to the highway and other locations. As a result, it was convenient to get to the racetrack of Delmar, horse racing & concerts and downtown Petco Park. In addition to a room with a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom, it is the size that can be used to call friends and you can still have privacy among each other.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The entrance.

It is not a tall building like normal hotels and it looked more like the entrance to a golf course. This is the front desk.

The front desk seen from the lobby which becomes a breakfast room in the morning. There is water and a coffee machine at the front desk.

The lobby.

The two-story house is densely packed, and there are cars parked in front of the houses.

What is the Executive Suite like?

The house we stayed in. The stylish look was exceptional, and it felt like I was staying at a house rather than staying at a hotel. The basic two-story structure is divided into the first floor and the second floor, and roughly 4 to 6 rooms constitute one unit.

The rooms are very spacious.

A relaxing living room.

I was not planning on cooking, but there was a kitchen.

The bedroom on the first floor.

The unit we stayed at. The stylish look was exceptional, and it felt like I was relaxing at home rather than a hotel. The basic two-story structure is divided into the first floor and the second floor, and roughly 4 to 6 rooms constitute one unit, which is a lot of hotels in the site.

Bedroom on the second floor.

There was a desk.


There were bathrooms in both floors.

Second floor sink area.

There was a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower.

There was also a bathtub and a shower on the first floor.

Hair dryer.

Shampoo, conditioner and body soap were prepared in the bathtub.

Bar of soap and body cream was prepared on the wash basin.


The kitchen was clean.

There were knives and kitchen utensils.

There was a large refrigerator. I was able to put what I bought inside.

There are a very common coffee makers, regular coffee, decaf, tea, sugar and diet sugar prepared. There was also salt and pepper as popcorn was prepared as well. Coffee was surprisingly delicious. It was possible to deliver from the bar & restaurant in the back of the hotel and the menu was put. However, it corresponds only until 11 o’clock.

Closet and safe

There is an extra blanket and an iron in the closet next to the entrance.

First floor closet.

There were drawers under the TV.

Breakfast at the hotel

Waffle maker.

Pork sausage and turkey sausage.

Fruit, yogurt, and bagels.

Many different kinds of cereal.

You can also make your own taco.

It was a vey filling breakfast.

Shops in the hotel

There was a coffee machine next to the front desk. You can drink coffee anytime.

There was a snack corner next to he front desk. They sell many products here, but it is better to drive the supermarket, because the products sold here are al little expensive.

Resaurants around the hotel

The “Duke ’s La Jolla,”a Hawaiian restaurant, is within an 8-minute drive from the hotel.

Crab cake.

The view from the terrace was amazing.

There is a bar & restaurant “Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery” which is about 2 minutes from the hotel if you get on the highway. It is open until late and delivers to the hotel (But until 11:00 pm). It was a very good restaurant.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a deck on top of the roof of the lobby.

The BBQ space had tables and chairs.

There was a pool, but it was mainly for children, because most of the guests went to eh beach nearby.

There was also a jacuzzi.

The gym was narrow, but had enough equipments.

In the business center, two computers and a printer were prepared and you can use it for free. There was also a laundromat, and there were plenty of washing machines prepared.

Environment around the hotel

The area around the hotel is totally safe as there is the University of San Diego. Just because it’s not downtown, the restaurants close early and if you go to the restaurant late you have to drive a little ways. There is a big shopping mall behind the hotel and I bought beer and water snacks at the supermarket. I saw many people exercising outside in the morning and I think it is a perfect area for running and biking. I didn’t see any beggars on the streets. There are many people entering and leaving the hotel during the day, but it was quiet at night.

You can get to downtown “San Diego’s Gaslamp.”

The big horse racing venue 15 minutes away by car!

The tickets are only two dollars.


It is easily accessible from San Diego Airport about 15 minutes. It was stress free.

It is easier to have a car.

Staff and customer base

The staffs were always friendly, asking me if I need anything. I had a lot of conversations at the front check-in. When I asked for an additional hangers, they were delivered immediately.

Most of the hotel guests were on summer vacation with their families and children. It may be because it is neat Sea World. In addition, there were many guests with cars  and are familiar with the area.


I had a very nice stay at this hotel. First of all, they upgraded my room and informed me  in advance, so I was able to invite a couple of friends. In addition, it was good that each of us could enjoy comfortably while keeping privacy. Also, thanks to the kitchen in the room, I was able to make simple meals even after coming back from the concert in the middle of the night. I was able to have a relaxing time at the pool, jacuzzi, and various place is in the hotel, and it was nice because we were not in a rush at all.

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