Check it Out! “Four Points by Sheraton San Diego-SeaWorld” Explicit Review

I chose "Four Points by Sheraton San Diego-SeaWorld," because I had to find a hotel to stay at on the day, and I all the other hotels that are near the convention center were fully booked. I have never stayed here before, but I knew that it would be a nice hotel. The hotel is located just off the highway exit and close to downtown so it was convenient to get to the convention center after all.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

There is a parking lot at the hotel, but there were cars parked on the street parking to save money.

The entrance drive way was crowded, and it took a while to get to the entrance.

There were many people at the lobby and the restaurant, and I was surprised at the number of people staying at this hotel.

The entrance seen from the lobby.

The lobby was a retro stye.

The lobby.

There were free drinks in the lobby.

The front desk was small, but it was functional.

The front desk seen from the side.

First floor elevator hall.

Inside of the elevator.

Guest room floor elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

What is the Queen Bedroom like?

Guest room entrance door.

Full length mirror.

It is an old room, but I could tell that they are trying to keep it as clean as possible. The ceiling was low compared to other hotels.

The bed was large and clean. I could sleep very comfortably.

There was a table on both sides of the bed and a small chair under it.

There was a TV, desk, chair, and a closet opposite the bed.

There was a refrigerator and a storage space under the desk and it was a spacious desk.

There was also a chair by the window.

The room had a balcony which was not connected with the room next door, so it was very spacious. The balcony had a table and two chairs.

As it was facing the swimming pool in the courtyard, I could hear children playing in the pool, which created a relaxing atmosphere. The sun lit up the area during the day, and at night the pool was lit up with beautiful lights and it was very nice. I was able to relax.


When I entered the bathroom, there was a wash basin in the foreground, and a toilet and shower room in the back. The cleaning was done very well.

The shower room had a glass door. The shower head was fixed on the wall and there had no problems with water the pressure and drainage.

There was shampoo, conditioner and body soap in the shower room. There was also a place to put what I brought myself.


The bathroom seen from the back.

There was enough space to put many things on the sink.

A shower cap, body cream and a hand soap as prepared on the sink. I did not use them, so I do not know what they were like.

Hair dryer.

Closet and safe

There was a closet next to the desk. Inside the closet were hangers, laundry bags, a luggage rack and extra comforters.

A safe was also in the closet.

Mini bar and cafe

The shelf with the cafe corner was a sliding type, and it was easy to get to. There was a coffee maker, regular and decaf coffee, tea bags, and sugar and two paper cups with a lid.

There was also a fridge under the desk, but nothing was inside.

Restaurants in the hotel

There was a restaurant at the back of the front desk.

There was a restaurant at the back of the lobby.

They serve a buffet style breakfast here.

Potato and bacon.

Scones and waffles.

Croissant, muffin, yogurt and etc.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was nice, and also the food was delicious.

The restaurant turns into a bar at night, and it was crowded with many people.

There was a small shop next to the front desk. They sold snacks sodas and daily necessities. It is nice to be able to buy things here when you forgot to bring something.

Facilities in the hotel

The hotel had an outdoor pool and children were playing there all day. Unfortunately, it may be a little too deep pool for small children to swim in. There was also chairs by the pool, and some people were reading.

There was also a Jacuzzi next to the pool.

The area around the pool was surrounded with plants and it felt like a resort.

There was a fire pit just outside the pool, and some people were sitting there.

There was a fitness center. It is available 24 hours a day.

There was a laundry room. There is one on each floor.

There were two computers right by the entrance.

There was also an ATM.

Environment around the hotel

In the morning I jogged on the back street towards Sea World, and I was surprised to see some homeless people on the street. There were also people who were acting strange from taking drugs. They were all harmless though. If you go a little ways, there is also a casino, so you can enjoy yourself there if you get tired of SeaWorld. It is safe as long as you stay on the main street.

Pechanga Casino.

Streets around the hotel.

Staff and customer base

The hotel staff were always smiling and were friendly. There were staff of many races. If there is a problem, or if you have a question, don’t hesitate and ask, because the staff will try and solve the problem for you.

There were guests of various races. I saw many families staying. There were also people on business trips, but most of the guests were on vacations.


Access from the airport is super convenient! It can be said that it is an airport hotel. In fact, you can see the plains flying above your head. The are around the hotel was not very good. There were a some homeless people and crazy people. There were shops such as Target and Ralfus, and even if you don’t have a car, you can shop by going on foot. There is a family restaurant, a Mexican restaurant and a hamburger shop right across the hotel, so you won’t have to worry about food. Sea World is near and also the airport. You can borrow scooters that are prepared here and there.

Shopping center.

“In & Out Burger” right near the hotel.


I was always curious about this hotel, because it is inexpensive and it is right by the highway which is convenient. Breakfast was buffet style and the contents were normal, but one time I arrived at the restaurant a little late, but the staff still offered to cook eggs for me which was very kind. Also, it was nice that the room was upgraded to a room with a balcony. Some issues about this hotel were that there was only one elevator and that the building was a little old. But, other than that, I was able to stay at this hotel very comfortably.

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