Check it Out! “Prince Waikiki, Honolulu” Explicit Review

I chose "Prince Waikiki" because of the recent renewal, I hoped that I could spend time in clean and comfortable environment. Also, all rooms have ocean views and above all the new pool! I was looking forward to swimming in the infinity pool. Although it is a little ways from the Waikiki area, it is close to the Ala Moana shopping center, and I wanted to experience staying in a different atmosphere.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel roundabout.

As it is a large roundabout, large tour buses came to pick guests up.

Hotel front view.

The room are in these two towers. The left is Ala Moana Tower and the right is Diamond Head Tower.

The front entrance is brightly covered with glass.

The entrance seen from inside the hotel.

There are no staffs standing at the entrance to the Ala Moana Boulevard side, opposite to the front entrance, but it is convenient when walking out, as it takes you out to the main street.

Space in front of the Ala Moana Boulevard side entrance.

The object in the lobby was wonderful.

The lobby is crowded with people waiting to check-in and check-out and also waiting for tour buses before and after lunch, but there are plenty of couches and chairs to sit on so you can relax.

Concierge desk.

The front desk was large and the check-in process went smoothly as there were always several staff members standing.

Front desk and concierge desk.

There was a fruit water service next to the front desk.

Front floor elevator hall.

Inside of the elevator.

Guest room elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Ocean View Room likr?

Guest room entrance door.

There was a closet on the right side just after entering the room, and a bathroom in front and a bedroom on the left. As the area around the entrance door is wide, getting in and out with a stroller was very easy.

The rooms was simple, with a high ceiling and large spaces.

The bed creaked sometimes, and the mattress was firm, but I slept comfortably. The bed is a little high, and I was worries that my two year old child might fall on the ground, so I laid down pillows on the ground for safety.

There was also a sofa and a table for single use by the bed.

There was a TV opposite the bed.

A desk and a chair was installed beside the TV.

The window in the room was large and the view was great. I could see Yacht Harbor, Ala Moana Beach and Ala Moana Shopping Centre. It was nice waking waking up in the morning to the blue sky, the blue sea, and the green mountains.


The toilet was separate with the bathroom.

There was a bathtub in the bathroom.

The shower was a hose type. It was to be able to hold the shower because I had to wash my child. There was no problem with the water pressure.

There were two sinks, and this was my first experience, but it was very convenient to be able to use it separately with my friends.

There was a storage shelf under the sink.

The sink.

There was also a magnifying mirror beside by the wash basin.

Amenities were unified with “Malie organics.” There was shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face soap, hand soap, body cream, and a shower cap. The body cream was especially nice. It smelled and felt very nice.

The hair dryer was in the closet.

The toilet was separated from the bathroom.

Closet and safe

The closet was on the right side when entering the room. It was very easy to use because it was large and the door opened wide.

In the closet there were bathrobes, hangers, hair dryers, an iron, an ironing board, a luggage rack and bags for laundry service.

The slippers were thick and comfortable to wear.

The safe was a rare type which was a drawer under the TV stand.

This is useful, because you can put a bag inside if you want.

Mini bar and cafe

Cafe corner and refrigerator was under the TV.

There was coffee, a coffee maker, a green tea pack, a paper cup, a pot, sugar and milk.

There were also four glasses for cold drinks and an ice bucket.

The refrigerator was also under the TV.

There were 2 bottles of free water in the refrigerator.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

We ate at a restaurant called “100 Sails” for breakfast. We could have chosen a buffet style, but we ordered our food.

The restaurant is very spacious and bright. There was a bar counter in front and the buffet corner in the back.

The Acai bowl has a lot of fruits and was very beautiful and delicious.

What I was very happy about was the gluten-free pancake. Because my daughter is allergic to wheat, I always choose to eat rice when eating out, but because it was gluten free, I was able to order it without any worries.

I was able to enjoy a relaxed breakfast while looking at the blue sea and the yacht harbor.

There is Honolulu coffee in the lobby and a lot of couches, so you can wait for the tour bus while drinking coffee.

There was a shop on the first floor where you could buy drinks, snacks and souvenirs like a convenience store.

An isle selling drinks.

You can buy “Malie Organics” which is the same as the amenities in the room.

There was a boutique selling bags and jewelry.

Watches and jewelry.

Pool in the hotel

There was an outdoor pool in the hotel. There was a large pool and an infinity pool along the yacht harbor.There was also a small Jacuzzi. I highly recommend swimming in this pool!

The infinity pool that was recently renewed.

The infinity pool was small but the view was great! Everyone was enjoying cocktails in one hand.

There is also a large pool besides the infinity pool. I think you can see a beautiful sunset from the pool. I could not go to the pool that time, but the direction was also good and there was nothing to block the view, so the horizon would look beautiful.

As there is a shallow place, children can also play safely. The water temperature of the pool was a bit warm. As it is on the 5th floor between the two towers, it’s just a shadow of the Diamondhead Tower in the morning to read a book, enjoy the scenery, or just relax. One disappointing thing was that there was trash in the pool.

There was also a bar by the pool.

Ocean front cabana.

You need to pay to sit in the cabana, but I think that you will be able to take nice pictures here.

At night, the yacht harbor lights up in orange from the lights of the street, and it creates a nice atmosphere.

As there was Jacuzzi, we could enjoy the pool at the night. Fireworks can be seen from the pool in front of the Hilton Hotel on Friday! There are also live music as well.

The pool is open for 24 hours, but the bar closes at 20:00 or 21:00.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a fitness center. It is open 24 hours a day, and you can get in using your card key.

There was a treadmill.

You can take mini lessons for hula dance, walking and tai chi. A flyer about the lessons are placed in the room.

There was also an ATM. The machine on the right is a checkout machine for parking.

There is a tablet in the lobby. You can check tourist information and restaurants on the tablet.

Environment around the hotel

Although it is a little ways from Waikiki, it is still possible to walk to Ala Moana Shopping Center. There are also a restaurants and ABC Mart along Ala Moana Boulevard. I think it is safe, but it is better to be careful at night.

“Outback Steak House” right next to the hotel.

“Red Lobster” in a building right next to the hotel.

“McDonald’s” is also nearby.

Popular restaurant bar called “Chart House.” Exit the front entrance and walk to the left and you will get here.

Exit the Ala Moana Boulevard side entrance and you will find the ABC store by the intersection on the right.

Staff and customer base

I think it is a hotel where you can feel at ease when communicating with the staffs, because they all had a very homely feel to them.

There were many couples on honeymoon, families, senior groups and so on. There were also people from the US military.


It is about 20 minutes from the airport. There is a hotel shuttle bus going to Waikiki once every hour, and it is nice for shopping because it is close to the Ala Moana Shopping Center. It is convenient because there are buses and trolley stops nearby.

If you leave from the entrance on the Ala Moana Boulevard side and walk to the right, there is a trolly stop.


I had a nice stay at this hotel. The hotel has just been renewed, so everything was clean and comfortable. The pool was one of the main reasons for me to stay at this hotel, and it was great. I thought it was a comfortable hotel for couples, families, senior groups and people of all ages. It may be a bit less convenient transportation wise, but the view different from the views seen in Waikiki and the quietness was very attractive.

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