Check it Out! “Park Hyatt Tokyo” Explicit Review

"Park Hyatt Tokyo" is a luxury hotel representing Tokyo located on the 39F to 52F of the high-rise Shinjuku Park Tower in Nishi-Shinjuku. Although the hotel is located on the upper floor of the office building, the atmosphere inside the hotel is a calm space. I not only reported the rooms, but also the restaurants and bars, so please take a look at what this hotel is like!

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The “Park Hyatt Tokyo” is located in the Shinjuku Park Tower, which is located in the middle of Shinjuku city. Even in the new city center where high-rise buildings are lined up, it still has an overwhelming presence.

The hotel is located on the 39th floor to the 52nd floor of Shinjuku Park Tower.

State in front of the hotel entrance.

The hotel entrance is on the second floor.

The drive through was spacious.

At the entrance there is a mask called “Gatsy” designed by Mieko Yuki.

The entrance seen from inside the hotel.

There was an object at the entrance called “Airflow” by Antony Donaldson. There was an elevator at the back of this object.

The reception is on the 41st floor, so you take this elevator to get to the 41st floor.

41st floor elevator hall.

When I got off the elevator, in front of me was “Peak Lounge” filled with natural light.

There were a lot of green in the “Peak Lounge.”

Inside the “Peak Lounge” was a lamp with a unique drawing on it by a British artist called Robin Weiler.

To get to the reception, get off the elevator and follow the corridor on the right.

Art works were displayed everywhere in the building.

You will pass through a library.

As I passed through the library, I could see the reception in the far end.

There are several desks and chairs at the reception, which you sit at to check in.

The library seen from the reception.

Inside the elevator to get to the guest room floor.

Room floor elevator hall.

There were 2 chairs in front of the elevator on the guests room floor.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Park Deluxe Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

As soon as I entered the room, there was a walk-in closet on the left side, and the next door was a bathroom, each connected with a door.

The entrance door seen from the bedroom.

There were artworks on the wall and objects in the room.

The room was modern with a king size bed and it was a comfortable space.

The room was spacious and a relaxing.

The bed was king size. My body did not sink and it was a firm and comfortable mat to sleep on. There were two types of pillows, soft and hard, and both were comfortable.

There was a phone, alarm, conversion plug and so on, on the night stand. In addition, the air conditioning and the light and curtain switch was next to bed and it was convenient.

There was also a telephone, a conversion plug, and tissues on the other night stand.

Opposite the bed there was a TV, a mini bar, a cafe corner and a shelf with books.

TV set.

Under the TV was a DVD player and a Bluetooth speaker.

The window seen from the bed.

There was a sofa, a foot rest and a table by the window.

I received welcome fruits and sweets.

The room seen from the sofa.

There was also a desk and 2 chairs next to the sofa.

At the back of the desk, on the shelf near the window, there was a phone, room service menu and a spa information.

The windows were large and the view overlooking the city was very nice.

At night, the lights of the docomo building, the Sky Tree and the Tokyo Tower were visible, and I could enjoy a beautiful night view.

As it was a room facing the East, I was able to see the sun rise.


The bathroom had doors accessible from the walk-in closet side and a door accessible from the bedroom side. This is a view from the bedroom side.

There was a shower room, a bathtub and a toilet.

The shower room had a body shower and a hand shower. The water pressure was strong enough.

In the shower room, there was Isop’s shampoo, conditioner and body cleanser.

There was a big picture on the side of the bathtub, making it a stylish space. The bathtub was big enough to stretch my legs and relax in the hot water. There was also a TV, so I was able to watch TV while relaxing in the bath tub.

The TV.

At the side of the bathtub, Heima body sponge, bath salt, Isop body cleanser, and solid soap were prepared.

The toilet had a washlet function.

There was only one sink, and there was one chair on each side and it was easy to use. Because the mirror is large, so the room felt bigger, and it was a fashionable and functional bathroom.

Amenities were prepared on the shelf on the right side of the wash basin.

In the box, toothbrush set, razor, shower cap, hair band, hair brush, comb, nail file, mouthwash, shaving foam, sewing set, Aesop’s cleansing oil, face cleanser, lotion, moisturizing emulsion and so on were prepared.

There was also a small mirror and a hair dryer.

There was a scale under the wash basin.

The bathroom seen from the closet side.

Closet and safe

There was a walk-in closet behind the bathroom.

There was enough space to hang clothes in the closet.

There was an umbrella, an ironing board, and a brush inside.

Iron and laundry bag.

A yukata was also prepared in the drawer.


There was also an adhesive tape roller.

The safe was a a type which you set a PIN number.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a mini bar on the shelf where the books were placed. There was alcohol such as whiskey and gin, and also glasses and an electric kettle.

A teapot, a teacup set and free mineral waters were provided.

