Check it Out! “InterContinental Singapore” Explicit Review

We chose"Intercontinental Singapore" because there is good access to subways to tourist attractions such as Bay Area with Mer-Lion, Chinatown, Little India and etc, and we stayed here at the time of the last visit, so we knew what it would be like. The main reason for having been. There is no sense of luxury like Orchard Station, but I think that the station mall is a relatively lively area with plenty of reasonable restaurants, daily necessities, souvenir shops, and lots of customers. The security is good, and the place where I can rest in peace is good. Being a member of the InterContinental Group Hotel is another reason for choosing this hotel.

Exterior of the hotel, entrance and front view

The appearance looked a little old, but it is also a landmark and had a profound feeling.

The front side has a car stop and a taxi stop. The hotel faces the road and the station mall, so there is no large garden, and planting around the entrance and indoor plants in the lobby are visible. There was not much volume, but it was well kept.

The front desk is divided by a pillar and you can check in without feeling rushed.Those who were in charge of check-in felt detailed attention, such as the option proposal at the time of stay.

Entire lobby

Front floor elevator hall

Elevator floor number button

Room floor elevator

Room floor elevator hall

What is the Premium Room like?

Even though the room was located near the elevator, there was no noise at all.

Guest room entrance door seen from the inside.

The room had a bedroom area and a living room area connected, and it was wide. The lights were bright and the air conditioning worked well.

The desk and the sofa was large and I could relax. Overall, I was able to spend a comfortable time during my stay.


On top of the desk

Sofa and table

The king size bed was big. It was soft and comfortable to sleep on. Two pillows were also prepared. It was a comfortable bed.

Bedside table

The TV seen from the bed

The TV sen from the living room side

There was no terrace or balcony to go out.

As for the view, because it is located in the town, we could not see the vier, the sea, and etc, but instead we could see the tall buildings such as the national library and financial companies nearby. There were buildings that were lit up at night, but there were no neon signs and the town looked calm.


The bathtub and the shower booth was around the wash basin.

The water pressure of the shower felt relatively strong. The shower head was of the type that can adjust the water pressure with a switch. There was also an overhead shower. The glass door of the shower booth has a slight gap, so depending on the swing of the shower, the floor may get wet if you are not careful.

There was a shower in the bathtub, and the water pressure was strong here as well. The amount of water coming out was not a problem either.


Wash basin

Towels prepared under the wash basin.

Shampoo, conditioner, body shampoo, body lotion, soap, mouthwash, toothbrush, comb, razor, cotton swab, sponge, sewing set were prepared. The dryer was stored in the closet. Shampoos had a citrus scent. The razor was reasonably sharp. There was also a letter set prepared as well.

Closet and safe

The closet is a bit small, but there is a place where you can put the bags on top and put on shoes. There were about eight hangers and I felt that is was enough.

The closet closed.

Bathrobes and slippers were prepared in the closet.

There was a safe in the closet, but I did not use it this time.

Cafe corner

The mini bar is prepared with soft drinks, beer, wine, whiskey, soda and snacks.

Since there is an ice bucket, it is possible to get ice from the automatic ice maker.

There are only a few types of beverages, so I recommend using the bar lounge. A cafe function prepares a potion type coffee maker and there is also a tea pack.

Glasses and cups

The fridge is in this chest.

Inside of the fridge.

Restaurant in the hotel

Breakfast restaurant entrance

Inside of the restaurant

The restaurant serving as a breakfast venue has plenty of bread and main dishes, as well as Asian and Western dishes.

There is also a salad bar, but it is a bit hard to notice because it is located in the display area next to the entrance.

The live kitchen offers egg and noodle dishes.

There were many fruits to choose from.

Fresh juice, milk, coffee and tea were prepared.

Example of the breakfast.

There was also a bar on the first floor.

There was a Japanese style restaurant as well.

Hotel facilities

There was no gift shop or boutique shop that handles souvenirs in the hotel. There were a lot of shops in the mall that is attached, so you can shop there instead. Currency exchange machines are installed near the entrance of the mall.

Environment around the hotel

There are two shopping malls connected to the station which is open from 10 o’clock to 22 o’clock. There are clothes shop, miscellaneous goods, daily necessities, medicine shops on the1F. There is a food court on 2F and 3F.


It takes about 40 minutes by subway from the airport. From Bugis Station, you walk through the arcade and arrive at the hotel in about 2 minutes. Since Bugis Station is a subway transfer station, access to the surrounding attractions is convenient. The security is good, so you can go out at night with safely. As taxi fare is reasonable, I recommend using the taxi if you have a big luggage.

Staff and customer base

There was no occasion that felt inconvenient when corresponding with the staffs.

The customer base appeared to be used more for business use and for couples than for families. I felt there were more businessmen and tourists staying than locals. I felt the age of the guests were rather high.


The price was a bit high, but I thought it was a good hotel. The access from the subway station is good. Even if you have a large suitcase, you can reach the hotel entrance by taking a 2 minute walk from the roofed arcade to the ground with the escalator. The shopping mall directly connected to the station is well-equipped, and it is very convenient. In addition, the area around Bugis Station is safe and I think it is a good point to be able to go out at night safely. Also, the quality of the service provided by the hotel is high. Even if I felt the expected service and gap, I could get some response by inquiring at the front desk.

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