Check it Out! “Hilton New York Fashion District” Explicit Review

The "Hilton New York Fashion District" was chosen because it was within walking distance to the office which I needed to get to. There were also many cafes and supermarkets around, and close to many tourist spots. Streets in New York are noisy until midnight, so I thought that it would be a good idea to stay in one of the top floors in a hotel.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The entrance is not automatic so you will need to open the door manually.

The lobby had red neon lights everywhere. The sofa and the reception are on the left, the restaurant on the right, and a small elevator in the middle.

I checked in at 12 o’clock, and even thought it was a little early my room was already ready. The staffs were very kind and I was happy to be greeted with a smile.

Elevator on the first floor.

Inside of the elevator.

Guest room floor elevator.

What is the Queen Room like?

Room entrance door. The room was a little more narrower than imagined, but there was still plenty of space to open up my luggage.

You can choose from two types of pillows, and the bed was soft but it did not hurt my back. As it was queen size, there was enough space to sleep alone and there was an outlet on both sides which was convenient.

An alarm was placed on the bedside table.

There was a TV, a desk and a chair opposite the bed.

The desk was vey big.

There was a chair beside the desk.

The room had a window but it could not be opened. The view overlooks the hotel’s front, office, shophouse and distant buildings. Depending on the location, the Empire State Building can be seen, but unfortunately I was on the other side. There were no glaring lights at night.


The bathroom was brighter than the bedroom, and it was clean. There was no bathtub and only a shower room.

The shower was fixed on the wall and in a very high position. The water pressure can not be adjusted, but it was strong enough. Temperature control was possible and the water got hot enough.

There were towels prepared beneath the sink.

The amenities were only hand soap, body soap (solid), shampoo and conditioner, so I asked the Concierge to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste.

There was a hairdryer.

Closet and safe

There was a closet on the left side of the room.

There was an iron and an ironing board in the closet, and I was happy because I was staying on a business trip. There were enough hangers, and I had no trouble hanging clothes for five days.

There was a safe, but it was located in a high position, so it was a little hard to get to.

Mini bar and cafe

There was a cafe corner on the shelf next to the bathroom. There was also a coffee maker. Unfortunately, there was no free water bottle.

There was no space in the refrigerator to put what you bought yourself.

Restaurants in the hotel

There was “RARE Bar & Grill” in the lobby floor, and a bar called “RARE View Chelsea” on the roof which is the 22nd floor.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a fitness center. It seems to be available 24 hours a day.

There was a small business center on the first floor. There were two computers and you can use this space 24 hours a day.

Environment around the hotel

In the surrounding area, there are many people and cars passing during the day, but there are less people in the evening. There were many convenience stores, cafes and supermarkets so finding a place to eat was not a problem. As cars are stopped at both ends of the road, the roads are narrow and difficult to drive, so it may be difficult for taxis to enter because the surrounding roads are crowded. It is within walking distance from many tourist destinations.

A flower shop near the hotel.

Staff and customer base

The staffs at the front desk were very kind and had nice smiles. Unfortunately, the concierge who brought me the toothbrush was very unfriendly. The check-in process went smoothly, and when I asked about breakfast, they explained carefully, and also introduced cheaper cafes around than the hotel.

There were many families that were tourists. I also saw a couple of people staying for business.


From the airport, it costs $95 for about a 40 minute drive on Uber. There were few people walking outside at night and shops were dark and closed, so it’s a bit scary to walk alone. The nearest subway is about 3 minutes on foot, and the famous Chelsea Market is a 15-minute walk away. Also, the Empire State Building is a 10-minute walk away. It is faster to walk and ride the train than to take a taxi.

The street around the hotel.


It was a nice hotel for New York. However, for a Hilton brand, it was disappointing that the room size, lighting, and amenities were a bit unsatisfying. The corridors of the room floor was narrow and sometimes I could hear voices coming from the other rooms. I was not bothered by the sounds outside at night, but I could sometimes hear the sound of car horns and traffic. Also, sometimes it took a while fro the heater to warm the room up, so I was a little cold. Although there were some issues, the hotel is in a convenient location for sightseeing and for business, and it is an affordable hotel for a four star hotel which was very nice.

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