Check it Out! “Hyatt Regency Tokyo” Explicit Review

I stayed at "Hyatt Regency Tokyo" which is right next to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The starting point of the Tokyo Marathon could be seen from the room, and the logo of the Tokyo Olympics was raised which made me excited. During my stay, I used the gym and pool on the top floor. Although it has been many years since the hotel was built, it was kept clean and the cafe on the first floor was renewed last year and was fashionable.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Hyatt Regency Tokyo is a 28-story hotel located in a group of high-risen buildings in Nishi-Shinjuku. Adjacent to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Shinjuku Central Park, it is located in an area surrounded by nature even it is in the heart of the city.

It is a little less than a 10-minute walk from Shinjuku Station, and it is convenient because there is a free shuttle bus that runs every 20 minutes from the 35th stop in front of Shinjuku West Exit Hulk at the West Exit of Shinjuku Station.

The hotel sign lights up at night, so it is easy to find the hotel.

The hotel also has a limousine bus running between both Narita and Haneda airport, so it is very convenient for those who need to get to the airport. It is connected to Nishi Shinjuku Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and Tocho-mae Station on the Toei Oedo Line via an underground passage.

The entrance.

The entrance at night.

The lobby was spacious.

There were three gorgeous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

The ceiling goes up to the 8th floor.

The lobby with gorgeous chandeliers and this beautiful stained glass was spectacular.

There were sofas in the lobby.

Next to the lobby was a restaurant called the “CAFFE.”

Area in front of the front desk.

Front desk.

First floor elevator hall.

You can see the outside from the elevator.

There were buttons on both sides of the elevator.

Gust room floor elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

Corridor near the guest room.

What is the King Bed City View Room like?

Guest room door.

The door has a U-shaped lock so you can rest assured.

There is an air conditioner in the room.

The guest room had a size of 33 square meters, and there was a sofa, a spacious desk, but there was plenty of space to open up my luggage and still have some extra space.

The room was modern, simple interior based on brown, and was refreshing and calm.

The bed was a king size bed, to there was plenty of space to lay down.

There was a bedside table on both sides of the bed, and on this table was a phone, memo set and an alarm. There was also a USB charger and a place to charge your smart phone.

There was a drawer with nothing in it.

There was also a place to store things under the table.

The bedside table on the other side.

Across the bed was a TV, desk and a luggage stand.

A flat screen HD TV.

There was a USB port and a plug-in.

Desk next to the TV.

Under the desk was a trash can.

Above the desk was a mirror.

On the desk was a phone, memo set and information about window cleaning.

In the desk drawer was information about the hotel.

Luggage stand.

There was a yukata and a laundry bag in the drawer to the desk.

There was a table, sofa and an arm chair by the window.

Next to the sofa was a light.

The room seen from the sofa.

The bed seen from the window.

In front of my room was the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office. I was overwhelmed by how close the Tokyo Metropolitan Government office was to the hotel.

If I looked down, I could see Tomin Square.

In addition, you can see the trees of Shinjuku Chuo Park on the right side, and it was a wonderful view where you can feel the nature even in a big city.


There was a bathroom on the right side of the entrance.

There was a shower-integrated bathtub in the bathroom. The bathtub was big enough and I could relax in the bath.

The shower was a removable hand shower, and the water pressure was strong enough, so I could take a shower comfortably.

There was a towel rack above the bathtub.

The toilet was in the bathroom.

There were three towels prepared above the toilet.

The sink had plenty of space to put things on top and there was also a big mirror.

There were two free bottles of water prepared on the sink.

Amenities were also prepare on the sink.

Face soap.

Amenities were shampoos, conditioners, body soaps, body lotions, bath soaps, toothbrush sets, razors, combs, combs, cotton, swabs, shower caps and sewing sets. The shampoos were an organic body care brand called “PHARMACOPIA” made in Canada and had a natural and refreshing scent.

Hair dryer.


There was a trash can under the sink.

There were two face towels hanging by the sink.

Closet and safe

There was a closet on the left side of the entrance.

There were bath robes and enough hangers prepared inside.

There was a show horn and slippers.

The safe was in the closet as well.

Mini bar and cafe

Next to the closet was the cafe corner.