There were snacks as gifts.

Capsule-type coffee maker and cups.

Many drinks were prepared as a mini bar in the refrigerator.

There was also a mini bar on this shelf directly in front of the entrance door.

There were snacks in the drawers, and also red and white wine in a basket.

Restaurant "New York Grill & Bar"

I ate at the “New York Grill” on the 52nd floor on the top floor at night.

It had a large panorama view overlooking Tokyo, a glass open kitchen and a high ceiling that made the area seem open.

You can see Yoyogi Park, Meiji Jingu Shrine and Shibuya Ebisu.

Large paintings were displayed in the restaurant.

I ordered à la carte and it was delicious.

Especially the meat I ordered was soft and delicious.

The “New York Bar” has live jazz music from 20:00, and the live music and atmosphere of the band was good with a night scene in the background, and I could enjoy drinking alcohol.

Bar counter.

The lights in the restaurant was unobtrusive and the night view looked beautiful.

Other Restaurants & Shops

On the 41st floor there was an all day dining called “Giandole.”

The top wall of the restaurant is filled with 144 black and white photos.

At the seat by the window, you can dine while enjoying the city view.

This time, I had a breakfast here.

Buffet counter.


There was a Japanese restaurant called “Koto” on the 40th floor.

Inside of the restaurant.

There is also a private room here.

There was a “Peak Lounge” on the 41st floor. Natural light came in from the glass-covered atrium and the space felt open. The lounge was also decorated with bamboo and was a relaxing space.

There is “pastry boutique” on the second floor where you can buy sweets and gifts.

There is a delicatessen on the first floor.

Facilities in the hotel

The “Club on the Park” is on the 47th floor, and there is an indoor swimming pool here. The 20x8m pool offers natural light during the day and a night view at night.

There was also a gym on the same floor as the indoor pool. In the spacious gym, you can enjoy your work out while looking at the view of the city.

The 45th floor is the reception for “Club on the Park.”

In addition to the treatment rooms, the spa facility includes a Jacuzzi, dry sauna, steam sauna, and a 360-degree body shower.

There was also a library on the 41st floor which is the reception floor. About 2,000 books are in the library.

There was also a chapel in the hotel. There was a virgin road of about 15m surrounded by wall paintings depicting a deep forest.

Park Hyatt Tokyo Wedding. There was also a hair studio. They provide care for those who are having a wedding ceremony here.

There was also private dining space on the 40th floor. There is an open kitchen and you can have the chef cook the dishes in front of you.

Let's check the other rooms! The Park Suite

There are 18 Park Suites in all, and it is 100 square meters in size. This is the entrance.

if you go to the right there is a living room.

The living room has large windows in two directions so you can enjoy the view from the high floor.

Large sofa area.

Shelf in the living room with a TV and a mini bar.

The mini bar.

The bedroom had a king size bed.

The bathroom had a double sink. You can watch TV while relaxing in the bathtub.

There was a shower room beside the bathtub.

There was also a spacious walk-in closet.

Let's check the other rooms! The Presidential Suite

Guest room entrance door.

The Presidential Suite is the highest ranking suite which has a living room, dining room, kitchen, study and bedrooms measuring 290㎡.

Living room.

There was also a grand piano in the living room.

Dining room.


The kitchen utensils were prepared in the kitchen.

Many books were placed in the study.

There was a sofa space with a TV beside of the study room and the window.

There were two king size beds in the bedroom.

There was also a big TV in the bedroom.

The bathroom is made of the finest marble and has a Jacuzzi, sauna and a rain shower.

Guests can enjoy a spacious marble bath with a view of the city from the 51st floor.

Environment around the hotel

A number of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office buildings and high-rise office buildings are lined up around the hotel. In addition, there is “Shinjuku Chuo Park” in front of the hotel and there is a lot of nature.

Shinjuku Park Tower underground shop restaurant area.

Staff and customer base

The hotel staff were at some places where always at the entrance, the lobby floor, and the restaurant floor, and they were polite and attentive.

There were many guests from overseas, especially from North America. Most of the people who saw at the front desk and on the guest room floor were foreigners, and there were families with children. There were many Japanese people eating at restaurant.


It is about 5 minutes on foot from Toei Oedo Line “Tojo Center Station.” It is within walking distance from Shinjuku Station, but taxis is more convenient if you have luggage.

Street in front of the hotel.


I had a very nice stay The room and the hall are calm and stylish spaces with high-class interiors and art, and the views overlooking the city was wonderful, making it a luxury stay. The hotel was just on the upper floor of the a building, so the hotel its self is not very big. Because it was not a big hotel, it was a private feeling and it was relaxing. Even though it has been open for 25 years now, it was maintained well and it felt very new. It was a wonderful hotel that I would like to stay at again and again.

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