Check it Out! “Halekulani Hotel” Explicit Review

I chose "Halekulani hotel" because I was on a honeymoon this time, and wanted to stay in a nice hotel the last two days. I was looking forward to the good service and delicious food. There are well-known restaurants such as Orchids, House Without The Key, and Veranda. This is a popular hotel among many Waikiki hotels, so if I was going to pay a lot of money, I wanted to stay at this hotel!

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Sign in front of the hotel.

Hotel exterior (pool side).

State near the hotel entrance.

State before the entrance.

The lobby seen from the entrance.

There are many sofas, chairs and tables in the lobby.

The lobby is an open space where you can relax.

At night night the lights turn on, and the feeling of luxury increases and it is fun to walk through the building.

There were also chairs and tables by the entrance.

When you enter from the entrance, there is a porter desk in the foreground, and the lobby and reception at the back.

The lighting was calm, and it was a quiet, elegant and a calm atmosphere.

Apparently, check-in seems to be done in the room. It was nice to be able to check-in without having to worry about the people behind me.

Concierge desk. There were sofas everywhere.

The elevator had a warm light.

The floor number button panel in the elevator was on both sides.

What is th Ocean Front Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

There was a bathroom on the left immediately after entering the room.

The rooms were clean and well kept. When I entered the room I was overwhelmed by the blue sea and the sky and I made me think that booking a room on the oceanfront was a good idea. All in all, it is a refreshing room coordinated with light blue and white. The rooms, the balcony, the closet, the bathroom and the toilet are all spacious and comfortable.

The beds are large and wide. The pillows are soft and comfortable. It made me want to fall asleep while watching the scenery outside.

The bedside table had control panels for the lights and a telephone.

The bedside table on the other side had an alarm clock.

There was also an outlet by the bedside table.

There was a TV opposite the bed.

There was a sofa and a table next to the TV.

Welcome sweets of papaya, banana and cookies were prepared on the table, and the service was nice.

I told the hotel that it was our honeymoon at the time of booking, so there was also a service for champagne. It was very delicious.

Opposite the sofa, there was a desk and a chair in front of the veranda.

Outlet on the desk.

The guest room seen from veranda.

Placed in a tray was a laundry service application form and shoe polish. Laundry service is not recommended as it is fairly expensive. I think it would be better to use a laundromat in the city.

There was a veranda in the room.

The veranda was well cleaned and it was a nice to sit on the chair and spend the morning drinking coffee.

There was also a deck chair.

This time it was an oceanfront, so the view was great! A great location with a view of the ocean and the sky in Hawaii. This balcony was my favorite place.

In the evening, they have a show on the poolside stage, so you can watch it from the veranda and enjoy the music.


When entering the bathroom, there was a washbasin in front, a bathtub at the far left, and a separate shower room in front of it. There was a toilet door in front of the shower room. There is a mirror-mounted sliding door on the right side, and it was connected to the closet when it was opened.


There was also a shower in the bathtub.

The shower room had an overhead and hand shower. The overhead shower was difficult to use so I only used the hand shower. The water pressure was strong enough, but there were times when the temperature became hot or slightly cold. However, over all it was satisfying.


Wash basin.

There was a small mirror on the wash basin which was useful as a woman.

Tissue and cotton were also prepared.

The container had cotton and cotton swabs inside of it.

There were glasses on the shelf beside the wash basin.

Towels were prepared above the bathtub. It was an original towel with the Halekulani logo.

Amenities included soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, shower cap, mouthwash, hand & body lotion and combs, almost anything other than toothbrush were prepared. It was the original design of the Halekulani package. The scent was floral and very nice.

There was even nail care, laundry detergent, and a sewing set. It was very plentiful.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and safe

There was also a big closet.

There were enough hangers in the closet, and you can hang many clothes. The left and right of the closet were shelves. The dryer was put in the bag on the right shelf.

There was also a weight scale in the closet.

There was also a luggage rack.

There was a safe on the left shelf.

You set and use a 4-digit number.

The safe was a shelf style.

Mini bar and cafe

An ice bucket and glasses were prepared on the storage shelf beside the entrance of the bathroom. There is no built-in cafe corner in the room. However, there is a free coffee service near the reception on the ground floor and you can choose from 2 types of coffee; Halekulani blend and decaffeinated coffee (coffee without caffeine). Milk and sugar were also prepared. Herb water is also available across the street. Herbal water is provided throughout the day and coffee is only available in the morning (until around 10 o’clock).

There was also a refrigerator in the storage shelf.

Inside of the refrigerator.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

There are several restaurants in the hotel, such as “House Without A Key,” “Veranda” and “O Kids” La Mer,” which is open at night.

I had breakfast at “Orkids.”

Dress Code. Tank tops, swimwear, exercise wear and beach sandals are not acceptable.

You can make a reservation on the official site, but I had breakfast without a reservation.

They have à la carte originally, but this day was only a buffet, so it was about 36 $ per person. It was quite an expensive breakfast.

