Check it Out! “Goodwood Park Hotel” Explicit Review

The reason why I chose "Goodwood Park Hotel" was because I wanted to experience something unusual, so I made it a bit more a luxurious hotel. It was also a decisive factor that it was a building with a calm atmosphere, and that there is green on the poolside. It seemed to be located a little ways from the main street, so I thought it would not bother me, either. Personally, I liked the color scheme of the interior of the hotel, which is not flashy. Also, there was a restaurant and a bar, and the bar seemed to have live piano music, so I thought it would be nice and relaxing time.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

I had luggage, so I had time to check in at 14:00, but first I went to the hotel. The tower style roof of the hotel’s exterior, which I saw on the Internet, was a good landmark.

There was a staircase with a red carpet. Of course I thought that it would be the entrance, but there was no reception at that point, and I was a little surprised.

The passage way leading to the front desk.

As I walked along the aisle, I was connected to the front desk.

A large number of spacious sofas are prepared by the front desk, and the atmosphere was very calm.

State of the lobby

Front floor elevator exterior

Corridor near the room entrance

Corridor near the entrance door of the guest room floor

What is the Deluxe Mayfair Room like?

Guest room entrance exterior door

Guest room entrance door appearance

The old hotel room is cleaned very well. I think that it is not suitable for those who seek a now a days modern room. I think that it is suitable for those who prefer a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The bed was big enough and I could sleep comfortably. Two big pillows were prepared. The pillows were fairly soft.

There were a telephone and an alarm clock on the bedside table, and a light switch, a socket and a bedside lamp on the wall.

Alarm clock

Outlet socket

Next to the dresser there is a shelf with a safe, cafe corner, refrigerator with mini bar, desk and chairs, and a TV on the wall.

There was a table and 2 chairs beside the bed on the veranda side.

There is a dresser and a chair on the veranda side opposite the bed.

There is a handy phone on the desk. In addition, as it can be used as the Internet, when walking around town, I always brought it and was able to access it without worrying about WiFi.

The bed seen from the veranda side.

The veranda seen from the bedroom.

There were simple chairs and tables on the veranda. It was like a barbecue area.

The view from the room was a garden view. I saw staffs pass by a few times. Because I was worried that people could see in side, I kept the curtains closed most of the time. I could also see the other hotel’s pool. Occasionally, I could hear the birds singing and felt the atmosphere of a southern country. Next time, I would like to request a pool view.


When entering the bathroom there was a washbasin in front and a bathtub on the right.

I chose a room with a bathtub. The bathtub was large enough to stretch my feet. I used a shower curtain, but the bathroom floor became wet after washing.

The shower head is not fixed type and can be adjusted in height and removed. Both temperature control and water pressure were comfortable.

It was nice because the towels were brought in frequently.

Wash basin

There was a weight scale in front of the toilet.

The amenities included shampoo, conditioner, body soap, shower cap and soap. There was also a toothbrush set that was not expected at overseas hotels. The toothbrush head is quite large. Toothpaste is a very ordinary white one. There was also a sewing set. I tried to use the shampoo, but because it was quite oily, I used the ones that I brought with me.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and safe

Closet appearance

There were many hangers in the closet, and there was also an iron and an ironing board.

There was a safe which sets a 4-digit security code.

It is better to keep valuables in the safe.

Mini bar and cafe

Cafe corner

In the upper corner of the cafe corner, there was an electric kettle, 2 cup sets, and TWG tea bags. There was English breakfast, Earl Gray, and Sencha.

On the bottom, there were two different sized glasses and a bottle opener.

There were also snacks that were charged.

The water with the hotel labeled was free, but the Evian was was charged.

There was a mini-bar in the small fridge, which contained several types of juices.

Restaurant and shop in hotel

Restaurant entrance

Bread corner

Meat corner

Porridge corner

The eggs are cooked in front of you.



There was also a Chinese and Japanese restaurant.

There was a tailor for men’s suit. You can select your favorite fabric.

Women’s may also be tailored as well. The mannequin wore a suit for women. What I saw for women is a small item such as a scarf.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a fitness gym. You need to enter with your room key.

Towels and water were provided.

There was also laundry service.

There are two pools. The swimming pool on the front side is probably sunny and still has water temperature. I think it depends on the time of day because it is a full view from the restaurant and the lobby lounge, but it may not be suitable for people who are worried about people being able to see you. There are several types of chairs that can be laid over at the poolside. A large bath towel was also prepared. Access to the poolside seems to be relatively free, and even after the pool use time, I could enjoy alcohol while enjoying the night wind. I drank beer which I ordered at the bar.

The other pool is small and unnoticeable. The pool temperature is lower because it is surrounded by buildings. You can swim from 7 o’clock to 22 o’clock. Be careful because the depth of the pool varies from place to place.

Near the entrance of the pool, green apples are prepared in a pile as healthy snacks.

Environment around the hotel

There are many hotels in the area. There was no concern in terms of security. If you go to the Orchard, there are many shops. There were also various currency exchange machines. To go to the Orchard, you need to go through the underground mall. There are also restaurants and ATMs there.

In the next building, there were shops for eating lightly, pharmacies, and supermarkets with Korean ingredients. Commercial buildings are relatively quiet because they do not have much in it.

Laundromat at Chinatown

Mustafa Center in Little India

I had curry at Little India’s market “Tekka Center.”

Bay area

Staff & customer base

The staffs age was generally high. The atmosphere was calm and kind. They checked the access to the place I want to go to, and lent me an umbrella because it was likely to rain afterwards. The room clerk was also kind.

There were many Western elderly couples. There were also many businessmen staying.


It was a 5 minute walk from the to the main street to the Orchard. You can find so-called department stores there. You can do high-brand shopping and eat food. Because subway and bus platforms are near, you have easy access to anywhere.


I stayed at this hotel for 3 nights, and I was able to enjoy myself. Because it was a plan with breakfast, and it was a bit tiring to have the same breakfast 3 days in a row. It was impressive that chicken ham and sausages were lined up for religious reasons. It was good that the smart phone installed in each room was able to make free phone calls and to be able to access it without worrying about WiFi when walking around the city. It was just the time of Wimbledon and the Soccer World Cup, and we were able to see both in live broadcasts on the TV in the room. Before and after check-in, the staffs kept our luggage for us, so we could enjoy ourselves until the last minute.

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