Check it Out! “Hotel LaCroix Waikiki” Explicit Review

I chose "Hotel LaCroix Waikiki," because I was looking for a 4 or 5 star hotel in the center of Waikiki and it was the most reasonable among all of the 4 star hotels. The reviews for this hotel were good. Activities organized by the hotel and free rental surfboards and snorkel equipments were very attracting to me.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel was on the corner of Kalakaua Avenue and Orohana Street.

It was an old hotel before, but when I stayed it was renovated the year before, so it was vert clean and new.

The hotel sign.

There was a front desk on the right, and three staff were always at the front desk during the day. At night, there was one male staff member, so staff is available all day.

There were Hawaiian style paintings by the elevator creating a nice atmosphere.

Inside of the elevator.

Guest room elevator hall.

What is the Deluxe King Bed Room like?

Guest room door.

The room was just the right size for two adults even with two suitcases opened up on the floor. It was like a business hotel in a resort area. The room was cleaned every day (usually around 2pm), collected trash, changed sheets, and replenished amenities. The bed had swan towel art and was very beautifully. The bed was a king size bed and was high enough. The mattress was just the right hardness, the pillows were soft, and I could sleep comfortably.

There was a TV and a desk across the bed.

There was a phone next to the bed.

Desk and chair.

There was an outlet with a USB port which was convenient to use.

There was a balcony, but I was not able to go outside.

The view from the room was beautiful, and it was a shame that I was not able to breathe in the fresh air.


The bathroom had a shower-integrated bathtub. There was a toilet next to the bathtub, but the toilet water did not flush on the first day, which was the biggest problem in this room. Many times I called the front desk and had to get it fixed. They never offered to switch rooms and took time to fix the toilet, so I had to use the public toilet on the first floor which was very inconvenient.

The water did not drain well in the bathtub, so there was water in the bath when I was washing.

There were towels prepared under the sink.

Amenities were only shampoo, conditioner, body soap and hand soap. There was enough soap to use for two days.

There was a hairdryer in the drawer.

Closet and safe

There was no closet in the room.

A safe was installed in a shelf under the TV. It was pretty big, so I was able to fit in large items.

Mini bar and cafe

There were plastic cups next to the TV, but no coffee or tea.

Nothing was inside the fridge.

Facilities in the hotel

There was an outdoor pool on the 4th floor, but I did not swim in it, because it was smaller than what I saw in the picture and the view was not so good. The pool itself was very beautiful though. It was mainly used by families with kids.

There was a laundry room on the 4th floor. There was a washing machine and a dryer, each was $3.5 each. I was able to pay with coins or credit card. Detergents can be bought at the front desk for $1.

There was an ATM as well.

Hotel surroundings

There was a place where buses departed in front of the hotel, and transportation was very good. Also, because there is a famous shopping center within a 5-minute walk away, the hotel was located in a convenient location. However, because it is a bit far from Waikiki Beach, so it would be easier to go by car is you have large items such as surf boards. There are parking lots everywhere, and some are free, so I think there is no problem even if you go around by car. There were also convenience stores around the hotel.

An ABC Mart near the hotel.

Staff and guests

The staff were mainly local people. There were many staff standing at the front desk, so they were able to help me right away. I do my job, but my attitude toward work is not so good. They were very friendly.

There were many young couples, tourists, and businessmen. I had the impression that the hotel was used by middle class people.


From the airport, it was easy to get to the hotel by car. I took a bus from the airport, but it takes about 4 times longer than going by car, so a rental car is recommended. Because the outskirts of hotel are the center of Waikiki, Wi-Fi was usable in most places. The main shopping streets were within a 5-minute walk away, and there were many cafes and restaurants, so I was able to enjoy eating with convenience. It is safe around the hotel, but I think that it is better not to go out alone, especially at night. The hotel was in the center of Waikiki, so I could go shopping on foot.

The street in front of the hotel.


There were some problems during my stay, but overall I had a nice stay. There were three good points. First of all, the view from the room was very good. I couldn’t get out to the balcony, but I was able to enjoy a wonderful view from the room. Secondly, when there was a problem with the water in the toilet and the tub, the front desk took time to respond, but at the end the manager responded quickly and offered free parking and amenities. The third was the friendly staff. They gave me good advice on how to fully enjoy Hawaii.

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