Check it Out! “Leighton House” Explicit Review

I chose "Layton Townhouse" because breakfast is free, and I was looking for a hotel that is similar to a B&B. At first, the rooms were fully booked, but I checked out the hotel once more and there was a room available, so I made a reservation right away.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The front yard was well-maintained, and the lavenders were beautiful. The door was closed, and a staff opened the door for me when I rang the bell.

There was no front desk, and I sat down on the sofa and filled out necessary information. There was a DVD that you can watch for free in your room.

What is the Twin Bed Room like?

The room was beautiful.

There was a cute sachet of dry lavender on the bed, and I was very impressed that it was not chocolate or biscuits. The double bed rooms had a canopy over the bed and had a romantic atmosphere, but the double bed room was a little more simpler. The room was not big, and there was only enough room to open up the suitcases. The bed was very clean. The height of the pillow was just right, and I was able to sleep very well.

There was a TV and an air conditioner across the bed.

There was an arm chair and a table as well.

It was nice that there was a dresser with a large mirror.


I was worried that the bathroom would get steamy from using hot water in the shower, but it was not a problem, because the vent worked very well.

There was a towel rack across the toilet.

Above the sink were face towels.

Amenities were of a brand called REN, and there was shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, shower cap, sewing set, and nail buffer. There was only one of each, so I had to ask for another set. I do not know did this brane but the quality was good and I was very satisfied. Because there was a jacuzzi, I used too much shoer jail and had to ask for more.


Closet and safe

There were 6 bathrobes, 6 hangers and 2 slippers in the closet. The slippers were cheap. There was no safe inside.

Bath robe.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a kettle, coffee press, powdered coffee, mineral water, instant coffee, teabags, instant hot chocolate, fresh milk, sugar, small kit cuts, glasses and cups. It was my first time using a press coffee machine, so I enjoyed using it.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

There was no restaurant, but because it is a B&B, I was able to have breakfast.

The breakfast room was clean and bright.

The owner came to greet everyone during breakfast.

The food tasted very good.

Environment around the hotel

The hotel was located in a quiet residential area. Large houses and other B&Bs are lined up, but unexpectedly there is a lot of traffic, so I could hear the sound of cars from inside of room. Other than that, I could hear the birds chirping, and it was a relaxing environment. There are no shops in the surrounding area, and there is no transportation to get to the Bath Station, so the slope is a good exercise. There are various shops such as Marks and Spencer in the city of Bath, so if you can walk up the hill for 15 minutes, there is much more to do.

Staff & customer base

The owners are from Singapore and they were very nice. If you ask a question, they will do research on the internet for you right away. All the other staff working here were very kind and friendly as well.

I saw a young couple and friends staying. There were not many elderly people staying. Most of the people staying seemed to be English.


From London Heathrow Airport you need to come to Bath by train. Nearest station is Bath Spa Station. Stop at Paddington Station in London and change to GWR (Great Western Railway). I arrived here by train from Penzance.

You have to walk up a steep hill for more than 15 minutes to get to Bath. However, it was a beautiful green luxurious residential area, so it was not as hard as I expected it to be.


I had a very nice stay at this hotel. The owners were very kind. The hospitality was very good, and it was very relaxing. The other staff were friendly just like the owners, so the hotel had a cozy atmosphere. The room was lovely and I was very impressed that there was a jacuzzi. The breakfast was delicious, and the breakfast venue was bright and clean. The owner’s wife said hello to everyone and it was very nice to talk to them. It is an amazing hotel, and I would love to stay here again.

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