Check it Out! “Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay” Explicit Review

I went to Singapore for work this time, but I decided to stay here because it was a hotel with a business relationship at work. In addition, it was easy to move because it was near from the station and restaurants. As it was the first time in Singapore, I did not understand how to get around well, so the place I could easily move by train near the station was the best choice. As a shopping mall was attached to the hotel, it was nice because I could go shopping is easily.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The entrance is on the first floor, but the reception is on the seventh floor. When you arrive at the lobby on the first floor, the concierge will be able to pick up your bag right away. You can get a ticket and go up to the reception on the 7th floor. If you give a baggage exchange ticket when you check in, the concierge will bring you a bag later to your room. This service was very convenient because my bag was very large and heavy because I was staying for a ling time.


Entrance seen from the inside.

1F Concierge Reception

1F elevator hall

Inside of the elevator

7F elevator hall


Guest room elevator hall

Guest room floor corridor

What is the Standard King Bed Room like?

Guest room entrance door

Guest room entrance door seen from the inside

The entire room was clean and the facilities were substantial.

The bed was too big to sleep on alone. The springs were in good shape, and I was able to sleep very well.

The TV seen from the bed

There is also a desk, a chair and a DVD player.

There was a smartphone on the desk.

There is a telephone, note paper and alarm on the table by the sofa.

There was no balcony, so there was no space outside the window.

I stayed on the upper floor, so the view was very good. There was something like a decoration of the building at the bottom of the window, so it was very disappointing that it blocked the view. Other than that, you can see the Marina Bay Sands directly in front of you, and the scenery is very beautiful.


The whole bathroom seen from the door

I was concerned about water leaking to the floor after using the shower, but there was no problem because a towel was put on the floor.


Wash basin

The whole sink seen from the toilet.

The amenities were good. I was able to use a lot because there were two each prepared even though I was staying alone.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and safe

The closet was neither large nor narrow. There was also a safe, but Singapore has a very strict government policy, and there are cameras everywhere in the city, so I felt safe because it is said that there is almost no chance of things being stolen.

Inside of the closet

Mini bar and cafe

You can drink coffee and tea for free. I only had coffee in the morning, and the coffee was very strong. There were also sweets and a water bottle.

The mini bar had water, sweets, soda and beer. There is a refrigerator, but no freezer.

Inside the refrigerator

Restaurant, shop in hotel

The occupancy rate of the hotel was so high that it was very prosperous during the summer vacation season when I stayed, so both the restaurant and the bar were always very crowded, so I did not eat at any of the restaurants. The atmosphere seen from the outside was very good and the price is high, but I think that it is convenient for those who do not want to go out eat.

International cuisine buffet on the 7th floor called “The Square.”

“D ‘PELANGI RESTAURANT” located on the sixth floor.

A Cantonese Restaurant called “Dragon Phoenix.”

“LE BAR ROUGE” on the seventh floor.

A Starbucks in the hotel.


Currency exchange

Facilities in the hotel

There is pool on the sixth floor, but I did not swim in it this time. The pool looked good from the room I stayed in, and due to the high temperature and humidity, there were people swimming until around 23:00. A restaurant is directly connected to the pool area, so I think it is possible to swim and eat in the pool all day. There were also towels prepared, so your do not need to bring one from your room. There were shallow places and deep places, and the deep places seemed quite deep, so I think children need attention. Unfortunately, the view from the pool was not great.

There was a gym.

Conference room

Kids play area

Environment around the hotel

The whole city of Singapore is very safe, and it was close to go anywhere, so it took less than 10 minutes to go anywhere, and there was no traffic jams, so it was easy. The hotel was convenient to go from downtown to anywhere, from a modern, developed location to a small shopping street, and a quick walk to the Hawkers like stalls. Everyone in the town was very friendly, and when I had trouble, someone always helped me out.

Staff & customer base

All the staff were very professional and the service was excellent. I had to wait a bit to check-in and check-out, but everyone was very kind and I had no troubles during my stay.

There were people with all ages staying. It was summer vacation when I stayed, so I there were many families with children. There were many Asian businessmen as well.


Security is very good. The government has installed a camera everywhere in town, and it seems that there is a very strict law for crime, so the security in the town is very good.

Shopping and access to destinations were very good. There were two train stations within walking distance and it was very convenient. I mainly used the dispatch service, but because it is a small city, I could go anywhere immediately without taking too much time. In addition, since a currency exchange office, a convenience store, and a shopping mall is in the hotel, it is very convenient for shopping and there is a large restaurant area across from the hotel, so I think the condition of the location is very good.


It was a very nice and luxurious hotel. All the employees got along and seemed to work like a family. In fact, none of the employees had the impression that they were working in a service. They were creating a very welcoming environment. As you can see, the occupancy rate is always over 90%, even during the busy season, and it may be difficult to make reservations. The hotels I stayed in this time all had rooms in good condition. I would like to stay here again if I have the chance to go to Singapore again.

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