Check it Out! “Renaissance Long Beach Hotel” Explicit Review

I chose “Renaissance Long Beach Hotel,” because of my husband's work. I live on Huntington Beach, and it is a place where I can go to Long Beach in about 20 minutes. Because it is in a relatively safe area of Long Beach in downtown, the access location is very popular and hotel is always sold out, so it was the best time to make a reservation.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel is a 12-story building near the beach.

The hotel is very stylish.

The entrance faces the East Ocean Boulevard.

There was a drive in area.

The entrance had double doors.

The word BONVOY on the floor was interesting.

The lobby. You can see the front desk at the far right and the bar at the front.

There was a concierge desk in front of the front desk.

There were stylish chairs next to the front desk.

There was free water in the lobby, and the lights were nice.

First floor elevator hall.

You can see the outside from the elevator.

If you look down you can see the hotel pool.

Guest room floor elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the King Bed Harbor View Room like?

Guest room door.

I heard that the room was upgraded at the time of check-in, but it was still a one-bedroom. Perhaps it meant upgrading to Harbor View. The room was spacious and very elegant.

The bed was big and I was able to sleep very well.

Above the headboard was a painting of Long Beach.

Across the bed was a TV and a desk.

By the window was a table and a chair.

There was a window, but I could not open it.

The view from the room was amazing and I was able to enjoy Long Beach.


There was a shower-integrated bathtub in the bathroom. It was kept very clean.

The shower head was fixed on the wall and the water pressure was just right.


The sink was very spacious.

Under the sink were towels, extra toilet paper and a hair dryer.

There was an Aveda hand soap on the sink.

There was also a magnifying mirror and amenities on the sink. Amenities included Aveda shampoo, conditioner, soap and cleansing.


Hair dryer.

Closet and safe

There was a closet. In the closet were hangers, iron, ironing board, baggage rack, laundry bag, and a safe.

The safe was a type that you enter a number to lock it.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a cafe corner on the desk. There was a coffee machine, coffee and Assam tea which were replenished every day. I got water during check-in.

There was an ice bucket and glasses. Evian cost money.

Under the TV was a fridge.

There was nothing inside.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

There was a bar/lounge called “SIP” on the first floor. Because of the height of the ceiling, sunlight came in during the day.

It was lively at night.

There was also a big wine cellar creating a nice atmosphere.

There was a Starbucks in the hotel.

Next to the front desk was a small shop.

They sold alcohol here as well.

Club Lounge

I had access to the club lounge.

I had breakfast here. The bread was soft and delicious.


There was a Starbucks machine.

I went to the gym and enjoyed my nutritious breakfast afterwards.

There were appetizers lined up from five in the evening.

Facilities in the hotel

There was an outdoor pool on the 3rd floor and it was accessible with a key. There were parasols and deck chairs around the pool.

Next to the pool was a jacuzzi.

There was a ping pong table.

The atmosphere at night was very nice.

Across the pool was an ordinary gym.

In front of the front desk were two computers and a printer.

They have a ball room, a meeting room and a room where you can hold a wedding ceremony on the second floor.

There is no microwave in the room, but you can use the one on the third floor.

Hotel surroundings

I saw the same people on the street near the hotel, and started to say hello after a while. However, they looked a little like homeless people. Still, is a normal and safe town.

The back alley of the hotel was a hub, and it was convenient to ride buses and trains. You can get to downtown Los Angeles easily.

You can go straight to the Convention Center.

Rock Bottom Brewery across the hotel.

Staff and guests

The staff were professionals. They were very friendly and gave me a good impression. The housekeeping staff were also professionals.

There was a large baseball show case being held, so there were many baseball scouts staying. I saw many American tourists and pilots staying as well.


The hotel is close to Long Beach Airport, so many pilots were staying. It is about 30 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport. The town is not dangerous, but it is best not to go to far away from the hotel at night. There were many cool bars and restaurants around the hotel. There are many restaurants that you can do take out. It was convenient because many buses were running.

A restaurant where I ordered takeout.

You can walk straight to the harbor from the hotel and get there in about 10 minutes. There were bars and restaurants around the harbor.

There is a beach nearby. It was safe because there was a lifeguard.

An outlet mall within walking distance from the hotel.


It had a very nice stay. Because it was a room on the beach side and on the upper floor, the view was splendid. Also, I went to the gym every day, and it was a surprisingly fulfilling gym. It was also fun to talk to a sweaty pilot at the gym. I am a Marriott’s Titanium, so the club lounge was accessible. It was nice to have appetizers in the evening and dessert late at night. I could walk to the beach, walk to outlet malls, and the restaurant were not troublesome to get to. The atmosphere of the city was very good. It felt very nice to stay at a luxurious hotel.

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