Check it Out! “Hotel 81 Gold” Explicit Review

I chose "Hotel 81 Gold" because it had good access from the center and is a cheap hotel. I wanted to rest in the private room, so I chose a room with a large double bed. Access is good, price is reasonable, the shower is good and that the rooms are clean. I decided on this hotel by comprehensive judgment such as review, price and appearance.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The exterior was blue and large, so it was easy to find.


The entrance seen from inside the hotel.

There was a front desk immediately after entering the hotel, and there were maps for going to sightseeing spots.

The entrance and the lobby was beautiful. There was a long chair in the lobby.

Front floor elevator hall

Inside of the elevator

Elevator floor number button

Guest room floor corridor

In front of the room entrance door.

What is the Double Bed Room like?

Guest room entrance door appearance.

Guest room entrance door seen from inside the room.

Overall the room was large, clean and comfortable.

The bed was big double bed and it was comfortable to sleep on. It was soft and clean with no smell. Because the bed was so comfortable, I fell a sleep often when just resting.

There is a TV opposite the bed.

There is also a desk and a chair next to the bed.

There is a window in the room.

The view of the city from the window was nice.


The bathroom was beautiful. There is no bathtub in the bathroom and only a shower, a toilet and a wash basin. The bathroom is small, so the floor gets wet after taking a shower and it is a little difficult to use. I wanted a place to put my clothes.

The water pressure in the shower was good, and it was nice that hot water came out. However, it was disappointing that the shower space was narrow.

The shower room had shampoo and body wash.

The toilet had a sanitary box.

There was hand soap on the wash basin and a large mirror was installed.

In addition to the shampoo, body wash and hand soap, other amenities included a toothbrush, a bath towel and a face towel.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and safe

There was no such thing as a closet, but there was an area for hanging clothes, so there was no inconvenience. There was no safe, but because it was an auto lock room, I was not worried about valuables getting stolen.

Mini bar and cafe

Mugs were placed at the cafe corner, but there was no mini bar.

Environment around the hotel

The area around the hotel was calm and quiet. There is a big road in front of the hotel, but there were not many cars so it was not noisy at night. There were 5 to 6 other large hotels around this hotel as it was an area where hotels lined up. There were a few local restaurants, shops and hotels nearby, and the security was good and the environment was comfortable. After a short walk, there was an area lined with local restaurants and it was lively even at night. The roads are busy with traffic and people are crowded like a local cafeteria, so it was safe.

Staff & customer base

The staffs were very helpful and friendly. I asked them about the restaurants, shops, and traffic access in the surrounding area and they explained politely. They were very helpful at arranging a taxi for me as well.

The customer base was mostly business people and tourists. There were many foreign businessmen staying.


The access from the airport was good. There was no inconvenience for shopping. Because there is a restaurant nearby, I ate at the restaurant. Access to sightseeing destinations were also good, so the location of the hotel good. The subway station was near and access was very convenient.


I had a nice stay at this hotel. First of all, I was able to spend a comfortable time in the room. The cooler was on, so I was able stay cool. The room was kept clean and the bed was a large, fluffy and comfortable. The water pressure of the shower was good, and the hot water came out well. The point that amenity is substantial was also good. Also, the staffs were kind. It was nice because they respond carefully. Finally, the location of the hotel is good. The subway station was near, access to the city center was good, there were many local restaurants around, and it was good that it was quiet and safe during the day, and it was safe to walk alone.

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