Check it Out! “Prince Hotel Marco Polo” Explicit Review

There are three hotels in the Marco Polo Hotels group along the Canton Road, which is lined with brand stores in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Among them, "Prince Hotel Marco Polo-Prince " is the closest hotel to the China Ferry Terminal. Harbor City is a shopping mall on the first floor, and shopping is also convenient at the adjacent Hong Kong City Shopping Mall. The hotel also has a Club Lounge dedicated to Continental Club guests and an all day dining restaurant, a fitness center and a business center.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

This hotel is in the downtown area where buildings line up. The outskirts become a high-end brand store and a shopping street, and a lot of people are walking around.

The entrance from the inside. A doorman was standing and helping with luggage.

Concierge desk near the reception.

Lobby waiting area.

The front had a waiting line. It was not crowded when I was there, and there was always a staff standing there.

The top floor of the hotel is continental class which is the 16th and 17th floor.

Elevator hall.

What is the Continental Superior Suite like?

Introducing the 16th floor continental class superior suite.

The living room area was very large.

There is also a working desk.

The bedroom was in the back.

Even if a semi-double bed is placed, it is still a large room.

It looks comfortable to sleep on.

A sofa by the window.

There are counters and chairs that could be used as a dresser. There was a cafe bar on top. There is also a wall-mounted TV.


The bathroom had a toilet, a shower booth and a bathtub in the back of the washstand and the door in the foreground.

There is also a sink, a large mirror, and a space for placing things.

There was a toilet in the back.

The shower booth has a removable shower.

There was also a shower in the bathtub as well. The bathtub was not very wide.

The amenities placed in the wash basin are complete with a toothbrush, cotton and cotton swabs.

Shampoo, conditioner and body soap were lined up in the shower room.

Mini bar

There is a minibar between the living room area and the bedroom. There were drinks in the refrigerator. There is also an electric kettle and cafe set at the bedroom counter.

Closet and safe

The closet includes an iron, an ironing board, bathrobes and hangers.

There was also a safe.

Vew from the room

From the room window you can see a little bit of the ferry terminal and Victoria Harbor.

Hotel restaurant

The hotel’s restaurant, “add @ Prince”, is an all day dining with breakfast, lunch, teatime, dinner.

The seating is relaxing and spacious.

The buffet-style menu is centered around Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

As menu changes with time zones, we can enjoy it all day.

Club lounge

Guests staying in the Continental class rooms have access to the exclusive Club Lounge.

There is a sense of luxury because it is a space that only high class people can use, and there is a calm atmosphere.

Eating and drinking in the lounge is free of charge, so if you think you can still eat even if the hotel charges are a little expensive, this may be a good deal. During cocktail times, the type of alcohol also increases.

There is a dedicated concierge desk where you can check in and check out.

Fitness center

There is a gym on the 4th floor.

It is available 24 hours a day.

Business center

There is a business center on the 4th floor.

Computers and photocopiers are available, and books such as magazines were stored.

There were also 3 fully equipped meeting rooms.

Hotel surrounding environment

The hotel is located in Harbor City, close to China Hong Kong City, so it can be used for shopping and restaurants.

Premier room

Premier Room Twin Room

It is a room where two single beds are placed, but a stand for exclusive use of storage is prepared and a suitcase can be easily opened. The working desk and the wall-mounted TV were also clean.

There was a couch and a coffee table by the window, and I felt that there was enough space.

The door of the storage stand was a mini bar.

The bathroom sink was also wide.

There is no bathtub, but the shower booth looks convenient.

There is also a toilet.

The amenities are of a more basic quality than Continental.

There is also a shampoo and conditioner in the shower room.

Continental Deluxe Room

Continental Deluxe Rooms with a king-size bed.

It was compact with a working desk with a cafe set and a wall-mounted TV.

The coffee table was served with mineral water and fruits.

The cafe corner had an electric kettle and a cafe set. In the Continental class, the mini bar and the amenities are good.


Hong Kong International Airport is a 35-minute drive away. The China Ferry Terminal is a 1-minute walk away. The area is a busy shopping street in Harbor City, where taxis and buses are running. The nearest station to MTR is a 13-minute walk to Tsim Sha Tsui Station.


“The Prince Hotel,” part of the Marco Polo Hotels Group, is located closest to the China Ferry Terminal and is conveniently located for both shopping and riding the ferry. The hotel had a sense of security with its refined guest rooms and its relaxed atmosphere. The rooms of the Continental class have a special feeling with good quality rooms and amenities. Because there is also access to the club lounge, if you want to dine in the hotel, it is a very good lounge as you will feel at home. As there is a business center with a meeting room, I think it is a hotel suitable for business use as well as sightseeing.

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