Check it Out! “Hotel Century Southern Tower” Explicit Review

I stayed at "Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower" at the back of the Southern Terrace of Shinjuku Station. The night view of Shinjuku Station and the streets were very beautiful from the hotel. The hotel has never been renovated, but it is well-maintained and is very relaxing. It is built in a convenient location, to I had no trouble finding a place to visit and shop.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower is located in the “Odakyu Southern Tower,” a tall building consisting of multiple offices and shops.

The hotel sign was clearly displayed at the 1st floor entrance.

1st floor entrance.


There was an entrance on the 2nd floor as well.

Hotel sign at the 2nd floor entrance.

2nd floor elevator hall. You can go up to the 20th floor, which is the lobby floor.

20th floor elevator hall.

The lobby was modern, stylish and very spacious.

From the large window in the lobby, you can overlook Shinjuku Station. The night view with neon lights was beautiful.

During the day, the sun was shined through the large window and it was very bright. There was also a lounge “South Court” in the lobby.

front desk. This hotel doesn’t have a bellman, so you have to carry your own luggage. There are carts at the entrance on the 1st floor and the front of the 20th floor, so you can use them freely.

This is an elevator that leads you only to the guest room floors.

Inside of the elevator.

My room was on the 23rd floor.

Guest room floor corridor.

Corridor y the guest room.

What it is the Standard Double Bed Room like?

Guest room entrance.

Room key.

There is a slot to place your key in.

The bathroom door and a full length mirror.

The room has an air conditioner.

The room was simple and modern, with beige colors.

There was a king size bed with a width of 180cm, but the room was still spacious.

There were four pillows on the bed.

Nightwear was prepared on the bed. In addition, if you leave a card on the bed, the housekeeper will not change your sheets for the environment.

There were tables on both sides of the bed and a phone on this side.

The other bedside table.

There was an plug-in outlet on both sides of the bed.

There is a painting on the wall.

There is a bed and a desk across the bed.


There is a stool by the desk.


There is a phone, memo set and an accessory tray on the desk.

There is also an IT service devices that utilized AI speakers and chatbots. In addition to the voice service, it has a multilingual chatbot service that supports 17 languages.

There is a plug-in outlet on the desk.

I the drawer was a LAN cable.

Laundry bag.

In the bottom drawer was a safe, electric kettle and an ice bucket.

There was a relaxing sofa and a table by the window.

On the table was a map explaining the buildings that can be seen from the room.

Th room seen form the window.

There is a big window at the back.

There is a screen that blocks light and a thick curtain.

I was able to see Shinjuku Station bellow.

I was able to see Sky Tree in the distance.

NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building in the foreground and Tokyo Tower in the back.


The bathroom had a sink, toilet and a shower-integrated bathtub all together. Although it was a compact size, it was clean with white tiles.

The bathtub was big and deep enough.

The shower was a hand shower that was removable, and the water pressure was just right.

It was easy to adjust the temperature.

Shampoo, conditioner and body soap was prepared by the bathtub.


The toilet had a Washlet function.

There were bath towels prepared above the toilet.


Amenities were prepared on the sink.

Face & hand soap.

There were two free bottles of water, toothbrush, body towel, shaving, hairbrush, hair band, cotton swab set, shower cap, cleansing, face wash, lotion, milky lotion and hand towels.

There was also tissue on the sink.

There was a plug-in outlet by the sink.

Towels under the sink.

Hair dryer.

There were two hooks on the bathroom door, so it was useful to hang clothes and towels.

Closet and safe

There were plenty of hangers prepared in the closet. There was also a deodorant spray.

Slippers, shoe horn and fabric brush.

A safe was prepared in the drawer to the desk.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a cafe corner next to the TV. Glasses, cups, coffee and tea were prepared.

There was an electric kettle and an ice pale in the same drawer as the safe.

There was nothing inside the fridge.

Restaurants in the hotel

There is a restaurant called “Southern Tower Dining” on the 20th floor, and I had breakfast here.

Breakfast is buffet style and there is an open kitchen, so you can see the chef cooking up close.

Yogurt and fruit.

There were many kinds of drinks to pick from .


Also on the 20th floor was a lounge called “South Court.” Adjacent to the lobby, you can enjoy a nice urban view from the big windows.

In addition, on the 19th floor, there was a Japanese and Teppanyaki restaurant called “Shiki no Aji Horikawa” and a Chinese restaurant called “Shen Long Tokyo.”

Facilities in the hotel

There is a meeting/party room on the 21st floor.

There were vending machines and ice machines placed on each floor.

A smoking room on the 21st floor.

There was a public phone as well.

Hotel surroundings

The entrance to the Southern Terrace on the 2nd floor was lined with NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building, restaurant terrace seats and shops.

If you cross the bridge and you can get to Takashimaya Times Square in a few minutes.

Staff and guests

I checked in in the evening, but the front desk was not particularly crowded. There were several staff who were kind enough to handle foreign tourists.

People from various countries were staying at this hotel.


From the JR Shinjuku Station Buster side Southern Terrace Exit, go to the back of the Southern Terrace and there is an elevator on the second floor which leads to the hotel lobby.


The view is very nice, because the rooms are located on the the upper floor of the hotel, and even though the hotel is right by the Station, it was very quiet. I recommend you sleep with the curtains open and enjoy the night view as you fall asleep. The new national stadium of the Tokyo Olympic main stadium can be seen from the hotel as well. This hotel is recommended for both sightseeing and business trips.

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