Check it Out! “Pier South Resort, Autograph Collection” Explicit Review

I chose "Pia South Resort Autograph Collection" because I had stayed here about a year ago, and I was able make wonderful memories at a reasonable resort-like hotel. The stylishly designed rooms offer a beautiful view of the beach. I thought it would be nice to stay at the beach because it was getting warmer. In addition, because it is close to Mexico, I was also able to enjoy the Mexican atmosphere as well.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The building was luxurious.

The entrance area.

There was a staff standing at the entrance.


The lobby was spacious and very stylish.

The staff’s light blue uniform made me imagine the beach.

Front floor elevator hall.

You can see the outside view from the elevator.

Guest room floor elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the One Bedroom Suite like?

Room entrance.

The entrance seen from inside the room.

There was a cafe corner on the left side. The beach that could be seen from the window made the room feel more like a resort.

The room was large, and the floor felt very clean.

The bed mattress was just right and the sheets were shiny white.

Bedside table.

There was a TV opposite the bed.

There was a desk and a chair by the TV.

The sofas and tables were also large, and it felt like I was relaxing in the living room of a house.

The room seen from the window side.

There was a big window.

There was a spacious veranda with a table and two chairs. There is a partition so that the people in the next room can not see you.

You can see the beach and the pool form the veranda.

You can see the sunsetting in the ocean. I was able to relax while listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore.


The bathroom did not have a bathtub but there was a spacious shower room. A rack with wheels was installed in the bathroom and it was convenient to put a makeup pouch on top.

I did not have to worry about water splashing out, because the shower room was made of glass.

The shower was fixed on the wall, but it was nice that I was able to adjust the water pressure.

The vanity lights were bright and the sink was just the right size and very clean.


Amenity were prepared on the sink. There was shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion.

There were towels and a toilet paper prepared under the sink.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and safe

The closet was in front of the bathroom.

There was an iron, ironing board, spare blankets and hangers in the closet.

There was storage space in the chest as well.

The safe was beneath the cafe corner.

Mini bar and cafe

The cafe corner was on the left side after entering.

There was a capsule-type coffee machine. Coffee and dark tea was prepared. In addition, there was also milk and sugar.

Glasses and an ice pale.

There was a fridge, but nothing was inside.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

There was a beachfront restaurant called “Sea180 Coastal Tavern” in the hotel. Not only hotel guests but also locals and tourists were eating there.

A bar counter in the restaurant.

Table seats.

The terrace seat is recommended, and if you ask, they will bring blankets for you.

It is a buffet on Sundays and it was crowded. I liked it so much that I ate here every day.

Even though it is delicious and lovely looking, the price was very reasonable. However, it took a while for the food to arrive.

There was a small shop by the front desk, which sells ice-cream, sodas, snacks and alcohol. I did not see many people shopping there.

Facilities in the hotel

The hotel had a large swimming pool and a jacuzzi. It was supposed to be locked, but it was always unlocked. The view was great from the pool and jacuzzi.

There were a lot of chairs and tables by the pool, and I saw people enjoying wine and bear.

There was also a fitness center that overlooks the sea, restaurant and the pool.

Towels were being rented out.

There was also a spa.

There was a business center with two computers.


The beach is right in front of the hotel.

The beach was beautiful with golden sand.

Environment around the hotel

There were many sightseeing spots in the area around the hotel. There are two brewery restaurants near the pier. I went jogging in the morning, and it felt very safe. There were many friendly police officers making their rounds.

The city around the hotel.

“Mike Hess Brewing” next to the hotel.

“Brigantine Seafood & Oyster Bar.”

A park next to the hotel.

There was also a basket ball court.

Staff and customer base

The hotel staff were always smiling and were very friendly people. Especially the manager remembered that I had stayed here before and was especially kind to me. Also, when I told the front desk that the water server at the fitness center had run out, the staff came and set it up. It was a small thing, but I thought it was very generous.

It was during spring break, so I saw many families with children, business men, pilots and couples staying at this hotel.


It takes about 30 minutes by car from the airport. The area around the hotel used to be a more Mexican city, but I still felt its legacy. If you leave the hotel after sunset it is a little unsafe because it is near the boarder with Mexico. The restaurants were cheap and delicious. The busses are usually on time, so you will not have trouble going out even without a car. Wal-Mart, is located at the nearest highway exit, and I had no trouble getting to it.

A pizza restaurant near the hotel.

A Mexican restaurant called “Albeto’s Taco Shop” which is 5 minutes from the hotel.

99 cents store near the hotel.


I was able to enjoy a resort feel during my stay. If you want to drive a car and enjoy marine activities like surfing and fishing, but are also on a business trip, I think this is the perfect place to stay. This is a hotel allows you to enjoy a nice hotel life, but also allows you to enjoy the local life as well. I highly recommend staying at this hotel.

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