Check it Out! “Marina Bay Sands” Explicit Review

This time I chose "Marina Bay Sands" because when I traveled to Singapore last year, I really wanted to see the hotel and stay there. I stayed at another hotel that I have been a member last year. Because it is one of the pleasure to go to the lounge, I reserved a high floor club room.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Hotel exterior

The lobby was wide, and it would take about 2 minutes to get to one end to another. During the daytime, the hotel is very crowded with hotel guests as well as the restaurant users and tourists passing on the way to Gardens by the Bay.

General check-in counter. It is a large-scale hotel, and check-in counters will be a large procession from the time before check-in (around 14 o’clock), so check in early and email if a room becomes available I think that it may be the tip of waiting time to get in contact with. We were able to check in about an hour and a half earlier.

VIP check-in counter

Room floor elevator floor number button

Guest room floor corridor

What is the City View Club Room like?

The rooms are large and cleaned very well. I said in advance that it was also a celebration my child’s birthday, so there was a free birthday cake.

There was a wonderful towel art with fresh flowers.

There was a sofa, 2 chairs and a table by the window.

There was a desk and a chair by the window, opposite the sofa.

There was a telephone and plug socket on the desk.

The beds were a bit softer than the ones I usually sleep on, but they were very comfortable. Pillows are also available in 2 types (hard and soft).

Bedside table

There was a TV across from the bed.

There was an HDMI1 and USB2 plug socket under the TV.

The Garden View is City View is a bit more cheaper than the Garden View, maybe because you can see a large number of tankers in the sea and it is a little bit more exciting.

The view on the garden side can be seen from the lounge on the 55th floor and the pool and restaurant on the 57th floor, so it is recommended to stay in the city view.


The shower booth and the bathtub was set up separately. The bathtub is deep enough to soak in and relax. The shower head is a thin type.

The shower booth is wide and the water pressure is perfect. However, the shower head was a fixed type. You can sit down, but because the floor is marble it’s slightly slippery so you need to be careful.


Wash basin

The towels were prepared on ta shelf next to the wash basin.

Amenity was a toothpaste set, cotton, nail file, nail pusher, sewing set, hair rubber, comb, solid soap, razor and shaving foam. The contents are very general.

Closet and safe

The closet included hangers, a bathrobe, slippers, iron, ironing board, extra pillows, duvet, hair dryer and a laundry bag. It is free to iron your clothes one time a day in the club room.

There were also slippers in the closet.

The safe was a general type that sets a four digits number.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a Nescafe Dolce Gusto at the cafe corner.

There were about four kinds of tea from TWG (which will be replenished free after drinking). In addition, in the drawer, there were 2 kinds of glasses, a bottle opener and so on.

There were two coffee sets (large and small) in the drawer.

There was an electric kettle in this drawer.

The refrigerator is packed with drinks and there is no space for cooling the water. (If you ask, they will free up space for you.) However, if you are staying in a club room, you will have free access to all the drinks in the lounge.

Restaurant and shop in hotel

We had breakfast at three different restaurants. The first one is “RISE” which is on the first floor. It is very large and there are many types of meals. However, the space between the seating areas is narrow, so it may be uncomfortable for some people.

In addition to the general menu, there are many kinds of fruits and drinks as well as Indian food, Chinese food, Japanese food, vegetarian and etc, and it was the best assortment among the hotels I have ever stayed in. I think it is nice for people who want to eat various dishes.

This is “ADRIFT” which is on the first floor as well. It has a calm atmosphere.

Chinese uniformed staffs would make Egg Benedict in addition to noodles which was interesting to see.

There are a wide variety of food such as bread, ham, fruits and dried fruits. Personally, I liked this restaurant the most.

The last is “SPAGO” located next to the pool on the 57th floor. You can enjoy your meal in a very open space, as the interior is stylish and has no walls. You can also see the garden side. (However, all chairs are low, so you can not see the pool or the scenery unless you stand up)

I think the choice of menu is relatively less than the other restaurants.

Because I stayed in the club room this time, so I could use the CLUB 55.

CLUB 55’s food does not change often, and only the contents of sandwiches, scones and pies are switched out daily. Fruits and cheese were almost always the same.

During the day cakes and snacks are added and there were hors-d’oeuvres at night. There were no smoked salmon or raw ham. The cakes were very sweet (it is a personal preference, but in terms of food alone, the Conrad Centennial club lounge was delicious).

Soft drinks are rich in variety such as carbonates and fruit juices. Alcohols are abundant in champagne, various wine, beer, vodka, cognac, gin and so on. If you ask for a cocktail, it will be charged separately. Most of the guests seem to be enjoying champagne.

Facilities in the hotel

There is the world’s largest infinity pool on the roof, and the view is great. I think you can enjoy it at any time of the day. You can order food and drinks from the restaurant SPAGO next to the pool. Piled potato fries and hamburgers were popular.

To the left of the pool, there is a small but shallow pool for kids.

On the right side of the pool is a space dedicated to adults, and the use of play equipment such as floats is strictly prohibited except in pools for infants.

Towel was unlimited.

It was very crowded at all times, but it was the most open early in the morning and in the evening.

A water fountain was also installed.

There is a shop and you can buy drinks and ice cream here. The pool has a photo-shooting staff wearing a black lash guard and a hat, and if you ask, he will take a picture. You can check the photos that was taken on the photo space PC next to the store, and purchase them if you like.

Garden side

A jacuzzi on the garden side.

The view at night is impressive. The building in the opposite financial district seems to have many people working late at night, and the lights are on forever, so you can still see a beautiful night view even at late hours.

There is also a casino.

There is a fitness club on the 55th floor. You can exercise while looking at a panoramic view.

Environment around the hotel

The Art Science Museum is located opposite the hotel. It is a building that imitates a lotus flower, and there is a lotus pond below.

In July, purple-blue lotus flowers are in full bloom and is very beautiful.

Behind the hotel are Gardens by the Bay. It is recommended to go around the 9 o’clock opening because it is hot during the day and the number of people increases throughout the day. Also, if you want a beautiful view of the Marina Bay Sands on your camera, it is a good idea to shoot from the bridge on your way to Gardens by the Bay.

The Helix Bridge is a 5-minute walk away from the hotel.

The Singapore Flyer is within a 10 minutes’ walk.

The Elgin Bridge was beautiful when it was lit up.

Staff and customer base

The hotel staffs were all very kind. The cleaning staff in the room made an elaborate towel art, and I was deeply moved by the fact that the children’s Yukata was prepared with TWG tea and sweets during the turndown service period.

80% of the people staying were Asians. There were many couples and families.


If you take a taxi from the airport, you can get to the hotel for about $ 15 in around 20-30 minutes (at times such as midnight or rush hours when there are no additional charges). Taxis in Singapore are cheap and safe so it is recommended. Because the subway (two lines) was directly connected to the building base, it was very easy to move to places. Going to Sentosa requires a transfer, but otherwise it is relatively easy. In addition, since shopping buildings are directly connected, there are many shopping and dining options available.


This is a tourist center in Singapore, and the rooms, the pool, the staffs and the restaurants were all very satisfying. This time I stayed in the club room, so I could use the CLUB 55, and the lounge staffs were very friendly and remembered the name of my child and spoke to us daily. In addition, I went to have champagne many times during the evening bar time, so I had a little too much to drink. Normally, you will always be asked to sign an item slip when things are charged, but this time I did not have to even once. It seems that the signing is being omitted because it is a large hotel.

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