Check it Out! “Miyako Hybrid Hotel” Explicit Review

I have stayed at "Miyako Hybrid Hotel" before, and I remembered it being comfortable, so I decided to stay here again. In addition, I rented a car this time, and it was convenient because this hotel has a large parking space. It is not a cheap hotel, but I think that it is a hotel worth the price.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The exterior is beautiful, with large room windows and white walls

The parking lot is large and it is close to the entrance. There is also a parking lot for guests who are not staying at the hotel as well.

There are staffs at the entrance, and they will help you out.

Lobby on the first floor.

The front is not large, but it was luxurious and the check it procedure went in smoothly.

Elevator hall.

Inside of the elevator.

Guest room corridor.

What is the Standard Double Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

It was a standard sized double room.

There are two double beds, and the mat is a little bit firm, but it was comfortable to sleep on because the bed was big enough to move around.

There is no sofa, but there is a chair and a round table next to the bed, which is convenient for drinking and eating.

There was a desk with a power supply, and lots of drawers.

There is a luggage stand, drawers, and a TV on top.

You can relax in the room, because it is clean and quiet.


The toilet and bath were separate.

It was a large sink which was convenient.

The bathtub was deep. The shower was installed outside the bathtub and I was glad that there was a washroom. Water pressure was normal. Occasionally the temperature may not be stable, but the shower head is large, so the amount of water coming out was enough.

The toilet has a washlet function.

Amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, body soap, shower cap, and soap were average. However, the small containers were not enough for the two of us. If you want to use a lot, it is better to have more prepared.

Mini bar and cafe

There is a pot, a simple coffee maker and coffee for that coffee maker. Because the mug was put into vinyl, it was clean. There was no water, so I had to buy one. Two sugars and milk were prepared.

There was also a refrigerator.

Closet and safe

The safe was the size of a drawer, so I do not think that it would fit much inside. There is also an iron in the closet, so it would be convenient to iron shirts. As there was a drawer inside, accessories and underwear could be stored neatly.

The safe is in the drawer.

View from the room

There was a very narrow terrace, but it was clean. I was on the parking lot side.

About 3 days after arrival, the windows were clean very well, and the windows became transparent. As it is not a resort hotel, I think it was more about safety than the landscape.

Restaurant in the hotel

It was a place where we could have a bar and a meal together. Japanese restaurant “Iseshima” serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you can walk in at any time.

The inside is modern.

Sushi was gorgeous.

There are many types of liquor, so it is nice if you want to have a little something to drink.

There is also a seating area suitable for enjoying the bar.

Shop in the hotel

The shop sell drinks, sweets and small souvenirs. There is a good selection of Godiva, wine and liquor, as well as bags and wallets.

Facilities in the hotel

The business center had a computer and a printer. It costs money but it is useful to have a printer. There is no door to the room, but it makes it easier for anyone to walk in.

Lobby for the event venue.

There is a spa and a gym.

Environment around the hotel

There is a supermarket next door. If you do not want to go out after your arrival, you can buy a lunch box here and eat it in your room.

There is also a food court.

Japanese restaurant.

A lot of cars are running on the big road in front of the hotel. There are sometimes people on the sidewalks, but not many. The night is dark as there are few street lights. I think it is best not to walk outside alone.


From the airport it takes about 30 minutes to get to the hotel. I think Torrance is pretty safe. It may be hard to go shopping without a car.

The outside seen from the parking lot.

Staff and customer base

The staffs were all very kind.

most of the guests were Japanese. I think there were more businessmen staying than tourists. There were more elderly people than young people.


I have stayed at this hotel several times, and it is always very comfortable. I would like to stay at this hotel again, and next time I would rent a rental car for more than a day so that it would be more convenient.

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