At the cafe corner was an electric kettle, ice bucket, glasses and cups prepared.

There was a place to plug in the kettle to boil hot water.

There were tea bags and instant coffee in the drawer.

There was a fridge, but there was nothing inside.

Restaurants in the hotel

There were various restaurants and bars in the hotel. I will introduce you to a couple of them.

“CAFFE” on the 2nd floor lobby floor where I had dinner.

This is an all-day dining open from 6:00 am to midnight and had a wide range of menus.

The inside of the restaurant was made of wood and stone, so it had a cozy feeling.

The interior was fancy.

I enjoyed looking at the interesting designs in the restaurant.


I had breakfast at a Japanese restaurant called “Kakou” on the 3rd floor.

The interior was bright and calm, with plenty of space between the seats next to you, and I was able to enjoy a relaxing meal.

It was a Japanese breakfast buffet, but the buffet table was lined with Western dishes such as bread, sausage and bacon.

Salad corner.

Cereal, bread and fruit.

The fish was cooked on the spot and brought to my table.


There was also a Chinese restaurant called “Hisikuyu.” It is the only restaurant that has been open since the hotel opened which was in 1980.

The French restaurant “Cuisine [s] Michel Troisgros” has been awarded 2 stars in the Michelin Guide Tokyo and is a cozy shop that uses a lot of natural ingredients.

“Lounge” is a relaxing space that fuses traditional Japanese atmosphere based on Urban Modern.

At the “Pastry Shop” on the lobby level, you can take out various cakes, sweets such as macaroons, and freshly baked bread.

This is a shop of a chef called Koichi Sato, who has won two contests in France.

Facilities in the hotel

There was an indoor pool and fitness gym on the 28th floor, which is the hotel’s top floor. This is the reception desk. A separate fee was required for this service.

The indoor pool was 6m wide and 12.5m long, and it was more like an exercise pool. Children over 5 years old can get in if an adult is present.

This pool is open from 6am to 9pm on weekdays and from 7:30am to 9pm on weekends and holidays (admission is until 8am).

There was also a jacuzzi beside the pool.

There were deck chairs on the pool side, so you can take a break here.

The roof of the pool is made of glass so that light will shine through during the day.

There was a sauna next to the pool.

This is a gym. Because it is on the 28th floor, you can work out at night while looking at the beautiful night view of the city.

The aerobic machine has an LCD TV, so you can train while watching TV, and a 46-inch display is also installed in the gym where you can enjoy video and music.

There is water and towels prepared in the gym, as well as a sphygmomanometer and body composition monitor, so you can check your health.

This is the indoor pool & gym changing room.

The shower room had an overhead shower, full body shower, and hand shower, and was equipped with shampoo, conditioner and body soap.

By the sink were amenities and a hair dryer.

There was also a salon called “Debonaire” which was researched by the founder of Hiru Takahashi, who founded the ear esthetic and spread it in Japan.

There was a internet corner.

Two computers were installed and you can use it for 10 minutes by paying 100 yen.


Hotel surroundings

There were various shops on the first floor of the hotel.

There is a convenience store on the first floor, so you can shop without getting wet even on rainy days.

The hotel is adjacent to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Staff and guests

The front staff during check-in was Chinese who was good at Japanese. If the front desk was busy, staff came out from the back to help, so I did not have to wait at all.

There were guests from all over the world.


As soon as you go up the stairs at the west exit of Shinjuku Station, there is a shuttle bus stop.

A free shuttle bus runs every 20 minutes from 8:10 in the morning to 9:50 in the evening from No.35, which is in front of Odakyu Hulk at Shinjuku Station West Exit.

The shuttle bus on the day I stayed had an alternative operation with the Odakyu Bus.


I stayed at “Hyatt Regency Tokyo” this time, but the room that was first introduced was a smoking room, unlike my reservation. I immediately contacted the front desk and waited in the room for a while, then changed to a non-smoking room. However, at this time, because it was an old facility, it was said that there was a room where the smell remained because the room that had been used as a smoking room was cleaned and made into a non-smoking room. I used the gym and pool, but unlike city sports gyms, facilities were beautiful and there were not many people and I was able to spend a relaxing time. This is a hotel I recommend to people who would like to get away from their daily life and have a different experience.

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