Check it Out! “Muthu Newton Hotel” Explicit Review

I chose "Muthu Newton Hotel," because it is easily accessible from Inverness Airport and Speyside in Scotland. Because I was traveling by car from Inverness Airport, I was looking for a place with good access to the airport. Also, I planned to visit the Speyside whiskey distillery the next day, and access from Speyside was not bad either. The reviews were good, and the price was reasonable. The building is also classic, and it made me want to stay here after looking at the photos.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel is a very elegant like an old castle.

The entrance area.

The entrance.

Inside of the entrance.

The entrance seen from inside of the hotel.

The hallway.

This is the room with the front desk.

There is an entrance that leads you straight to the front desk.

The entrance seen from the lobby.

The lobby.

The front desk was very big and had a classic look to it. I arrived at the hotel late, so there was no one around.

There are chairs by the lobby.

Next to the elevator are stairs.


Light shines through the window.

There were many paintings hung on the wall.

Gust room floor corridor.


What is the Single Bed Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

I was hoping that the room would have a window overlooking the garden, but I was disappointed that there was only a small window. Because it is an old building, the doors and walls are thin, so I could here noise come in from the outside, the hotel is located in a quiet place, so it was not a problem after all. The interior was classic and calm. The room was just the right size for one person to stay.

There was a TV across the bed and next to the entrance. There was a trowser presser on the other side as well.

Trouser presser.

There was a bathroom next to the TV, and a desk and chair next to the bathroom door.

The bed sheets were clean and the hardness of the pillows and mattresses was just right for me. I was able to sleep well in a comfortable bed and a quiet environment.

The bedroom seen from the window.

I was expecting a nice view, but all I could see was a building. The weather was bad, but it would have been nice to have a view of the garden.


There was bathtub and the bathroom was very wide. It was very clean and I felt very comfortable. The water pressure for the shower was just right. Hot water come out properly.

A towel warmer was installed on the left wall immediately after entering the bathroom. It is cold in the morning and evening even in summer, so it was nice to be able to use a warm towel after taking a shower.


There was shampoo, conditioner, hand soap and a shower cap on a shelf.

There was extra toilet paper and a sanitary bad on the toilet.

Closet and safe

There was a closet by the bed. The closet was just the right size for me staying alone. There was a full-length mirror on the closet door. There were also hangers in the closet.

There was a safe on a shelf in the closet.

Mini bar and cafe

The cafe corner on the desk. There was one electric kettle, teapot, mug, spoon, milk, tea bag, instant coffee, sugar and biscuits. The biscuit but was delicious.

Restaurants in the hotel

The hotel has a lounge bar and I had whiskey here.

Because it was not so far from the whiskey distillery, there were many kinds of whiskey to pick from.

I had breakfast buffet as well.

Cereal and drinks.

Ham, cheese and fruit.

There was jam on the table.

I had baked beens, sausage, and mushroom.


The breakfast venue.

Facilities in the hotel

There is a meeting room, a wedding chapel and a park.

There were ay people staking a walk around the park. The sound of birds chirping was very nice to hear.

Environment around the hotel

There is nothing around the hotel, and you can only see the ocean in the distance, but other than that, it is a very quiet environment. It’s a place where you can’t do anything without a car. The surrounding is very beautiful with fresh air. This hotel is used by locals for weddings, graduation parties, and for golf.

Staff and customer base

The staff were polite and calm. There were many local staff. I was happy that the staff was very gentle.

There were many customers staying to lay golf at the golf course, and there were many elderly couples and families. I also saw families with small children as well. I did not see many young people staying at this hotel.


Access from the airport is very convenient if you have a car. It was about 15 minutes by car from Inverness Airport. There were no shops around the hotel, so it would be difficult to go to a supermarket or restaurant on foot. The area around the hotel is very safe.

I planned to go to the Speyside whiskey distillery, which takes about an hour, and it was in a convenient location. It is a little inconvenient to go shopping, but if you have a car you can get to the city easily.


It was a nice hotel to stay at for one day. The facility itself is old and the walls and doors were thin, so it may not be suitable for those who are sensitive about sounds. Breakfast was very gorgeous and you could eat whatever you like, such as fruits and yogurt in a buffet style. The overall atmosphere is classic and luxurious, so you can spend an elegant time. The staff are very friendly and there is a lot of nature around. I stayed in a single room with a bad view, so if I decide to stay here again, I would like a room with a better view.

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