Check it Out! “Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort” Explicit Review

One of the directly managed hotels in Disney World, is the Disney's All Star Resort, and there are three types of hotels; music movies and sports theme. Of the three, we stayed at the sports hotel, "Disney's All-Star Sports Resort." There are a lot of hotel benefits when staying at a direct-managed hotel to enjoy Disney World, so it is better to choose a directly-managed hotel. Disney's All-Star Sports Resort has been nominated as it is the cheapest of the directly managed hotels. There were a lot of luxury hotels and they were attractive, but we were planning to be at Disney all day, and we were only planning on sleeping at the hotel.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

There was a big sign that was cute and memorable.

The moment I arrived at the hotel it felt like I was at Disney World.

Entrance of the hotel. The whole building was colorful very large.

There was a lot of staffs at the front desk, but there was a long line and it took a while to check-in.

The check-in counter at the front desk. Next to the check-in counter there was also a concierge desk for making reservations for restaurants and so on.

What it is the Standard Room like?

There was a Disney painting, but that was it. It did not look like a Disney themed room. Because the windows faced the corridors of the rooms, the curtains were always closed, and the room was dark. The bed was spacious and had 4 pillows each.

The rooms themselves were large and there was enough room to open up our suitcases.


It was nice to be able to relax in the bathtub after a long day.

Because the water pressure and temperature control of the shower were not independent of each other, the water pressure became weak when I tried to make the water warmer. Also, because the shower was fixed on the wall, it was a little difficult to wash.

There were hangers prepared next to the wash basin.

There was only a bar of soap prepared. There were no toothbrushes and etc.

The cup was a disposable plastic and it was packaged individually, so it was nice to be able to use clean cups.

Shampoo, conditioner and body soap were prepared.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a refrigerator, but no electric pot. There was nothing inside the refrigerator The food court is open until midnight, so if you want to drink something you can buy something there.

Closet and safe

I did not use the safe because if I used it I would have had to carry the key around. There was a place to hang clothes in the bathroom, but there was no door, so I was concerned about the steam.

View from the room

There was no terrace, but I could see a cute sporty garden from the window.

Restaurant in the hotel

It was a food court that had a wide range of foods such as Italian, hamburgers and other American style food, such as bread, sweets, salads and yogurt.

The whole food court.

You can choose your favorite menu.

You can add drinks in you tumbler and carry it around the Park.

There are many cash registers.

There was also a game corner at the back.

Pool in the hotel

The pool was large, but always busy. There were a lot of children playing even around 11:00, so I thought that it may be loud for people staying in rooms near the pool. It was just a flat pool, but it was large and there were many chairs by the pool. There was also a bar by the pool facing the food court, and I could drink alcohol. The lighting nice and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Hotel Disney shop

There was a Disney shop.

There were many items sold in Disneyland being sold here, such as mugs, magnets, clothes, pens, and sweets.

I was happy to be able to by souvenirs here, because I did not have to carry them around in the park.

Snacks and cookies.

Environment around the hotel

There are large models such as basketball hoops, rugby and American football, and there is also a Mickey model in the courtyard.


If you stay at a directly managed hotel, the Magical Express is available 24 hours a day from the airport, and arrives in about 30 minutes.

It was convenient because the shuttle buses goes to the park every 20 minutes from the hotel. The buses are running until 2 hours after park closing. I was able to come back to the hotel once, and go back to the Park again to see the night show.

Staff and customer base

There were staffs who were able to interpret for me on the phone.

Most of the customers were families with small children. There were not many couples staying. Many large families, including grandparents, were staying as well.


This hotel was mainly for sleeping at night. The food court is open until midnight, so it’s nice to be able to buy food whenever you’re hungry. In addition, it was good to be able to have many benefits even though it is a cheap hotel. One of the benefits, Extra Magic Hour, was to be able to enter the park earlier than other guests, so there was less waiting time in the morning. In addition, when making hotel reservation, I was able to make requests such as to stay in a room near the bus stop, and to stay in a room on the first floor. The area around Disney, including hotels, has been made like a theme park, and it was a very safe area.

Nearyby hotels to check