Check it Out! “Howard Winchester Hotel” Explicit Review

This hotel was very convenient for going to Cambridge and the North, and it was very close to Kings Cross station, which is the location of the movie “Harry Potter.” It was also a reasonable price with breakfast. It was within walking distance of the British Museum and I thought it would be convenient for sightseeing in London. There are lots of shops around the station which is very nice.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The appearance was very beautiful.

I was greeted at the entrance.

The lobby was small but refined with a stylish interior. It was also very clean. There is also a TV at the front desk, so you can wait while watching TV even if it is crowded.

It was a little inconvenient if you have heavy luggage, because there is no elevator.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Twin Bed Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

The room was very small. I could not open the window at all, and there was no air conditioning, so it was very hot.

There was a fan.

I was worried about noise from the outside, but there was a park in front of the hotel, so it was very quiet. There were only people walking, because it was not the main street. There was a basketball court in the park where young people enjoyed playing. There were tall trees growing up to the window which was very nice to see.

The bed was comfortable to sleep on. The sheets were cleaned well, and it felt very nice.


The water pressure for the shower was normal. There was no particular inconvenience because hot water came out right away. However, the room was very small, and because there seemed to be no ventilation, the bathroom and bedroom both became very steamy. The facilities were old, but it was cleaned very well.

The toilet space was small and inconvenient as well. There is no partition between the shower room and the toilet.


There was a small closet. It would probably be hard to hang long coats and store big luggage inside. There was no safe.

Breakfast at the hotel

Breakfast venue.


Breakfast was buffet style.

Breakfast example.

Hotel surroundings

King’s Cross Station and St. Pancras Station is a very lively area. Because the hotel was off the main street, I wasn’t bothered by the noise. Because there is a park is in front of the hotel and a basketball court, it’s a place where young people stay, so it may be better to be careful walking at night. There were a lot of drunk people cat calling women.

Staff and customer base

The man who checked me in was friendly and answered my questions carefully. A lady checked me out, and she was very warm and kind. At the breakfast venue, a young waiter carefully taught me the contents of the meal.

There seemed to be many students sightseeing. There were more women staying on the day I stayed. Most of the people were young. I saw a couple of business men staying for a night.


It is very convenient for sightseeing, because it is very close to Kings Cross and St Pancras Stations which is at the heart of London. There is also a convenience store nearby. Heathrow Airport is about 30 minutes via Paddington.

It is 2.4 km away from Camden, a 10-minute walk from Russell Square, a 15-minute walk from the British Museum, and a 25-minute walk from Covent Garden. There are convenience stores, restaurants and many pubs nearby.


After staying here, I realized that it is convenient for those who are going to King’s Cross Station, but because I did not go to the station, location was a little inconvenient for me. Most of all, there is no air conditioner or a window that opens which was very hard. Considering that it will get hotter and warmer in the future, I thought it was necessary to pay attention to summer reservations.

Also, since there is no elevator, it is not recommended for those who have a lot of luggage. The price was reasonable with breakfast included. I had a hard time with the hot temperature, but it may have just been a bad time to stay.

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