Check it Out! “La’gent Hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho” Explicit Review

I stayed at "La'gent Hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho" which just opened on August 1, 2019. The Japanese conscious guest room was new, beautiful and very relaxing to stay in. Because the hotel is next to Okubo Park in Shinjuku, it is convenient for participating in gourmet events. Although it is a hotel at the back of Kabukicho, it had a calm atmosphere and the interior had stylish decorations and wallpaper.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

La Gento Hotel Shinjuku Kabukicho is a 9-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station East Exit, a 6-minute walk from Oedo Line Higashi-Shinjuku Station Exit A1, and a 3-minute walk from Seibu Shinjuku Line Seibu Shinjuku Station North Exit.

It is a 9-story hotel. The exterior is modern and stylish, with gray walls and white lines. The red entrance stood out.

This is the entrance of “CAFÉ & BAR Crospot” on the first floor of the hotel. It is connected to the lobby.

The hotel entrance is next to the entrance of “CAFÉ & BAR Crospot.”

There was a front desk on the right side after entering the hotel, and it was connected to the lobby and “CAFÉ & BAR Crospot.”

A welcome drink was prepared in front of the front desk.

The front desk seen from “CAFÉ & BAR Crospot.”

The front desk was small, but bright and cute.

There was an elevator at the back of the front desk.

Various pamphlets were placed in front of the elevator.

At the back of the elevator, there was a vending machine corner and a smoking space on the right, and a door on the left leading to the parking lot.

At the end of the wall, various photos of Kabukicho were displayed.

Lobby floor elevator. The elevator would not work without a card key, so the hotel was secure.

Guest rom floor elevator.

When I got off the elevator, the wallpaper was a Japanese style wallpaper with bamboo written on it.

The elevator display was very unique with the display ninjas.

A trouser press is installed in the corridor, which is very helpful for people staying on a business trip.

Guest room floor corridor.

What it is the Standard Twin Room like?

Guest room door.

Key card.

A U-shaped lock on the door.

Next to the closet on the right side was a key card holder.

On the left was a full length mirror.

The room is small with only 15 square meters, so if you are staying with a large luggage, you may have difficulty getting into it. The room was decorated in a beige shade.

There were two 110cm wide single beds.

There was a table between the beds with a light on top.

The headboard had a light switch, plug-in outlet and a USB port, which was convenient.

Night lamps on both sides of the bed.

An alarm on the headboard.

Nightwear prepared on the bed.

In the room I stayed in, a bonsai was drawn next to the bed.

There was a TV opposite the bed. It was a small room, so the TV was hanging on the wall.

The TV seen from the bed.

A dehumidifier.

A desk and a fridge.

Trash can.

A small desk.

There was a phone, memo set and a TV remote on the desk.

A plug-in outlet on the desk.

A chair with an interesting design.

The entrance way seen from the bed.

A window at the back of the room.

The view was not particularly great, and it was only a view of the city.


In the bathroom, there was a toilet, a sink, and a shower-integrated bathtub all in the same space. Although it is not big, it is a hotel just opened in August 2019, so it was very clean.


The shower was removable, and the water pressure was strong enough.

Water temperature was easy to adjust.

There was shampoo, conditioner and body soap prepared on the bathtub.

A toilet with a Washlet function.


Hand & face soap prepared on the sink.

There is a big mirror and towels prepared next to it.

Amenities are toothbrush sets, razors, hair brushes, cotton swabs and hair bands.

Cups and a body sponge.

Hair dryer.

A trash can under the sink.

Closet and safe

There is an open closet by the entrance with four hangers.

Bellow, were slippers, a deodorant spray, a clothes brush and a shoe horn.

Deodorant spray, clothes brush and a shoe horn.


A safe was in the desk drawer.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a cafe corner next to the desk.

On the cabinet was a kettle.

There is a plug-in outlet by the kettle.

In the drawer was a hotel original cup.

There was a fridge, but nothing was inside.

Restaurants in the hotel

An American-style sports bar called “CAFÉ & BAR Crospot” on the first floor.

Inside of the restaurant.

There were a lot of TVs above the counter to watch sports.

I had breakfast here. Breakfast is for hotel guests only and tickets (880 yen including tax) can be purchased at the front desk. Crospot’s original sandwiches using brown sugar bread and German potatoes, corn soup, yogurt and drinks were self-service.

German potato and corn soup.


Warm drinks.

Cold drinks.

Breakfast was delicious.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a vending machine corner on the first floor and a smoking room behind it.

The sign by the vending machine corner was very cute.

There is a door leading to the parking lot opposite the vending machine corner. The parking lot was a complete reservation system, and it was 2500 yen per night.

Hotel surroundings

A convenience store near the hotel.

A tapioca shop near the hotel that is very popular.

Staff and guests

The front desk is small, but there were several staff standing and I was able to check in smoothly.

There were many Westerners staying.


The hotel is located at the back of Kabukicho, and you walk a little ways from JR Shinjuku Station. There is Shin-Okubo Korean Town nearby.

The city around the hotel.

A restaurant near the hotel.


This hotel was very beautiful and comfortable to stay in. Since it is a hotel in the downtown area of ​​Shinjuku, the view was not great, but the interior decoration of the hotel is stylish. Because they were only serving light snack for breakfast, it was a little unsatisfying. There are many restaurants around the hotel, so you can have a delicious meal outside of the hotel. It is a little inconvenient if you have a large suitcase, because you have to walk a little ways from the station. It is a nice and comfortable hotel to stay in, so I would like to stay here again.

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