Check it Out! “Maswik Lodge-Inside the Park” Explicit Review

I decided to stay at “Muswik Lodge-Inside the Park, Grand Canyon” because it was a reasonable hotel in the South Rim and it had good access to sightseeing spots. I wanted to go hiking at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, so I was looking for a place to stay on the South Rim. The South Rim was astonishingly expensive as I expected, but "Muswik Lodge" was reasonable among the hotels. In addition, the bus stop that travels around the South Rim and the famous Bright Angel Trailhead was close which is convenient.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel looked like a restaurant at first, because the restaurant could be seen from the window. The bus will drop you off right in front of the entrance.

The lobby was clean, and I could feel the warmth of wooden lodge. There is a restaurant at the back of the lobby and it is spacious. The restaurant is very busy because guests who are not staying at the hotel can eat there as well.

Front desk.

The road leading to the lodge.

What it is the Standard Room like?

The lodge seen from the outside.

Guest room entrance door.

The guest room was simple, but more comfortable than I expected. Of course, it is not as clean as a hotel, but the bed wasn’t too bad and I was able to get a good night’s sleep. It was very quiet in the evening. The room was big, so I could open up my suitcase and organize my luggage.

The bed was comfortable. The next day I had to wake up early in the morning, but because I slept well, I was able to leave without feeling tired.

There was an alarm, a phone, and a note set on the bedside table.

There was a TV opposite the bed.

There was also a desk next to the television.

There was also a fan by the window.


The bathtub and toilet were in the same space.

The drainage of the bathtub was good.

The shower was fixed on the wall. The water pressure was strong enough and the temperature was just right. What I was worried about was that the ventilation fan was a little weak, so the room became steamy.

Shampoo, conditioner and  body soap were prepared. I was happy because it was full. It smelled like green tea.


There was tissue, hand soap and lotion on the wash basin. There were not a lot of amenities prepared, but it was enough for a lodge.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and safe

The closet was a simple area next to the washbasin. Because I only had my hiking clothes and luggage, a simple closet was enough. There was no safe.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a cafe corner on the wash basin. There was a capsule-type coffee machine, paper cups, plastic cups and so on. There were no spoons, forks, water and etc, but it was not a problem because they served free water at the lobby and at the restaurant.

There was nothing in the refrigerator.

Restaurants in the hotel

There was a restaurant at the back of the front desk.

Inside of the restaurant.

You can choose from burgers, pastas and so on.

There were many guests who are not staying at the hotel eating at the restaurant.

It was a little overpriced, because the hotel is in a tourist destination, but it tasted very good and it had volume.

Environment around the hotel

The area around the lodge is in the center of the South Rim and there are many tourists. Because everyone was coming to enjoy hiking, everyone went to bed early to be able to get up early in the morning. You can walk to the Bright Angel Trailhead in 5 to 10 minutes and you can see the Grand Canyon from there. As there are multiple buses from Bright Angel Trailhead, I think it’s very convenient for sightseeing by bus. In addition, there is a train running in front of the lodge, so it is convenient to ride the train as well.

Train passing in front of the lodge.

Staff and customer base

I checked in late at night, but the staff who responded to me did not seem like he knew what he was doing. I wanted to make a final check on the Hikers Express Bus, which I leaves early in the morning, but he said that he has never heard of it before. It depends on the season, but heard that it runs from 5 am, but he kept saying that it only leaves   from 8 am and he was not helpful at all.

There were many tourists staying. Everyone seemed to be enjoy hiking, and when we left the room after 5 o’clock, many other hikers who were heavily equipped came out of the room and walked around. The restaurant was filled with lightly dressed tourists.


It is far from the airport. I think that it takes about 3 hours by car from both Las Vegas and Phoenix. The location is within the South Rim, so it is very convenient to explore the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. There is a bus stop in front of the lodge and you can walk to the trail head in about 5 minutes. I planned to go hiking, so it was convenient because the bus to the trailhead would stop at the bus stop near Maswik Lodge. It is far to walk to the supermarket, but it was easy to go by car and the parking lot was wide and convenient.

Bright Angel Trailhead.

View from the Bright Angel.


As it was very convenient to get to the South Rim, I was very happy that I got to stay at this hotel. The room was better than I expected and I was able to sleep very well. It is recommended for hikers, as there is a dedicated counter where you can get information on hiking (it wasn’t open late at night), you can also refill your thermos for free and the bus stop is just in front of the lodge. The nice thing about this hotel was that it was relatively cheap compared to other lodges. I was spending my nights in tents most of the time, so it was nice to be able to sleep and eat at a comfortable lounge, and I would love to stay here again.

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