There was a grand piano in the restaurant.

There were terrace seats with a very pleasant view.

When you go to the reception desk, you will first be asked for your drinks. Drinks are a system that will be brought in each time you call the waiter.

There was so many kinds of food I could not eat it all.

The entrance of “House Without a Key.”

Inside of “House Without A Key.”

Terrace seat.

There is “La Mail” on the second floor.

“Orkids” on the first floor and “La Mail” on the second floor.

There were several shops in the building. Honestly, they are all expensive, so if you want to shop cheaply, it would be “Halekulani Boutique.”

Pancake mix seemed to be a popular souvenir. They had “Halekulani” limited goods which were popular.

Daily necessities and gifts.

“George Jensen”

“Hildogand Jewelry Store”

Facilities in the hotel

The hotel had an outdoor pool. There is one round circular pool. Next to the hotel was a small slider and Jacuzzi in addition to the pool.

There were many chairs around the pool.

If you want to sit in a chair, you call the staff by the pool and they will lay a towel before you lay on it.

There was a free muffin distribution around 11 o’clock, and it was a nice service to be able to get delicious food while relaxing by the pool.

Sun protection and water were always available by the pool.

You can see the sunset from the pool at around 18 o’clock in October when we stayed. As there was nothing to hide it such as a building, I could see it clearly. The pool was open until 19:00 (October), but if the sun goes down, people will leave and I was able to relax more. Hawaii at this time will cool down at night, so I thought it would have been better to have a Jacuzzi.

You can go out to the beach outside by holding the room key up.

Road from the poolside to the beach.

Beach behind the hotel.

There is “Halekulani Spa” in the hotel, which I used. Even if you do not stay at Halekulani, it seems so popular that there are people who want to come to Halekulani Spa. It is better to make a reservation on the official site in advance. The price is quite expensive at $228, including the service tip.  However, the service was first-class, and I felt that the service of the Halekulani Spa staff was better than the hotel staff.

Waiting area of the spa. I got water here. I walked a lot while traveling, so my tired body was healed.

After the spa treatment, porridge ice and tea was served.

There was also a fitness center in the hotel.

Water was also provided at the fitness center entrance.

Fruit was also provided!

There is a business center inside the hotel, which can be used before check-in and after check-out. There was a spacious rest area a shower room, a toilet and a coffee and tea service.

There were also PCs, printers and copy machines in the business center.

Coffee machine and tea. When I was struggling to understand how to use the coffee machine, the staff helped me quickly.

TV corner in business center.

There was also a locker room behind the TV corner.

A shower room was also in the business center.

The garden is not particularly large, but it is organized and the scenery is good on sunny days. The palm tree make you feel like you are in Hawaii.

Environment around the hotel

As it is basically a crowded central area, I think security is relatively good. There is also a trolley stop and Biki rental bicycles in front of Trump Hotel opposite, so you can move around easily. Above all, the beach is nearby, so you can always go to the beach. One day after staying for 2 nights, I went to “Eggsun Things” about 5 minutes away on foot and had breakfast. There are many shops and restaurants within walking distance, so you won’t have trouble finding a place to shop or dine.

Area in front of the hotel.

Rental bicycle “Biki” in front of the nearby Trump Hotel.

Waikiki Beach.

“Eggsun things”

Staff and customer base

The female staff who responded to us when we checked in gave me a good impression as she carefully explained the facilities and the room. First impression is very important. Unfortunately, the poolside staff was unfriendly which was disappointing.

I saw many families, businessmen, and elderly people staying.


Access from the airport is not much different from other hotels. It was a bit crowded, so it took about 30 minutes from the hotel to the airport. According to the official site, it has been stated that the transfer will be accepted for a fee from the inquiry form, so we recommend that you check the charges before using it. The Waikiki Beach Walk is a short walk away, full of tourists and lots of people passing by. The popular “Honolulu Cookie” and the Royal Hawaiian Center is also nearby.

A short walk from the hotel was the Waikiki Beach Walk.

“Honolulu Cookie.”

“ABC Store” which sells delicacies deli.


It was a satisfying hotel. The building itself is old, but the rooms are clean and tidy, with a twice-day cleaning. When I went to bed (after the second cleaning), I only had a white pillow, but after returning to the room after the morning turn down, a light blue cushion was added. As the impression of the room changes, a little care is good. When I was wondering because the room key was different from the color of the card that other people had, it seemed like a honeymoon specification. This room key can be taken home as a souvenir. On the first day, there was a wonderful souvenir containing the sand of Waikiki Beach in a small bottle with the Halekulani logo. A new and well-equipped hotel is also good, but such a small surprise has increased Halekulani’s satisfaction. Although the accommodation tax was added and it was a quite expensive, it was a good hotel for a honeymoon. The balcony on the oceanfront was very comfortable. The view from the room was amazing. It may not be the only nice hotel around here, so I may not stay at this hotel every time, but I was able to enjoy myself this time.

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