Check it Out! “Hilton Seattle” Explicit Review

As I planned to go sightseeing in the suburbs during my stay, and decided to stay at the Hilton brand listed on the Star Alliance. There is another Hilton Hotel in Seattle, but this hotel is closer to the highway, cheap, and close to downtown, so I decided to stay here.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Due to the renovation of the entrance, the first floor was covered with a board and only had simple sign that said Hilton. The entrance is on the first floor but the front desk is on the seventh floor.

There is bell staff who can assist the reception and arrange taxis. The bell counter was set up temporarily.

Elevator hall.

Front desk.

It was a lobby with a front desk just off the elevator, a bell counter on the left, a gift shop with only shelves on the right and sofas. There was the entrance of the hotel restaurant at the far right, but there were no menu postings and signs, and there were a few tables and chairs, and the guests were just relaxing.

Bell desk on the 7th floor.

There was a drink corner.

Elevator hall on the room floor.

Guest room door and corridor.

What is the King Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

My first impression was that the room is simple.

The bed is a double size bed and the mattress was comfortable. The pillow was especially good. The sheets were clean, but the bed frame was slightly dusty.

There was a small desk, a chair with a leg rest, and a cafe corner.

There was a big window, so there was enough light shining through.

The TV seen from the bed.

Since the view outside the window was only of buildings and a highways, I closed the curtain for privacy. The curtain opens and closes manually, not electrically.


The bathroom had a bathtub and a toilet in the same space. As it is a shallow bathtub, I could only take a shower. The shower was mounted on the wall and there was no hand shower. Water pressure was weak, and the temperature will cool or heat up by using the lever. There was no problem with drainage. As it is a narrow space, you have to be careful not to hit your body.

There is a towel rack on the door and on the wall.

Wash basin.

Amenities were two kinds of bar of soaps, shampoo, conditioner, body cream, shower cap and hair dryer. As there are many hotels without a shower cap, it happy that this hotel provided one. There was no makeup remover, no lotion, no toothbrush, no comb, no cotton swab, no razor, so you have to bring what you need. The towel is a clean, water-absorbent material, and there were 3 types of towels; hand towels and bath towels and face towels.

Closet and safe

There is a closet about 120 cm wide just beside the entrance door of the room. There were a lot of hangers in the room.

There was a small safe in the closet with a 4-digit security code. There was a laundry bag on the safe.

Mini bar and cafe

The mini bar was equipped with a coffee maker, coffee, tea, sugar and powdered milk. Two glass cups and two paper cups for coffee were prepared. There were no alcohols and snacks prepared.

There was also a refrigerator.

Restaurants and facilities in the hotel

A sign said that there is a restaurant on the 7th floor front floor, but there was no menu posting near the entrance and no one was eating there.

We were told that we can have breakfast on the top floor, we ate there this time. The top floor is also a bar.

The breakfast was a buffet style continental, with eggs, bacon, breads, fruits, oatmeal, yogurt, cereals and drinks. It was fresh and delicious. The drink bar in the evening was full of cheese and crackers and other snacks. The restaurant had big windows, so it was bright creating a nice atmosphere.


The business center had a corner where a PC and a printer were installed.

Environment around the hotel

The area around the hotel is quiet with no loud noise of the downtown, but the freeway is nearby, so there is a lot of traffic. I did not see people walking on the streets on weekends. You can take a walk safely during the daytime, but it is dark at night, so I do not recommend walking alone.

There are stylish cafes and restaurants just one block away, so you won’t have trouble finding a place to eat. The museums, department stores and Haiku Market Place is within walking distance. A lot of buses were running on the streets.

Staff and customer base

The front counter staff was always smiling and was courteous. The bell staff was especially helpful and even sent me a map to my room. I asked for a bathrobe on the phone, but they did not deliver it right away, so I had to call them again.

There were mostly families and couples of various ages staying. There were many tourists who were relaxed and wearing casual clothes.


It took about 30 minutes from the airport by taking the highway. It is busy because there is a place where the lane decreases during construction. There are no shops in the hotel block, but there is a restaurant and clothing store 1 block ahead, and it is a downtown area 3 blocks ahead. The hotel is on a safe block.

The most popular Pike Market Place is 4 blocks downhill, so you can go on foot. The return was uphill, so I took a taxi and it costed $8 including a tip. As the hotel was three blocks away to the nearest drug store, I bough water there.


The staffs were friendly, the bed was comfortable, and the breakfast was delicious, and everything was good about this hotel, except for the bathroom. Also, the dust could be seen here and there int he room. I have dust allergies so it bothered me a little.

It was inconvenient that the road coming back from the shopping district was uphill, and that there was no convenience store nearby. I chose this hotel because it was cheap, but I personally would have preferred a hotel that had a larger bathroom and a hotel nearby. But, overall it was a nice hotel.

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