Check it Out! “InterContinental Sydney” Explicit Review

I decided to stay at "Intercontinental Sydney" because the Vivid Sydney was happening around this hotel. Because the area around the hotel is the venue, you can enjoy the opera house and harbor bridge from the hotel as well as enjoy it without having to worry about time. It is also easily accessible from the airport, and the train (airport link) can take you to Circular Quay Station near the hotel. For these reasons, I boked a room at this hotel.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Hotel appearance.

Drive in area.

The entrance seen from inside the hotel.

Sub entrance.

The lobby was bright with a lot of sunlight, so it was a relaxing space where you can read if you like. So far in Sydney I have stayed at Marriott, Hilton, and Sheraton, but the lobby here was the most quiet and calming of them all.


The front desk always had two staff members, and I did not see any long lines during my stay.

Front floor elevator hall.

Inside of the elevator.

Elevator floor number button panel.

Room floor elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the King Deluxe Eastern Harbor View Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

The inside door had a U-shaped lock.

The room on the 30th floor of the Eastern Harbor View was bright and airy. All outlets are O-type (shape with two flat pins) used in Oceania.

The bed was a king size bed, and the mattress was just right, so I could sleep well until morning.

There was a desk and a chair in front of the bed.

There was a sofa and a table opposite the bed.

There was a TV by the window.

You can lay down on the sofa by the window and look at the Royal Botanic Gardens. The curtains can be opened and closed from the bed.

I could see the Royal Botanic Garden from the window of the guest room, and the view was beautiful.


There was a bathtub in the bathroom.

The bathtub and shower were together. The bathtub was shallow.

It was a shame that the shower was fixed on the wall, but the water did not get cold even after using it for a long time. The water pressure was also strong enough.

Wash basin.

Agraria San Francisco body lotion, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and 2 soaps were prepared. There was also a sewing set and a cotton swab, but no toothbrush set.

There was also a hair dryer.

There was a closet opposite the bathroom.

Closet and safe

There was a closet on the right side of the room. There was enough space for multiple suitcases to fit in.

There were about 10 hangers.

There were also bathrobes and slippers prepared.

There was an umbrella, an iron, an ironing board, and a luggage rack.

There was a shelf in the closet.

The safe was also in the closet.

Mini bar and cafe

There was also a cafe corner next to the closet.

There was also a capsule-type coffee machine.

There were instant coffees, tea bags, sugar and milk.

Cups and an electric kettle was also prepared in the lower storage shelf.

There is also a refrigerator, and some drinks such as beer and juice were provided.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

There was a restaurant called “Opera” on the second floor of the hotel.

“Opera” is a buffet style restaurant where you can enjoy international cuisine and fresh seafood.

There was also a lounge in the lobby.

There was also a jewelry shop in the hotel.

Facilities in the hotel

There was an indoor pool on the 31st floor. I think that it is available only to the people who can access the Executive Lounge.

There was also a business center.

There was also an Executive Club Lounge on the 32nd floor. Club Room Guests can use this lounge. The view of the Opera House and Harbor Bridge seen can be seen from the balcony of this club lounge, and it was amazing.

Environment around the hotel

It is close to the main city area, but the hotel itself is in the outskirts, a little off the main street, and there were not so many people. Adjacent to the Royal Botanic Garden, it is ideal for walking and running through the garden to the Opera House. At night, there are quite a few people, but in the area where luxury hotels are lined up, it is safe. As the hotel is slightly uphill from Circular Quay Station, it may be hard for people who have trouble waling to get to the hotel.

Opera House

Staff and customer base

All the staffs said hello with smiles, and it felt very nice. The club lounge staff, in particular, remembered our faces during cocktail hours and breakfast, and they responded in a friendly manner.

There were many elderly couples staying.


The Airport Link provides a convenient way to reach the nearest station, Circular Quay. Adjacent to the Royal Botanic Garden, it is quiet around the hotel. At night, there was less traffic, but I never felt unsafe. It is convenient to go anywhere, as trains, buses and ferries can be used from Circular Quay Station, which is about a 3-minute walk from the hotel. The Opera House can be reached in about 5 minutes, and the popular Rocks area for tourists can be reached in about 10 minutes on foot.

“Harbor Bridge.”


The purpose of my stay this time was to enjoy the celebration of light and sound, Vivid Sydney. Vivid Sydney was conducted around the hotel and I enjoyed the projection mappings without worrying about time. The room facilities are slightly inferior to other luxury hotels in Sydney, but the food in the lounge was better than the other luxury hotels. There is also a wonderful view of the Opera House, Harbor Bridge, Sydney Bay and Royal Botanic Garden from the balcony. The Opera House, Royal Botanic Garden, was perfect for a walk from the hotel. The hotel is a good place to stay to go sightseeing. I would like to stay in a room which allows me to get into the club lounge next time.

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