Check it Out! “Oceans Edge Key West Resort, Hotel & Marina” Explicit Review

I decided to stay at "Oceans Edge Key West" because it is a 5-star luxury hotel and the area is relatively cheap. Also, because it is in key West, it had a nice view of the ocean. The only problem was that it was a little far from downtown, but it was also nice because I was able to get some peace and quiet. I really liked the atmosphere of the resort and the many pools.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

There are many palm trees standing at the entrance of the hotel to the front of the hotel, and it had an atmosphere of a resort.

Road leading to the entrance. There are chickens here and there.

The building with the front desk.

It is very cool inside and there is also a cold water service. I was very happy because the outside was hot and humid. The lobby is very bright and spacious. There were sofas prepared in the lobby.

There were always several staffs at the front desk, and also a concierge.

Guest room building.


Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Ocean King Room like?

Room entrance.

The door was doubled and there was another door leading to the room.

The room was based on white and you can see the ocean and the pool from big window. It was a spacious room. The room was cool, so it was nice when coming back from outside which is very hot.

The sheets were clean and the bed was soft and comfortable to sleep on. The pillow was just the right height, too. I was also glad that the bedside table had a free water bottle.

There was a TV and a desk opposite the bed.

A desk and a chair. The desk lamp was fashionable and interesting.

There was also a chair and a small table next to the bed.

The room had a balcony and I could enjoy looking at the scenery while relaxing.

A table and two chairs were prepared on the balcony.

The balcony overlooks the pool. The sky blue pool and the green palm trees had the best contrast.

In addition, the ocean is in the far back, and there are many boats floating. Looking at the ocean while enjoying a cool drink on the balcony with birds chirping in the distance was a pleasant experience.


There was only a shower in the bathroom. The bathroom was cleaned very well.

The shower room had a glass door, so I didn’t have to worry about water splashing.

The shower head was fixed on the wall, and the water pressure was slightly weak, but it was enough for me. It took a while for hot water to come out. However, once the hot water came out, it came out stably.

Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel were prepared in the shower room. It was nice to be able to use a lot of soap on my sticky and sandy hair from playing at the beach.



Soap and body cream were prepared on the washstand. There were not as many amenities prepared compared to other hotels, but it was plenty for me.

Hair dryer.

Closet and safe

There was a closet in front of the bedroom.

There were several hangers prepared which was very useful. Also, there was an iron, ironing board, luggage rack, laundry bag, safe and gowns.

The safe was a common type which you set a number to lock the door.

Mini bar and cafe

A mini bar was provided between the TV and the desk.

There were a wide variety of snacks, sunscreen and wine. When the product is lifted, money is automatically charged.

Drinks were prepared in the refrigerator. There was an ice machine on the first floor, so I was able to enjoy my wine.

Restaurants in the hotel

Next to the building with the front desk, was a restaurant bar called “Yellowfin.”

Inside of the restaurant.

The restaurant is in front of the pool, and you can order drinks and food from the pool. Many people were enjoying drinking and chatting by the pool.

Facilities in the hotel

There were six pools in hotel, so it was nice that it never became crowded. I stayed here in May, but the water temperature in the pool was just right, so I was able to get in no problem.

A lot of sofas and cabanas were prepared around the pool and they can be used for free. Bath towels and cold water were also provided, and I was able to spend a very pleasant time. You can also enjoy your meal under the cabana.

The pool is open until 10 o’clock in the evening. The pool that was lit up was very beautiful. The water was warm even at night, so some people were swimming in the pool at night.

There was a fitness center in the hotel. The room was cool, and various machines were prepared.

The hotel lends out bicycles for free.

The beach

The hotel is located by the ocean so you can enjoy marine activities. The water was pretty clear and I enjoyed watching the fish swimming. There was a small jellyfish and it was so cute. You cam also get on jet skis.

Guests can ride kayaks and paddle boats for free up to 2 hours. I got on the paddle boat, and it was sturdy. The staff taught me how to use it carefully.

Area around the hotel

The area around the hotel has many houses standing and there are no restaurants or shops. It seemed quiet and safe. If you are looking for a restaurant, you need to go downtown.

Streets around the hotel.


Staff and customer base

There were many staffs and they were all very nice. I had time after checking out before my flight, so I asked the staff it it was alright to ride the bicycle, and she kindly said yes. Also, the concierge gave me a discount ticket for a restaurant.

There were mostly families staying at this hotel. On the contrary, I saw almost no businessmen or guests staying alone.


You can get to the hotel in 20 minutes by car from the airport. There is a free shuttle from the hotel to downtown. It is convenient because it comes once every hour. The hotel was a bit far from downtown, but I could get there easily with the shuttle bus.

Shuttle bus.



This hotel was very satisfying to stay at, because I could enjoy the luxuriousness and the resort feeling. I am happy that I stayed at this hotel. Anyway, the pool was wonderful, the rooms were clean and the view was great. Although, it was far from downtown, I did not feel any disadvantages at all because there was a shuttle bus. It was rather quiet round the hotel, but I was able to enjoy water activities at the hotel. Moreover, the price is reasonable among hotels of the same level. I was very satisfied with my stay, and I would like to stay at this hotel again.

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