Check it Out! “The Polynesian Residences, Waikiki Beach” Explicit Review

We chose a hotel that is safe and within a 10 minute walking distance from the center of Waikiki. As we go out for sightseeing during the daytime, so we did not stay in the hotel room often. In addition, this hotel has no resort fee and no advance deposit is required when booking from the online booking site which was nice.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

It was an entrance like the entrance of the apartment between the shop on the street where the restaurants and general stores are lined up. It was a very clean entrance. The lights were well lit at night and I felt safe. Unlike a famous hotel, there is no bellboy standing at the entrance, and there is no concierge desk. The entrance and the front has a very simple atmosphere with nothing extra, and it looked very neat.

The entrance seen from the outside.

The entrance seen from the inside of the hotel.

Front desk.

Lobby in front of the front desk.

View of the lobby seen from the entrance side. There is a lift and stairs next to the lobby.

Inside of the elevator.

Elevator interior floor number button.

Guest room elevator hall.

Rest area on the guest room floor.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is a Twin Room with a Kitchen like?

Guest room entrance door appearance.

Guest room entrance door seen from the room. There is a kitchen and a cafe corner right by the entrance door.

It is not a large room, but it was clean and there was a enough furniture. It was a room with enough space to open a large suitcase and organize it.

The room seen from the veranda side. There is a TV opposite the bed.

There is a desk and a chair on the left side of the TV. Since a mirror is installed on the wall, it can also be used as a dressing table.

An outlet on the desk. This room had enough outlets to recharge cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, Wifi routers and etc, which gave me a very good impression.

The bed was fluffy and just the right hardness. There were four pillows on each bed and there were two types of hardness, so I was comfortable sleeping on the pillow.


It was a bright and reasonable sized wash basin, and it did not feel cramped even when two people got dressed at the same time.

There were two types of showers, one that was fixed to the ceiling and the other that was able to move freely, and the water pressure was good. The door of the shower was a little hard to close, so water splashed out, so I needed to cover it with a towel.

Toilet with a washlet function.

The amenities were Tommy Bahama. There was shampoo, rinse, body soap and bar soap. In Hawaii I applied sunscreen every day, so I needed to use a lot of body soap and it was nice that the amenities were replenished everyday.

There was also a hair dryer. The wind power was strong and I could dry my hair quickly.

Kitchen, mini bar and cafe

There is a kitchen and a cafe corner right by the entrance door.

Cookware and dishes such as pots and pans were prepared.

There were also glasses, cups and tappers.

There is a microwave and a cafe corner opposite the kitchen.

There was a capsule-type coffee machine. Coffee and tea were replenished everyday. When I left a note saying that I wanted more tea than coffee, the housekeeper prepared more tea for me.

The refrigerator is located in the TV stand.

Nothing was in the fridge (the drinks in the picture were purchased on my own).

Closet and safe

There were drawers in the closet, and enough hangers were prepared as well. As there was an iron and an ironing board, it was nice to be able to iron pants and skirt which had been stored in the suitcase for a long time.


The safe was a digital type.

Vew from the room

The room was bright because sunlight came through the window and door facing the veranda.

There was no furniture on the veranda and it was simple. The veranda was designed not to get wet even if it is raining.

The view was not so good because the view was of the hotel’s courtyard (the pool side), but there was no worry about people being able to see in the room, and it was also very quiet because the room did not face the main street.

View from the veranda.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

There were no restaurants and shops in the hotel.

Facilities in the hotel

It was a very simple hotel, so there was no business center or laundry room. However, they lent out chairs and towels for those who want to go to the beach which was very kind.

I didi not swim in the pool, but I could see from the balcony that the children staying at the hotel were enjoying themselves, so I think it is a pool that the children are happy with. There were chairs and umbrellas on the poolside, and I saw a foreigner reading a book and enjoying getting tanned.

Environment around the hotel

Around the hotel, there were drugstores, ABC mart, ramen shop, Eggsund singles, Bills and etc. I felt safe because it was crowded even at night. Most shops were closed at midnight, but there is a Seven Eleven in a place about 2 minutes on foot from the hotel, so it was very convenient to go for dinner when I was hungry. I walked around the hotel in the middle of the night, but I didn’t feel any danger.

Waikiki Beach.

“Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii” which had many sliders.

Near Diamond Head Visitor Center.

Victoria Secret.

Staff and customer base

The staffs were very friendly and will greet you every time you pass the lobby. Whenever there was a problem or when I had a question, they responded politely which felt very good.

I saw young couples and families. The guests were very polite and greeted me when ever we passed each other.


From the airport, it took about 20 minutes by taxi. There were ramen shops, ABC stores, Hard Rock Cafe and bills and etc so location was perfect for eating and drinking.

The bus stop was right around the corner, and there was a bus goes to the Ala Moana Center and the outlet. Because it is 5 to 10 minutes on foot to the downtown area of ​​Waikiki, it was a location where you can go back to the hotel easily even if you forgot something.


It was a hotel just like in the photos. There are many hotels with bad customer service and bad rooms, but I did not experience that at all at this hotel. The room I stayed in was cleaned well everyday. The location and the surrounding environment were good, and the staff’s response was good, so me and my husband both want to stay at this hotel again.

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